Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Subbu's velvet glove

from D. Subbramaniam dsubbu.cmd@gmail.com to tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 25 May 2010 13:06 subject Another failed book and author
Dear Mr. Tusar Mohapatra,
It looks like some people just thrive on controversies. And this includes those who create them, those who react to them and those who propagate them.
If the Overman Foundation is a serious and credible institution, it is surprising that it should take the trouble to desperately locate and then comment on a controversial subject, particularly a book such as The Failed Prophet that is written  by a completely unknown and insignificant author. 
I live in Tamil Nadu and read Sri Aurobindo's books as well as books on related subjects and I have so far never even remotely heard of this author until today. I also enquired from some friends who share my intersts and just one one them had heard about the author in some vague way. In any event the book named The Failed Prophet seems to be a non-starter.
If people are really and seriously interested in following and upholding Sri Aurobindo's work, why do they need to directly or indirectly promote people such as Mr. Nandhivarman? He is of course, just like all of us are, entitled to his constitutional right of freeedom of speech and thought and therefore believe and write whatever he wishes. But why should the Overman Foundation or the SEOF play into hands and give him any importance and promote him? Is there a mutual interest being achieved by this sensationalism? Or is there a slogan-shouting match going on here where each one is trying to prove how righteous each one is?
Or are the Overman Foundation and the SEOF hand in glove with the author of this controversial book? How did they even get a copy of this book which is completely unknown and obscure, even on the internet?
Wouldn't we all be better off ignoring such non-existent issues instead of running around to first find them and thereafter paying any attention to them? Best Regards, D. Subbramaniam @ Subbu

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