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Strange that Heehs leaves it dangling

From to date 7 July 2008 08:40 subject Sri Aurobindo, Stephen Phillips book, Heehs biography Seth Farber, Ph.D. New York
Dear Tusar,
I am obviously not a professional philosopher but I have a keen interest in metaphysics and eschatology–in salvation. I am a renegade psychologist in the tradition of the radical psychiatrist R D Laing, as you can see from my website.
   Have you reviewed Heehs book yet? I just read it with keen interest. What a excellent book. I have a few quibbles. First he overlooks Savitri which has autobiographical as well as philosophical significance. Obviously judging from Savitri, Aurobindo was a man who had some experience of romantic love–as well as the tragedy of death. One must conclude that this tragedy impinged upon his own life. Can one also not conclude that Aurobindo had “fallen in  love” with Mira Richard? How else can the kind of union Aurobindo asserted he had established with the Mother be attained? And we know that relationship had a profundity greater than mere sexual love and affection about which Aurobindo was dismissive. Aurobindo’s response to Paul Richard which Heehs reports (for the first time, I think) that if the Mother wanted he would marry her (!!!) is indeed provocative. Strange that Heehs leaves it dangling–it is hardly consistent with the usual relationship between guru and disciple–although Heehs' no comment seems to imply (with Aurobindo) that it is. Quite remarkable. Don't you think?
    In the light of these omissions it is not surprising, albeit disappointing, that Heehs also omits a discussion of the idea of physical immortality that is connec ted, I submit, into the idea of romantic love. In the kingdom of death love is doomed.  Is this not the meaning of Savitri for modern man/woman?  Have you read Vladimir Solovyov whose ideas seem to parallel Savitri?
   Aurobindo was correct: an biography of him had to remain strangely incomplete because so much about this enigmatic figure remained  below the surface–as even Heehs’ excavations have confirmed.    I look forward to any thoughts you may have on my musings above.
   Thanks for your website. I hope it is possible and not difficult for you to reestablish the link to SP’s book. Namaste. Regards, Seth

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  1. Actually I find the old school sexless lives of spiritual teachers, as if they are above all earthly desires, a lie, and that the customs and times forced them into the charade.