Friday, April 2, 2010

Manoj Das Gupta, Dilip Dutta and Matriprasad carry out all their crooked ways

Date: 2010/3/10 Subject: Fw:
To everyone who is concerned about the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's Ashram,

Already so many letters have been written to the Ashram Trust by devotees, scholars, and many respected public persons concerning the mischievous book by Peter Heehs. So many persons have asked the Trust to make a public declaration that Ashram does not support the book. They have told the Trust that someone who goes against the Mother and Sri Aurobindo cannot stay in the Ashram, so Peter Heehs should be removed from the Ashram. They have appealed to the Trust to take action to withdraw the book.
But Manoj Das Gupta (who is the present Managing Trustee) does not care for all these appeals even from Senior members of the Ashram, and all these letters are thrown in the dustbin! He does not reply to any letter, he does not ask advice from anybody inside the Ashram. But he attacks anyone who criticises Peter Heehs, and takes revenge against anybody who criticises him for not taking action against Peter. Is this the way the Ashram's Managing Trustee should act? By behaving like this he is doing great harm to the reputation of the Ashram. And all the devotees and well-wishers get confused.
The inmates of the Ashram have become afraid of his vengeanc,e. Everybody talks behind his back, but most people are afraid to say anything before him because they fear that he will stop their dining room food, or he will send a legal notice. He sent a legal notice to Abala Mohanty who is serving selflessly because she spoke against Peter Heehs' book. But he will not send notice to Peter Heehs for insulting Sri Aurobindo and for selling research from the Ashram Archives to make personal profit. Instead he spends Ashram's money' for Peter's defence in the courts, to protect the man who is insulting Sri Aurobindo and the Mother!
Nobody knows why Manoj Das Gupta is behaving like this. Some say that Peter is blackmailing Manoj, or because Peter is supplying Funds. The main two trustees Manoj Das Gupta and Dilip Dutta and their secretary Matriprasad carry out all their crooked ways from their legal office. They do not consult Senior members of the Ashram because then their crooked ways will get exposed! If anyone speaks the truth then they will harass him and create problems for him because they hold all the Power in their hands. So people are scared to say anything. Even when Pranab-da (Dada) wrote so many letters to them they did not listen, instead they started criticising him and spreading rumours against him.
After Peter Heehs' book insulting Sri Aurobindo has appeared, the situation is getting worse. Manoj DG anq his group have got all outside officials of police, lawyers and judges to carry out their work. This kind of wrong use of money and influence is bringing more problems for the Ashram. More than a hundred cases have appeared suddenly ever since Manoj DG has taken charge and put all the Funds in the hands of Matriprasad to do the dirty work. Small problems can easily be solved by talking directly to the Ashramites or other persons. But Manoj DG and Matriprasad send legal notices, threaten the person, spread false rumours, blackmail people, and even he has sent goondas to beat up persons. This is how Matriprasad and Manoj DG have dragged Ashram into more than hundred court cases in just a few years. All these cases are originally small problems which Manoj and Matri purposely make big so that they can continue to enjoy the misuse of their Funds and get full Power and support from the other Ashram trustees without question. This Fund is kept by Matriprasad outside Ashram accounts only for this misuse.
This is not the way to run an Ashram! If they put Ashram management under advice of lawyers and goondas, this is how things get worse and worse. We the Ashramites and devotees are suffering since the last few years because this group of Manoj DG is acting completely against the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's work. There is no basic loyalty left in them, and they an~ acting only from their Ego and self-interest and Power. They do not care even for Sri Aurobindo, but they do everything to protect Peter who insults Sri Aurobindo, steals from the Ashram and harms the Ashram community.
Peter's book is supported by his friend Jeffrey Kripal who has written about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa insulting him as homosexual and paedophile. And Manoj Das Gupta is supporting such persons!!
According to the Mother, anyone going against the Ashram or against Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the person has to leave immediately. He cannot stay in the Ashram. In the history of the Ashram nobody has gone against the Masters like Peter Heehs. So Peter must leave the Ashram immediately. If Manoj Das Gupta loves Peter Heehs so much, then he also should leave along with Peter Heehs. Just because he has taken full control of Power and Funds of the Ashram does not mean that he can go against Sri Aurobindo and the Mother or do whatever he likes. If he wants to control all the Power then he should know that he is here to serve Them, and he should listen to the two thousand Ashramites who are all equally trustees of the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's Ashram even though they don't control the Power and Funds.
This is Sri Aurobindo's Ashram and not Manoj Das Gupta's or Peter Heeh's Ashram! We are all here for Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and we want to serve Them, not the Ego or personal interests of anyone sitting on the Trustees chair.
We the inmates of the Ashram and the devotees throughout the world are shocked about the situation. We want to follow the Truth only. We are writing this because we are deeply concerned by the actions of Manoj Das Gupta, Matriprasad, Dilip Dutta and Peter Heehs.
From inmates of the Ashram and devotees throughout the world.
From saroj patnaik To "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 2 April 2010 07:23 subject Fwd: Fw: Fwd: A pdf file from KUMUD BEN ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Gadadhar Mishra Date: Apr 1, 2010 10:53 PM Subject: Fw: Fwd: A pdf file from KUMUD BEN To: ----- Original Message ----- From: Jayant Bhattacharjee To: undisclosed recipients: Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010 5:43 PM Subject: Fw: Fwd: A pdf file from KUMUD BEN ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: RY Deshpande To: Alok Pandey; Anand Kumar; Gitanjali; Jayant Bhattacharjee; Manasi Pahwa; Raman Reddy; Ranganath Raghavan; Sraddhalu Ranade; Vikas Bamba; Kittu Reddy Sent: Wed, March 10, 2010 2:53:52 PM Subject: Fwd: A pdf file ---------- Forwarded message ----------From: kittu reddy Date: 2010/3/10 Subject: Fw: To: RY Deshpande -- RY Deshpande  letter re the trust.pdf 1158K   View   Download


  1. I am always deeply suspicious of anonymous messages, especially those which are full of allegations against particular individuals. It usually means there is little truth in them...


  2. Tushar, please reveal who has sent you this message? Who is the author?


  3. \\\"PDF file from Kumud ben\\\"

    Ah Tusharji, a thousand thanks to you! Now the truth about who is behind these malicious messages, writing and spreading them is out! Your Open Forum is open indeed!

    I am surprised that it is the same Kumud benji - who snaps her fingers insultingly with contempt at devotees who crave a few seconds in their Guru\\\'s room, who is known for misbehaving and ill-treating people, who behaves like Pope because she looks after Their room, who wanted to stop relics to go to Orissa, is writing all these things. But why she has not the courage to sign her name? Why she writes \\\"inmates and devotees around the world\\\"? Who gives her that right? And why there are no specific allegations but only vague allegations? I think Ashram is only institution in the world where someone crticize the leaders like this is still left undisturbed. Today my respect for Manoj Guptaji and trustees has risen thousandfold.

    And isn\\\'t it surprising that same people behind peter hee\\\'s book is also spreading this malicious email? See some of the names: Alok Pandey; Gitanjali; Jayant Bhattacharjee; Raman Reddy; Sraddhalu Ranade; Kittu Reddy. It reads like a list of conspirators who are out to destroy integral yoga community, who want power and will use any means to get it. Somebody on your forum said peter hee\\\'s book is only excuse to take over ashram. Now i understand what that person means. I don;t also like LIves of SA book, but I also did not like the way above persons started to behave like leaders and head of the ashram sending emails to everyone and starting new websites. And now they are circulating anonymous nonsense.

    Tusharji, thank you for exposing these people. You are playing an important role in presenting both sides of the issues.


  4. Divide and rule: isn't it neat?
    Please spell my name right, by the way. [TNM]

  5. From Jitendra Sharma Date 3 April 2010 14:49
    Dear Baburao,
    What has happened to you? Why are you talking so insanely? You are behaving as if you only know the whole truth! Are all others stupid fellows?!
    Jitendra Sharma

  6. The cat is out of the bag - or shall we say the rats are out of the bag?!

    10.03.10 - Kittu Reddy forwards Kumudben's "anonymous" slander to RY Deshpande

    10.03.10 - RY Deshpande forwards to Alok Pandey; Anand Kumar; Gitanjali; Jayant Bhattacharjee; Manasi Pahwa; Raman Reddy; Ranganath Raghavan; Sraddhalu Ranade; Vikas Bamba; Kittu Reddy

    11.03.10 - Jayant Bhattacharjee forwards to undisclosed persons. (Same person who has filed court cases against PH through his wife Gitanjali and mother-in-law etc.)

    Then the chain continues. Some Gadadhar Mishra to Saroj to you. These last are presumably some unknown unfortunate devotees who trust the likes of RYD etc.

    Tusar, after all these years of living in the ashram, what have Kumud and Kittu and RYD learnt? To forward slanderous anonymous letters against the same trust that looks after them, feeds them, harbors them? Did any of them take the trouble to check the truth in these wild allegations? How can they forward anonymous writings?! Don't they have sense of basic ethics, responsibility? Poor trustees of the Ashram. They need all our support against these cowards. It seems even Pranab's sacrifice was due to Kumud.

    Rajesh Rao

  7. There is a truth in every aspect, it is true that Kumud is crude in her behavior, at the same time it is also true that there are derogatory remarks in The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. It is also true that Ashramites have lost faith in the present management. Trustees themselves have said that Matri Prasad can not be trusted with money matters hence he was not taken in the trust board but pushed in the Sri Aurobindo Udyog Trust as a compromise. Every young student knows that Ambika Prasad was bitten badly by other prisoners by the instructions of Matri Prasad. It is a fully accepted fact in the Ashram that Manoj Das Gupta's management is based on the principles of favoritism, partiality and vengeance and not love, harmony and unity. At the same time, he is good in dramatics, speeches, avoiding decisions and a few relationships. It is a known fact that he uses different inmates as his front faces to save himself, like Vasant, Matri Prasad, Kanaiya, Nirmal, Prabhau, Puru, Saumya and so many more.

    In short Ashram life requires a higher change, leaving a few true souls, in general there is a downward trend. A new path needs to be explored which can again put this collectivity on the progressive path.

  8. Hi Mr. Anonymous,

    And how do you know all these things as facts?! Or did RYD and Kittu and Kumud report these to you! This 'knows' word is dangerous, when it is not supported by solid evidence! You are not better than Kumud's letters! Maybe you will soon start snapping fingers too!!

    A wiser Anonymous.

  9. Mr Wiser Anonymous,
    i too was in doubt and disbelief about the trustees and against Peter Heehs, but that was 20 years ago. When Matri and the trustees started to go against me because I had spoken that changes are being done to the works of Sri Aurobindo i have been black listed and degraded in every manner they could. For the last fifteen years any body who is seen speaking to me gets his facilities in the Ashram reduced or is openly challenged as not to associate with me as I am against the Ashram. Am I against the Ashram or am I here for the Divine who has called me and brought me here and I know in my experience the Divine Mother promised me to bring me to her self in the next life so I was here and am her child and not here to obey the people who have no soul or sell their soul and become blind to the Divine`s will and follow their ignorance and want people who are blind also to support the destruction of what Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are trying to establish.
    Is Sri Aurobindo`s writings subjected to any human`s corrections. Is Sri Aurobindo`s life subjected to Peter Heehs and his bunch`s fantasy. They have an intention to degrade Sri Aurobindo and bring him to down to their level and are you supporting that too Mr wiser Anonymous or you want to take part in all the higher consciousness that is waiting to come down to make life heavenly for all mankind.
    And don`t talk about physical proof, there is enough and even me they tried to put behind bars and Matri promised, ``100 percent we will put you behind bars`` even after their bought false wittnesses back fired and told the truth they don`t know me. I was lucky or the Grace intervened and got saved from 7 years of imprisonment. For what for saying the right thing expecting the right action from the Ashram management, these Ashram management is very dangerous i have withdrawn and was taken away. But now more people have risen up after it is become more evident in The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Some of these same people were also against me for making noise about Peter`s correcting Sri Aurobindo. Few are making case now !
    Whose victory are you about the Divine`s or the anti Divine`s, whatever you choose you will have to face the consequences accordingly. Ignorance or blindness will be no justification. You want the Divine, then you may have to purify yourself in order to receive the vision and the Divine`s ananada and its satisfaction. You want immediate gain and power then the falsehood will do it will give you that but don`t expect to able to receive the grace of the higher powers. The choice is in you always. For what are you associated with the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

    Sunil S R