Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Manoj Das breaks his silence and wrecks his standing

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Even as we made all attempts to keep things inhouse, PH and his colleague Richard Hartz (RH) were busy promoting conflict and controversy through their financiers and supporters in the USA. Their primary publicists were in constant touch with MDG almost daily and were regularly fed internal information of the Ashram and the Archives to help promote division between the East and the West, between Auroville and the Ashram, between mind and heart, making racist comments declaring Indians inferior for being “sentimental”, and even to teach that Sri Aurobindo was against devotion! […]
In my first letter to the Ashram Trust I exposed the sinister nexus between Peter Heehs (PH), Richard Hartz (RH) and Jeffrey Kripal (JK) funded by Michael Murphy’s (MM) Esalen Institute for studying Sri Aurobindo’s Record of Yoga. I had explained how PH had structured the book’s publicity to identify it as a product of the Ashram, and why it was necessary for the Ashram Trust to urgently dissociate from the book. [...]

It was MDG’s office that tried to blackmail me by asking a former student to write scurrilous accusations. It was MDG’s office that blocked Alok Pandey’s admission to the Ashram, cancelled Ananda Reddy’s classes in the school, leaked internal Cold Storage records of the Ashram Archives to try to embarrass Raman Reddy, sent a legal notice to Abala to silence her, then removed her from her work. It was MDG who personally ordered my removal from the Ashram Archives. All these “most deplorable tactics of pressure” simply to stop us from exposing PH’s lies and abuse of Sri Aurobindo! But you did not raise your voice then.
Neither did you raise your voice when “the most deplorable tactics of pressure” were adopted by PH and his supporters, including Richard Hartz (RH), who organised personal attacks and smear campaigns on the Internet through SCIY/IYF websites declaring the Ashram community to be fundamentalists, religious bigots, intellectually inferior, etc. Their entire campaign had tacit and overt support from MDG’s office which provided them with confidential documents to use against the Ashram community. Neither you nor MDG reined in RH while he publicly abused and insulted the entire Ashram community under the pseudonym of “Angiras” in public forums on the Internet. You are confusing the perpetrators of the crime with its victims. [...]

The stories of petty personal vengeances of MDG going back five decades are lore in the oral history of the Ashram. Our community is full of highly creative and widely experienced people who have been sidelined by petty political machinations. Their elimination from the centre of the community’s life and their replacement by mediocre stooges has been a great loss to the vibrancy of the Ashram’s community life and is a significant cause of its many declining trends. […]
Although politely stated, you have asked the entire Ashram community to bow down with you in supplication to our Trustees and accept their dubious “wisdom” in place of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. This is not acceptable to anybody. It would be a gross error and betrayal of the most fundamental spiritual principles to follow your advice. […] With warm regards and respects, Sraddhalu

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