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Inmates, though a few in number, take up the cause to bring back the administration on the rails

The inmates are broadly divided in the following group:
1) Inmates concentrating on Integral Yoga are not bothered about anything except to look into their own defects and opening them to the Mother for transformation:
2) Inmates, though much perturbed with the prevailing affairs in the Ashram, prefer to pray to The Mother for appropriate intervention, since the Ashram was Her creation:
3) Inmates vocal about the Trustees’ mismanagement, misdeeds and allowing unlawful and corrupt practices but do not want the in-house controversies to become public:
4) Inmates critical of the Trustees' actions but keep quiet apprehending vindictive action by the Trustees:
5) Inmates not concerned about anything except their personal needs and comforts:
6) Inmates close to the Trustees and recipient of undue favours are therefore their blind supporters:
7) Inmates work hard to impress the authorities or those close to these at of power to serve their unsatisfied desire to come to limelight and get into position of importance:
8) Inmates give vent to their feelings to outside devotees and persuade them to initiate actions including legal action remaining in the background:
9) Inmates, insignificant in number, disgruntled and perhaps frustrated out of non-satisfaction of their desire in the Ashram, with aim to settle personal score create ineffective ripples:
10) Inmates, though a few in number, take up the cause to bring back the administration on the rails:

The Trustees, taking stock of the above, became complacent and went ahead with their audacious act of defying The Mother’s specific instructions.

A Gujrathi Scholar who is my friend wearing a mask had produced a lengthy literary debate over tampering of Aurobindo's epic Savitri, and since literary circles must evaluate the other side this gets published here 
This is literary debate: this is what devotees say: a gujrathi scholar wrote this wearing the mask. Hence I don’t want to unmask him. As true democrat I took the responsibility to publish this since spineless devotees failed to place in public domain what for they are finding fault with Mr. Peter Heehs ? Let debate be in open forum…………I am not endorsing this nor I am backing them…….... N. Nandhivarman
from     Nandhi Varman to date 29 May 2010 06:21

Publisher’s Note: I am an atheist. I dont subscribe to the philosophy or ideals of Aurobindo. But being in Puducherry, I had supported the struggle for internal democracy and human rights within Ashram for more than 15 years. This struggle reported by local media and national press had yet to be compiled. I am placing all materials I have for the devotees to do that compilation. A devotee's comments on Ashram Rules, commented years before, is given below..... N. Nandhivarman Blogs - ASHRAM RULES X-RAYED 26 May 2010 Blogs - WHY INMATES FAIL in THEIR STRUGGLE ? 2 May 2010  
[...] To date 14 May 2010 12:11 subject Fw: Nandivarman message

In fact, given the logic of the existence of numbers as qualitative phenomena, each of which is connected to wholeness and the Supermind or unus mundus as the one-continuum, her challenge regarding the Matrimandir needs to be seriously ...
Any serious student of Sri Aurobindo's life and yoga will agree that his work represents a radical departure from all previous spiritual paths. It challenges thousands of years of traditional wisdom that regards a transcendence of the ...

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