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He can call us a cult and we don't object to it either

Cox Communications ( Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, drraghu has left a new comment on your post "She cooked people from the inside": 
A course in critcial thinking is imperative for Alok Pandey & Co. They think that an argument can be refuted merely by asserting the contrary conclusion, making claims unsupported by good evidence, and launching ad hominem or personal attacks on the advocate of an argument. […]
In closing, I will reiterate that Peter Heehs has written a very interesting book (buy it now!), although to appreciate it requires a degree of intellectual training and culture quite beyond those attacking it for all sorts of inane reasons. Posted by drraghu to Aurora Mirabilis at 2:24 PM, June 01, 2010

To be intellectual is one thing and to be afflicted by the disease which can be called “intellectualites” is another. Dr Rahhu among many others of the insufferable species seems to be gravely affected by it. It also seems that the Integral Yoga is incapable of doing two things: straighten the tail of a black dog, and bring knowledge of higher intuition to the brainy guys who read a few books on postmodernism and give professional discourses in the academic circles. Should they remain shut in their own castles of ignorance, it wouldn’t matter at all; but they have also a tendency to expose their vulnerabilities. To talk what lies beyond their domain cannot but be called stupidity, and that stupidity comes out in every way.
What is expected of a tight academician is professionalism and not platitude. I’d have liked to see at least one reference to the hundreds of posts that have showed not only the faults of the book, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, but the falsification it presents, the commentator exposing the critics and buttressing his argument; but there is none. He should do it at least now. He has just to do appropriate search, and he will get hundreds of links.

I wouldn't waste effort arguing with this Doctor Raghu.  He has to follow his Swadharma as a doctor and we have to live ours. He is free to think what he wants about Sri Aurobindo, Heehs and other.  He can call us a cult and we don't object to it either.
I have been saying all along that people who read this book "Lives of Sri Aurobindo" would conclude that Sri Aurobindo died a failure and Dr Raghu's comments have revealed this precise issue. Those who are inside the "cult" gush about the book because they read it from the prism of their own beliefs. But for people outside the "cult", the occult realities behind the physical realities need to be explained thoroughly, otherwise they may draw the wrong conclusions.  If the biography is not going to discuss the occult realities, then it must also omit the physical realities. Unfortunately, this historian is so anal-retentive that he doesn't know how to make such trade-offs.

I wonder how Dr Raghu knows that the "pitiable Champaklal" (as he calls him) collected "hair and nail fragments". He demonstrates intimate knowledge of Sri Aurobindo's life which must have come from reading other books. Why did he read so much when he thinks Sri Aurobindo was having delusions. Or did he get this information from Heehs ?
Incidentally, this is one of the other problems with this book. Heehs portrays almost all disciples of Sri Aurobindo (Champaklal, Purani) as emotionally unbalanced. […]
We trust the explanation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, even though we may not understand everything right away. If Heehs think that the Mother was lying, then he can leave the Ashram. He can do his scholarly work in some university and criticize the "Aurobindo Cult" as much as he wants.  No problem.
There are some so-called “senior sadhaks” who have been around 30+ years and who obscure this issue by appealing us to be more broad-minded and castigating us for not being able to “withstand criticism and scrutiny” of the Master.  We are quite willing to put up with criticism as long as it comes from outside the Ashram rather than inside the Ashram.

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