Thursday, April 29, 2010

Karate, coconut oil, & court cases

Meet the champs
A mother-son duo has won laurels at an international karate competition

all in the family Gitanjali and Aryan at the awards ceremony
Gitanjali J.B. and her son Aryan Bhattacharjee love to pair up for leisure activities. The Bhattacharjees’ house on Harrington Road bears many signs of this partnership — a piano, tennis racquets, pastels and karate weapons. Right now, th e two have a special reason to gaze lovingly at these weapons. Using them deftly, they stood out at the international competition (June 18-20) conducted by the Isshinryu World Karate Association at Pittsburgh.
While 36-year-old Gitanjali came first in ‘kata’ and ‘kobudu’ categories for those aged between 30 and 45, seven-year-old Aryan was first in ‘advanced kata’ in his age group (six to eight) and third in ‘kobudu’ competing with seniors (age group nine to 11).
“Children in the six to eight age group don’t have a kobudu category, but Aryan chose to compete with his seniors because he was adept at using the ‘bo’ or staff (one of the four main weapons used in kobudu),” says Gitanjali.
Both Gitanjali and Aryan have surprised their master ‘sensei’ Ayyapan Ravi by the speed with which they have galloped through ‘belts’. Aryan began to learn Isshinryu in December 2007 and Gitanjali in April 2008 — today, he is brown belt Grade I and she, brown belt Grade III. Gitanjali is confident she’ll get her black belt next month, and Aryan, in a year. He will only be eight then — two years less than when children usually get the black belt.
“An Isshinryu practitioner has to get white, yellow, green, blue, purple I, purple II, brown I, brown II and brown III, before he can take a crack at the black belt,” says Gitanjali.
Amazing, when you consider that she first looked at Isshinryu as something that could develop her son’s physique. Says Gitanjali: “I have found out that it’s good for the mind too. You are more focussed.”
21 Feb 2010 ... “We are,” wrote Gitanjali JB recently to Manoj Das Gupta, “engaged with Columbia University Press (CUP) regarding the withdrawal of The ...
12 Feb 2010 ... From: Gitanjali J B. To: Manoj Das Gupta Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2010 11:32 PM .... Gitanjali J B ...
20 Mar 2010 ... 4 November 2008 : Writ Petition filed by Mrs. Geetanjali JB accepted by the additional government advocate, High Court of Orissa. ...
6 Feb 2010 ... But the facts seem to point to Geetanjali Jain aka Geetanjali Bhattacharjee aka Geetanjali JB (and her friend, Sraddhalu Ranade) as the main ...
Writ Petition filed before the High Court of Orissa in the name of Mrs. Gitanjali JB. The Writ includes long portions of Ranade's letter. ...
8 Apr 2010 ... Comment posted by: auroman this is Gitanjali, the same person who filed those ... (wink)
Uptil now, I thought Gitanjali was a naive devotee living in some rustic town in Orissa who braids her hair with coconut oil, adorns herself with earrings and nose-rings, faithfully prays to the Mother every day and obeys the decrees promulgated by the Ashram priests :-)  
The SCIY propaganda machine had shaped that image.   It just shows how poor you people are at getting your message across.
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