Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ramesh Chandra Rout heralds war against the Managing Trustee

A devotee from Orissa Mr. Ramesh Chandra Rout from Panikoili, Jajpur had sent an appeal to the Managing Trustee of Aurobindo Ashram Trust and the subject as per him is declaration of divinely chosen war against selfishness, misuse of power and money falsehood, conspiracy that have occupied the entire S. Aurobindo Ashram Trust, therefore demanding some clarifications. He also claims New Managing Trust board that shall be worthy of the new age. He had marked copy to Dr. Karan Singh with a note “as true follower of the Mother and Aurobindo you are requested to act for the future of the ashram above party politics. Surprisingly the copy is also marked to the known atheist Nandhivarman. […]

An author, a biographer who had access to all the archival material till date for past four decades, while writing the biography of Aurobindo had not been carried away by the crescendo of adulation but had done his job in a balanced way and Peter Heehs need not be portrayed as Satan or Judas. He should not remain in Aurobindo Ashram and Trustees should not back him, and these demands of the devotees are within their right, and as devotees they cannot assimilate any criticism on a semi-god of their dreams. But as a scholar Peter Heehs had done nothing wrong to put him on par with Salman Rushdie. Cambridge University Press had done right thing in publishing the biography of Aurobindo Ghose. Peter Heehs must quit Ashram and write more and more without any restrictions on his scholarly pursuits. The ban on the book by Orissa Government is like Taliban’s action. Let Orissa Government lift the ban on the book. Aurobans like Talibans cannot curtail freedom of expression or evaluation of a philosopher's life and writings. N. Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai     Posted by nnandhivarman on 2010-05-01 09:35:57

10 Jan 2010 ... Sri Aurobindo's Sacred Relics for eight places of Orissa ... Sri Ramesh Chandra Rout receives the Sacred Relics from Honourable Sri Raghunath Mohanty, Minister Steel and


  1. Once i read about Mr ramesh Chandra Rout's work on Reunification of the Mother India.
    That was verry intersting & worthy to know about one side of Sriaurobindo & Mother's Work.

    His suggestion about new Trust is debatable in point of Ashramites.

  2. Dear Mr nandhivarman,
    Thanks for your daring comment sabout the book ban & taliban devotees.
    we will be happy if you raise same voice against the followers of Proffet Mohammad.
    Can u dare? can u freely express.....ha...?

    Only thing u can write.........What u can do......?