Friday, August 27, 2010

Office bearers of the Sri Aurobindo Society must resign their posts

From Barun Subudhi to date 26 August 2010 23:41 subject Urgent Action Demanded - Sri Aurobindo Society Chance to Prove Itself
To: Mr. Tusar N. Mohapatra
Esteemed President, Savitri Era Party
From: Mr. Barun Subudhi, [Plot No. ?] Bhima Tanki Housing Colony, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
Respected Sir,

I see you are very active on Internet, and great upholder of Sri Aurobindo and Ashram. I am long-time devotee, and ardent protector of Hinduism, and great souls like Swami Vivekanada, Sri Aurobindo etc. It is my life mission to fight against colonial mindset and defend our faith against western imperialism, and modern america influences. Indian classical tradition is the best.

I draw your urgent immediate attention to article written by esteemed scholar Shri Raman Reddy reviewing another the dangerous Peter Heeh's book called Sri Aurobindo on Hinduism, published by Sri Aurobindo Society. You can read it here:

As you can see, Peter Heehs has again said many bad things. For sake of protecting our Motherland, this book must be banned and withdrawn immediately. I request you to use your powerful offices to:

1) Ask Sri Aurobindo Society to ban this book "Sri Aurobindo on Hinduism" forthwith, find and destroy all copies of the book, as per great soul Pranab Bhattacharya advise in this regard in the past.
2) Ask the office bearers of Sri Aurobindo Society to issue a public apology in national newspapers and television channels for publishing and endorsing offensive writings against Hinduism, which is the greatest and best religion in the world.
3) Ask the office bearers of Sri Aurobindo Society to apologise to Sri Aurobindo Ashram for causing copyright violations by misquoting Sri Aurobindo.

It is heard that Shri Vijay Poddar has taken strong standing against Heehs other book. Now it is his turn to do the right thing, and prove that he is capable of action, and not only empty words-retoric. Then the faith of the devotees will be restored.
If the above actions are not taken immediately, the office bearers of the Sri Aurobindo Society must resign their posts. Appropriate court cases against the office bearers, and for banning this book on Hinduism, should be initiated.

You maintain a very open blog. Please do the needful and inform the public about this issue. Let us unite and defeat the hostile forces of this world. Soldier of Light and India, Barun Subudhi
P.S.: I am new to EMAIL, so I aksed my friend to type draft and send earlier. Now have got new EMAIL address. Please acknowledge this EMAIL and post on your blog please. Because otherwise your credibility will become questionable. Trusting and thanks to you.


  1. Hinduism would be better served if it did not have self-styled protectors and "soldiers of Light and India" of your ilk.

    The following words of Aurobindo ought to eliminate your "Hindu fundamentalism", but chances are that they won't!

    "On the other hand I have not the slightest objection to Hinduism being broken to pieces and disappearing from the face of the earth, if that is Divine Will. I have no attachment to past forms; what is Truth will always remain; the Truth alone matters."
    17 November 1932 (Bulletin, Aug 2000, p 74)

    These words clearly indicate that for Aurobindo the essential truth, or the underlying spiritual realities, or the processes of spiritual evolution, have greater importance than the outward forms of their facilitation, expression or manifestation, whether Hindu, Islamic, Christian, or whatever.

    Clearly, he is not in favor of preserving Hinduism per se (or any religion) because it is "the greatest and best religion in the world." Hinduism has value only as long as it is functional for spiritual evolution.

    Further, it is not a matter of "all or nothing" concerning Hinduism. Parts of it may still be functional for spiritual evolution and, therefore, continue to have value. Parts of it may obstruct spiritual evolution and should, therefore, be discarded.

    When the forms or practices of Hinduism (or Islam, or Christianity) begin to obscure or occlude the underlying spiritual truths or realities, they need to be "broken to pieces", and will surely be, in accordance with an evolutionary imperative.

    This is the gist of Aurobindo's view on Hinduism or any other religion.

  2. drraghu, thanks for your sensible comments and clarification of Sri Aurobindo's views on traditional Hinduism. Sadly, they are likely to go over the small-minded heads of people like Barun Subudhi who are more obsessed with their own ego-inflation than anything else.

  3. Those who claim that they respect Sri Aurobindo and really want to do him some service, should at least read his books carefully, try to understand them and talk about him only if they can express or share some part of his philosophy or experience.

    But people like Barun Subudhi exist because they are either incapable, too lazy or just too full of themselves and are content to read reviews written by authors such as Raman Reddy,who take pleasure to play to their gallery and whose only purpose in life appears to be that of criticizing and attacking Peter Heehs while trying to pass off as a "scholar".

  4. Banning books in the 21st century?! Shri Vijay Poddar, welcome to the arena...

    When the home-grown "scholars" whip up crowd frenzy, lose all sense of balance and reason, and cater to fanaticism, this is what is bound to happen. How far this is from that wideness and compassion Sri Aurobindo truly represents.

    Mr. Subudhi is only the natural outcome of the narrowness and stupidity of persons like Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade and Alok Pande, who unfortunately have lost of all discernment and balance in this issue of the book.

    I have just read Sraddhalu Ranade's dreadfully obscurantist piece on the Managing Trustee, Mr. Manoj Das Gupta. I can't help thinking that if there is anyone who most represents Polydaon, the dark priest of Poseidon in Sri Aurobindo's play Perseus the Deliverer, it is the likes of SR and Alok Pande, rather than anyone else..

    Unfortunately, it is such persons who claim to 'represent' Sri Aurobindo's vast and magnificent vision to the world.


  5. This post is so childish it is obviously a fabrication. It is ridiculous to suggest that this pastiche of various leftist stereotypes of the "Hindutva" Asura is in any way representative of the general opposition to the book.

  6. Soldier of light eh? That made me laugh.

  7. This fellow is supposedly new to e-mail and is yet an avid reader of blogs?? Give me a break. It looks like we need to whack some rationalists over the head with a hammer in order to get their reason to sputter back to life, so that they can exercise it to distinguish between fact and fiction. It is clear that the mischief-mongers behind the Barun persona want, in their own words, to make sure that the "credibility will not become questionable" and therefore they send this piece of misleading propoganda from a newly minted e-mail address with the pseudonym conveniently contained in it. What a joke! But as is evident from the responses criticizing this fictitious scarecrow, the tactic will work with those who want to cling to their blind-belief that they are fighting mindless fundamentalists. But there is no reason for the mischief to stop with the post. Some of the anonymous criticisms of Barun here are probably from the true Baruns themselves. What Mephistophelian craftiness!