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Let 1500 inmates elect a new trust board and expel current trustees Blogs - WHY INMATES FAIL in THEIR STRUGGLE? By nnandhivarman
Q: What do you think about Tusar Mohapatra’s Savitri Era Forum hailing Mr. Ramesh Chandra Rout?
N.N: The followers of Aurobindo have yet to find a leader to lead their struggle. The Great Mr. Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya was one leader who could have led the struggle but he chose to keep low profile and fight within till he breathed his last. Supreme Court lawyer Bijan Ghosh has all the credentials to lead the struggle including the Ghosh tag, and he also wrote Slandering thy Mystery, a book on the topic of tampering of Aurobindo’s works. I took him along with Mr. P.P. Raghavachari to the house of Tusar Mohapatra. All through the way I told you all seem to have one purpose, why remain a divided house. Form broad alliance of Aurobindonians and carry the struggle. But the meeting ended a failure when Mr. Bijan Ghosh got up unable to patiently hear Mr.Tusar. So each fighting alone is the curse, which keeps Trustees at the helm for 15 years since internal struggle started.

The first attempt was formation of Aurobindo Ashram Inmates Association. The Registrar of Societies refused to register it, and on my advice, the inmates went to Court and won the right to association to resolve the problems of inmates within ashram in a democratic manner. Four people Mr. Bailochan Parida, who appeared as leader of struggle and Mr. Kamal Dora, Mr. Srikant Jhivrajani and Mr Dilip Agarwal were expelled from ashram. Then also on my advice they fought it legally and won back their status within ashram. But within few days of this victory Mr. Parida did not even wish me in the beach, and told his other friends, we have won, why should we hobnob with Nandhivarman. Only two members Mr. Srikant and Mr. Kamal Dora had the courtesy and decency to wish and talk whenever we meet. Then Inmates Association started to slowly go soft on Trustees and inmates struggle. Hence Aurobindo Ashram Beneficiaries Association came up.

As fear of expulsion haunted, no one came to head it. Mr. D. Kamal Dora, illiterate but a tribal from Orissa who had the iron will came forward to head it. Others hiding behind him were writing volumes and volumes. That great warrior once again was expelled. Through court orders he got back his food and shelter. He was a single man army distributing 1, 60,000 pamphlets while spineless inmates will be rejoicing that their woes are reaching the public. I cautioned him, court reprieve is temporary; ashram trust may one day throw you out. Now while you enjoy food and shelter as per court directive, be a watchman in a library, where you will get a room for you as shelter and pocket money. He did not accept, it is typical for all inmates. They won’t go to work. They will totally depend on Trust for food and shelter, and all revolts from within are broken with food as weapon. I told that even beggars get food, come out work anywhere be prepared for expulsion. Ultimately Kamal Dora lost court case, is expelled. He had joined Christianity and got shelter in a Christian old age home. If Aurobindo’s followers fail to protect the one scape-goat who they pushed to the forefront of the battle, how can they win the war against cash rich Trustees?

Having recorded the bitter truth and with publishing the picture of OUTLOOK story on the first open revolt of inmates, I would say that there are scholars who can lead the struggle but are afraid to come to forefront. My friend Srikant Jhivrajani is a wealthy Gujarathi, and a scholar but is hiding like guerilla, and looking for other guerrillas to launch salvos. Mr. Gopal Bhattacharya was aspiring to be trustee but is not leading the battle from forefront.

Now Mr. Rout says 500 inmates have written a letter which was torn by Trustees. Can’t these 500 inmates go on sit in strike in Samadhi tearing the book they hate and demand expulsion or deportation of Mr. Heehs? One struggle could win them what they are writing and writing for 15 years. Or let 1500 inmates elect a new trust board and expel current trustees, if at all they are serious in shielding a Divine Master. Why they remain cowards, why none sacrifices, why all shiver to come to forefront? If you all think and rethink and find a leader among yourselves, you can win.

Advocate P.P. Raghavachari, once upon a time ashram lawyer who cautioned trust against its misdeeds, fell from favour was expelled, which he stayed through court, was the lone warrior, great genius I am posthumously saluting for his heroic battle till he met with an accident while bathing in sea and passed away. Let men like Raghavachari be found among your followers….. N. Nandhivarman General Secretary, Dravida Peravai. Posted by nnandhivarman on 2010-05-02


  1. I do not agree that institutions such as the Ashram should be led by elected leaders since they are not and should not be democratic in formal structure. Other ways of developing leadership and legitimacy need to be followed.

  2. We are moving away of the path of Sriaurobindo& the Mother.
    if the current trust is not able to manage all these things, it should reconstitute.

  3. Anonymous said...
    We are moving away of the path of Sriaurobindo& the Mother.
    if the current trust is not able to manage all these things, it should reconstitute.

    12:44 AM, May 27, 2010

    Who are the "we"? "it should reconstitute ..." by whom? By precisely those who are in the process of moving away ....????

    All this sounds very neat and good until you actually start thinking about it