Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It seems that ‘all is not so well’ with the Ashram management

from Bikash Rath to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 4 August 2010 12:47 subject Re: Reply to Manoj Das from Sraddhalu Ranade
Sri Aurobindo’s personality stood for a continuous endeavor to surpass & transcend its own being, and to overcome all its limitations so that equilibrium can be reached with the Supreme perfection.
The Mother stood for materialization of this great endeavour for the sake of earth in particular, and the universe as a whole. It is through Her that a link is established between Sri Aurobindo’s realizations and the mortal dynamics of human life on earth.
Any biography, however factually rich it may be, that doesn’t correspond to realization of the above truth can’t be good for humanity in its ultimate effect.  
Sri Aurobindo Himself used to dismiss erroneous facts told about His life, and it is quite likely that entertaining any such new errors/misconceptions may not be expected from those who are loyal to Him. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all have to react or respond in the same way. All are not born to be the warriors on the front; some may passively support the work while others may just pray and leave it to the Supreme Himself because their soul  realizes that this is the option suitable( to the concerned individual). Hence, keeping silence doesn’t necessarily suggest a lack of loyalty.
The forces who caused the fracture of Sri Aurobindo’s leg alongwith other disturbances and ordeals for Sri Aurobindo and His followers are very much active today with new kinds of dynamics. Peter Hiss seems to be a good medium of these forces. These forces have been quite successful in turning friends into foes. However, we must remember if we conform to Sri Aurobindo’s oceanic (I am aware that this term is not sufficient) vision of responding to things. Floods and effluents, however heavy they are, can’t stand for long against the oceanic equilibrium. Yes, we need to do something when we see oil spill and other such disasters, but that doesn’t mean that the oceanic system is dependent on our intervention only. That it has its own system to neutralize the ill developments is the foremost truth, our intervention is comparatively secondary though it has its own relevance. We must however see to it that our activities/approaches/endeavours atleast attempt to be in the line of what Sri Aurobindo would have Himself done publicly.
It seems that ‘all is not so well’ with the Ashram management, so leaving things to the own wisdom of Ashram trustees may not be quite acceptable if the past record of them(or some of them exercising major power) has been repeatedly found to be unreliable. We may recall why The Mother said She wanted another Ashram.
If I correctly remember, Sri Aurobindo’s followers are not supposed to have the conventional relationship of gurubhai or gurubhagni, as Sri Aurobindo Himself had clarified once. But if such terms are used actually to mean fellow sadhaks and not the conventional relationship then it’s OK though the repetition of the same is not expected.
Sri Aurobindo was abused (though indirectly) by a great Yogi of Bengal during the British period. The abuse continues today in one form or another, the most common of such cases perhaps being the claims by many conventional Yogis that they have also realized the Supramental. Sri Aurobindo definitely knows how to teach them how their experiences are not at par with His, but unless He Himself takes a decision to do this publicly we can’t do anything even if we have the clues with us. There is a kind of spiritual diplomacy too that doesn’t allow normal and casual reactions/responses always. I am sure that all the learned & experienced people engaged in the present debate/work are aware of these facts (more or less),and I only wish to bring harmony to the effort though my limitations are obvious. Bikash Rath

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