Friday, April 16, 2010

There seems nothing wrong with these Savitri revisions

From August Timmermans to  "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 16 April 2010 13:53 subject Re: conflict madness
Dear Mr. Tusar,
Since your website is dedicated to Savitri I have made an attempt to put down my take on this controversy around the revised editions of Savitri. If you would be so kind to place this post on your website?

What for me is the real issue here is people's distrust of the Ashram Archives and the Savitri editorial team. It looks to me that this distrust is more based on insincerity and ill will than on facts. This controversy and dispute around Savitri has been ignited by RY Deshpande, Alok Pandey and Sraddhalu Ranade, obviously for political reasons as there seems nothing wrong with these Savitri revisions. Let me explain.

The Ashram Archives has always clearly explained what changes were made and why. They are as much concerned as any of us to keep to the true version Sri Aurobindo's own handwriting. Mistakes have gotten into the text, particularly in the first edition, through typos by the type setter or misreading of SA's handwriting. To accuse the editorial team of not keeping to the true version is plain ill will and insincere as they did no only a meticulous job but did exactly that: bring in the true and original text as deciphered from Sri Aurobindo's personal handwriting. For this you need at least two skilled persons, like Nirodbaran who was close to Sri Aurobindo and transcribing Savitri for him, and Amal Kiran who is well known for being a literate person and who was on very good rapport with the Mother.

The political reasons are for taking over the Ashram organization, and thus stories are made up to accuse the Ashram Trustees of unjust management. The story about the Mother using the words 'morons', this is not more than to create confusion around two individuals and to point out that these two cannot be trusted for doing the revision work. Again, this is ridiculous as the story of 'morons' has been distorted, as the actual context is about two persons not understanding the deeper meaning of Savitri. It is hilarious, in this context, to know that Alok Pandey sees himself fit to explain the deeper meaning of Savitri in his lectures and answers any question, or quotes Savitri while interpreting with his own imagination.

Hence, I call this one of the false conflicts that is currently played out publicly, doing damage to the Ashram, whereas people say they do it out of devotion for the Founders. This is truly hilarious. It seems that the true values in the world today are upside down and people distracted into trivial discussions. August Timmermans

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