Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nandhivarman has changed the target of his attack to Sri Aurobindo

OVERMAN FOUNDATION CONDEMNS THE BOOK ‘THE FAILED PROPHET’ May 22, 2010 at 6:47 am (Uncategorized) Following the controversy regarding the book The Failed Prophet, the Chairman of Overman Foundation Shri Anurag Banerjee has issued the following statement:
Before the storm revolving around Peter Heehs’ book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo could subside, another derogatory book on Sri Aurobindo written by N. Nandhivarman and titled The Failed Prophet has seen the light of the day. The author for a number of years has written on the ‘mismanagement’ of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust and its Trustees. But now he has changed the target of his attack from Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust (though he has devoted more than twenty five pages of this book to criticize the functioning of the Trust) to Sri Aurobindo.
Not only has the author revealed his the limited scholarliness (which too is full of misinterpretations) through this book but also his own ignorance of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy which he has rubbished. What Sri Aurobindo has done for 
India and the world, rather, the entire mankind, is known to all. Therefore it matters little if the author feels that Sri Aurobindo’s contribution is negligible. In a secular country like India where freedom of speech is a constitutional right every individual is free to express his views and the author of The Failed Prophet has made good use of his constitutional right. But it hardly matters what Mr. Nandhivarman’s views are about Sri Aurobindo. His is a lone voice which would surely get drowned in the ocean of reverence the entire world has for Sri Aurobindo. Men like Mr. Nandhivarman would come and go but the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother will go on till the aim of their yoga is achieved. This book can create a short-lived sensation (with some of its sentences like ‘Aurobindo Ghose had brainwashed a small tribe to dream they are supermen’ or ‘He could use the mastery of the language to mesmerize people but he failed to become a Super human being. He passed away like other mortals,’) among those who have little faith in Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy but just as no dark cloud can darken the radiance of the sun, no one and nothing can malign the greatness of Sri Aurobindo.
Let Mr. Nandhivarman be happy with his wrong convictions of the futility of the work of Sri Aurobindo. But we have no hesitation to proclaim that Overman Foundation condemns The Failed Prophet.


  1. Mr Tushar Mohapatraji

    I have not changed tracks. I wrote provocatively only to activate your fighting brigade.15 years they have yet to find out a leader. The followers of Jesus cannot undertake the jihad of Prophet Mohammed.We are followers of Periyar EVR the known atheist.We cannot wage war to uphold your master's ideology. As long as brave warrior Lawyer PP Raghavachari lived common ground could be reached between atheists and theists, because for human rights we joined hands together.Ashram Trust uses food as weapon to subjugate revolt from within.Court cases against trust were lost, killed by delays or out of court compromises even after reaching highest courts.Lawyers midway change track, and that is why to stress a new form of sathyagraha must become the weapon to fight trustees, I wrote harshly to awaken the devotees. There is no change in my attitude towards Trust and Trustees. After reading Peter Heeh's book, I found the facts he bases on archival evidences to be logical. I am happy that Overman Foundation had launched its attack on me. Men may go and men may come but I go on forever, a bard spoke on behalf of a river.Rivers are empty with change in climate.As you rightly said, ailing Nandhivarman had to go soon. Hence he is in hurry to record his views on Aurobindo and other Godmen on Earth.

  2. Dear Nandhi,
    We have met only once, but I always remember you as a friend. I understand your strategy, and your contribution to the cause of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has already made history. Let us strive without rest till the Ashram runs upon fair and just rails. [TNM]

  3. In BBC matter , Auroville lost its complaints in UK, and after long ordeal the matter came to end.This is for information.

  4. It appears that you weild atheism as a religion. A true follower of reason will conclude that there are some truths mind cannot reach. If you think this is some pseudo-spiritual babble, I recommend you to read, learn, and prove for yourself, Godel's incompleteness theorem.

  5. Sri TNM,
    If you feel that the 'greatness' of Aurobindo is like the light of the sun why should you condemn some ones book about him? You should welcome it! Your sun will appear brighter!

  6. Dear Narendra,
    You are perhaps new to the debate, and hence, let me reiterate the stand of Savitri Era Party. We welcome Heehs’ book and demand an Indian reprint. Simultaneously, we demand disciplinary action against Das Gupta and Heehs for dereliction of duty considering the avoidable uncharitable remarks that the book contains. [TNM]

  7. Narendra Naik is a Professor, and President of Rationalist Federation of India. He had exposed Sathya Sai Baba and is capable of performing all miracles these Godmen/women perform.