Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's not even an intellectual issue anymore

drraghu said... Witchcraft? "lures of the hostile forces"? When will we see a medieval "Auro-Inquisition" in full swing in Pondicherry? When will we have the first "Auro da fe" (a la the Catholic Inquisition's "auto da fe") in a square in Pondicherry? Will Manoj Das Gupta or Peter Heehs be among the first victims condemned to public burning for their collusion with the "hostile forces"? And will those who are attacking Heehs' book or Manoj Das Gupta's management of the Ashram be on tribunals of "Auro Inquisition"?
A little knowledge is sure dangerous, but a little mish-mash of "spirituality" mixed with irrational beliefs is certainly the gateway to atrocity and lunacy! 8:10 AM, August 05, 2010

Anonymous said... Given that a select few are really sweating it out by practicing their favorite sport of MDG-bashing, and given that their favorite pass time is to invoke and deal with hostile forces, asuras, witchcraft and witch-hunting, why not request the rambling ... to give us another bird’s eye view, and a chicken brain’s perspective on whether his poetic license and vindictive temper will reveal that MDG was also:
a) colluding with Adolf Hitler during WWII,

b) the evil asura that was behind the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki because he hated the Japanese people about whom our Sri Ma had many good things to say, and

c) that he is hiding and giving shelter to Osama Bin Laden in the secret basement of his residence, with the help of the ISI and the CIA of course, and that he will use him to write the next book, his Magnum Opus, on how Sri Aurobindo actually inspired and founded the Al Qaeda. (Unfortunately MDG could not tie-up with the Taliban because his critics have already signed an exclusivity deal with them!).

Well, if after his expose, ... was hoping that anyone would even remotely believe that Sri Ma was subtly helping him write his biography on Her life, it only shows that he is in the unenviable company of other ego-less and self-less individuals who without any hint of personal agendas and vendetta, are sincerely and earnestly toiling for and serving the Divine Lord by unwillingly imposing upon themselves the adoption of sly and slanderous means to fight all those asuric forces that they see through their evolved bird eyes. ... , Jai Ho to you and your kind! Deba 10:46 AM, August 06, 2010 

Anonymous said... Dear Dr. Raghu, Dear Anonyous Deba,
I have dug up more things about Manoj Das Gupta. Now do you remember there was a trench in front of the troops of Willington in the Battle of Waterloo, and Napoleon's cavalry had tumbled into that trench? How could that be? Now do you get it? Manoj Das Gupta had dug that trench at night so that the French - and remember the Mother is French - were defeated in the battle of Waterloo. And then thereafter the British reigned supreme in India. Poor Lord Sri Aurobindo was imprisoned by the British. See how far the hand of Manoj Das Gupta goes in putting Mother India to shame. I have heard this from very reliable sources and have documentary evidence of MDG's collusion with the Asuric British forces. I can give this to you in writing as well. Abed 1:00 PM, August 07, 2010 

Kalpana, perhaps you are already familiar with The Crest of the Peacock by GG Varghese (of Indian origin).
The atmosphere is so charged and prejudiced that for suggesting that India has contributed towards mathematics or astronomy or whatever, people will rush towards you to say that it is a myth or that there was no India at that time (similar to the Yoga-Hinduism controversy) or that it was actually the Arabs who did it all or that the Greeks were greatly responsible or simply that you are a Hindutva person. There is no room left anymore in
US academia for any legitimate Indian claims/demands/aspirations/pride.

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