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Sraddhalu’s twisting and spinning style of craftily attempting to form and mould opinions

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Tusar-ji, I received this e-mail and I thought that it might interest you and SEOF website. Sincerely.
RE: [SAICE] Shraddhalu's letter to Manoj Das

Well, well, well… how interesting! All these birds and other flying objects remind me of some ornithological remarks made during the early days of this controversy.

Even though it’s the third time that this letter has found its way into my mailbox, I’m in a way strangely glad that this time it has arrived via the SYG. And it’s not that I’m glad because there’s a controversy to deal with at last. I’m glad because ever since the PH controversy got wisely silenced on the SYG, elsewhere, however, it was being nurtured and was kept festering all this while. So, it may be a good time to revisit this story after this apparent lull and examine where things stand and also take a look at some things in closer detail.

To begin with, even though I am certainly not a fan of G.W. Bush junior, I must admit that once in a while he has come out with some interesting Bushisms. For example he once remarked that if you tell and repeat a Lie a thousand times, people are likely to start believing that it is a Truth (e.g. WMD in Iraq!).

And so it appears that during the last two years some more or less Bushy people have religiously followed this advice and invested all of their time and energies, with the hope that the more (of the same) noise they make, the more chances they have of being heard and believed, and their letters have therefore only gotten longer and longer since then (we are now at 24 pages…).

Thus, in this latest attempt of Sraddhalu’s to rewrite history (based of course on other people’s narrations and rumours), I have been curiously but painstakingly sifting through the immense heap of Sraddhalu’s opinions, that in his usual style are uttered like fundamental and eternal Truths, in order to look for some of his letter’s salient points. As I do not wish to bore anyone with an 80 page commentary, I have for the time being chosen to illustrate one typical feature of Sraddhalu’s twisting and spinning style of craftily attempting to form and mould opinions.

Sraddhalu authoritatively says:
“Perhaps you do not know that the Mother once chided MDG saying, “Manoj, don’t act; be!” Another time She admonished him with, “Manoj, don’t pretend to be a yogi when you are not!” Still another time, She gave him the role of Polydaon, the high priest of evil, in Sri Aurobindo’s play Perseus the Deliverer. After he played it vividly and convincingly, She called him aside and warned him saying, “It is dangerous to identify with the Dark force.” Perhaps were these warnings prophetic. (All incidents as narrated by the Mother’s personal attendant.)”

Please note Sraddhalu’s foreboding and concluding words: “Perhaps were these warnings prophetic.”

So after all, is this all about Sraddhalu Skywalker fighting the Dark Force of Manoj DarthVader Gupta? Pity for Sraddhalu though that Star Wars is only a fiction, just as are the incidents as narrated by him.

Because a little, simple examination that I started to undertake a week or so ago with the help of some of my friends and ex-teachers, after having received Sraddhalu’s letter about this purported incident, clearly reveals that Sri Aurobindo’s Perseus the Deliverer with its dreaded Polydaon was enacted 4 times:
a.   on 1.12.1954
b.   on 1.12.1966
c.   on 1.12.1982
d.   on 1.12.1993 
Accordingly I have attached the pictures (I regret the poor quality of the photocopies I have so far been able to make) which anybody can check from the Bulletins of: 
Feb 1955 ( containing images of 1.12.1954)
Feb 1967 ( containing images of 1.12.1966)
Feb 1983 ( containing images of 1.12.1982)
Feb 1994 ( containing images of 1.12.1993)

Now we come to an interesting observation: 
a.      In 1954 Richard was Polydaon: we cannot identify it from the pictures but I have verified it with those that were part of the play and if anyone has any doubt about it, please let me know. 
b.     In 1966 Kanu was Polydaon. That is clearly identifiable 
c.      In 1982 Chote was Polydaon. The picture shows it all. We also see Arvind Maheshwari as Perseus 
d.     In 1993 indeed it was Manoj-da who was Polydaon. As said before the picture says it all.

I do not know about the acting skills of Manoj-da and whether he played Polydaon convincingly or not, but then how on earth did The Mother admonish him in 1993 (as reported by Sraddhalu and his source) for having identified himself with the Dark Forces??????

Indeed how on earth … but it appears that some of our dear prophets and visionaries never talk of things on earth as they appear to be more in their illusory worlds than on earth. All the best, Filio 
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looks like kites, birds and such letters are flying in the air these days... just corroborates the mood "oh well what's the world coming to" Lopa '94

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