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Sri Aurobindo's work desperately needs free critical inquiry and research

From to "" date 11 June 2010 06:28 subject re: Posting Request on Savitri Era Open Forum
Dear Mr. Mohapatra,
I congratulate you on your open forum (no mean achievement!) and would like to request that you post the following. Thank you.
Dr. Raghu

On The Dire Need To Rescue Aurobindo From The Ashramites and Aurovillains!

Aurobindo and his works are not and ought not to be the sole property of any particular group, ashram, or community. His legacy is for humanity. I look forward to the day when the Aurobindo Archives would be part of some library at a university and accessible to all who are interested in examining his manuscripts and other documents without pressure, or supervision, or censorship, from the "Auro Thought Police"! There needs to be a concerted effort in
India to make this happen in the near future. It would also be great if all the Aurobindo Archives manuscripts and documents go online for either a free or charged access.

What Aurobindo's work desperately needs is free critical inquiry and research. This applies not only to his claims on the outer world, but also the "inner world" of mind or consciousness. We need bold and creative researchers with intellectual integrity who will look at the sign posts in Aurobindo's works and explore the terrains they point to with a clear, sharp, and critical eye instead of turning those sign posts into Totem Poles to be worshipped and offered "poojas"!

We need a new breed of explorers who will use Aurobindo's "maps of consciousness" to actually start on their own journeys of exploration instead of making a religious fetish of those maps and waving lights and incense to them! Aurobindo's pioneering work on human consciousness development must serve as a launch pad to undertake one's own voyages, and not a frozen-in-time holy scripture to be used as a soporific or instrument of hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

As Nietzsche so eloquently put it, one repays one's teacher poorly if one remains merely a pupil. That is the spirit with which Aurobindo must be approached.

Above all, we must be prepared, in the spirit of "Kill-the-Buddha-if-you-see-him" approach characteristic of some schools of Zen, to "Kill Aurobindo" so that he doesn't weigh like a dead tradition on our minds and stifle our own initiative, inquiry, and realization.

drraghu has left a new comment on your post "Sri Aurobindo never asked for assistance of miracl...":
First, the legitimacy of an inquiry into the veracity or plausibility of a claim is not restricted or confined to claims published by the claimant. If we have reliable reports that Aurobindo made a claim in conversation with his disciples or devotees, we are entitled to inquire into the veracity or palusibility of his claims. […] Posted by drraghu to Savitri Era Open Forum at 5:27 AM, June 11, 2010

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"Posthuman Destinies"????
This is another "Aurobindonian" delusion!
We are not even fully human! How many of us can truly claim that we have realized even our human potential in the way of, let's say, the Confucian Analects? Posted by drraghu to Savitri Era Political Action at
5:28 AM, June 10, 2010

drraghu has left a new comment on your post "Dialogue with the "non-believers" about consciousn...": 
I must hasten to clarify that I was using "Pisachic" and "Asuric" in the sense pertaining to psychological types or types of character and NOT in the sense of actually existing supernatural beings. They are spooky, but interesting, creations of the fertile Indian religious imagination which often, because of that fertility, fails to distinguish between its products and reality! Posted by drraghu to Savitri Era Open Forum at 6:41 AM, June 10, 2010

drraghu has left a new comment on your post "Dialogue with the "non-believers" about consciousn...": 
D. Subbramaniam's rant discloses that he is not interested in any issues of evidence concerning Aurobindo's claims, but rather treats those claims in just the way the Christian and Islamic fundamentalists treat the claims in their so-called "holy scriptures". These claims, even if they contradict science and common-sense, are treated as self-evident and infallible. [...] Posted by drraghu to Savitri Era Open Forum at 6:50 AM, June 08, 2010

drraghu has left a new comment on your post "Dialogue with the "non-believers" about consciousn...": 
Anyone with commonsense and basic critical thinking skills is entitled to question any claims made by anyone including God! Who are you and what gives you the authority to pontificate on who is entitled and who is not entitled to question claims on "yogic force"?
You beg the question of the existence of this force. What is the evidence for it? Don't arrogantly assume that it exists and then equally arrograntly scoff at people who question its existence if you have nothing to contribute to the inquiry (Vichara) here! […] Posted by drraghu to Savitri Era Open Forum at
7:04 AM, June 08, 2010

drraghu has left a new comment on your post "She cooked people from the inside": 
A course in critcial thinking is imperative for Alok Pandey & Co. They think that an argument can be refuted merely by asserting the contrary conclusion, making claims unsupported by good evidence, and launching ad hominem or personal attacks on the advocate of an argument. [...] Posted by drraghu to Aurora Mirabilis at 2:24 PM, June 01, 2010


  1. Mr Mohapatra,
    I too congratulate you on the openness of your forum to the point of allowing people like DR Raghu to demonstrate how an injury to his head and his learning disabilities has affected his understanding. He writes the same comment twice within a minute of each other. Then he writes about Pisacha etc and then says they don't exist. Have they started giving special degrees for mentally disabled in America?

  2. "Anonymous" has sent me e-mails with this same abusive rant!
    Evidently he can't read English properly! The second comment corrected a grammatical omission in the first comment.
    And again, if you can make an attempt, albeit a Herculean one, to read and understand English, you will see that I clarified that I was using "Pisacha" etc., to refer to pscyhological or personality types rather than real entities, although, I must confess, your posting does add to the possibility of a revision in my belief. Perhaps, Pisachas do exist in human form!
    What's your fixation with learning disability? This may well be a classic case of "projection" (attributing to others what one hates in oneself) in psychological or psychiatric terms.

  3. If we were to design a test for reading comprehension based on The Life Divine, or let's say Stephen Jay Gould's essays on natural history, I suspect that "Anonymous" would not be able to distinguish a passage in which a point of view is expounded for the purpose of criticism from a passage in which the author affirms his own point of view. So much for the sneering contempt he has for other people's learning abilities!

  4. This "Anonymous" Pisacha (LOL) has also sent me abusive e-mails using a (Australia) address. In those e-mails, he called himself "Noell Muellhesein" and used Australian expressions such as "ding bat", "Mate", and so on. The e-mails also show the same fixation on "head injuries" and "learning disability".
    A search on his IP address displayed in his posts to this forum gives "Compton, California" as his location.
    It is now obvious who has actually suffered a head injury!