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I am writing here to defend the credibility of people such as Nirodbaran

From aurosatya vrata to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 15 April 2010 17:18 subject Re: Reg. ongoing discussion on Sri Aurobindo's Savitri
Dear Mr. Mohapatra,
Firstly, the line that I am toeing is a line that is drawn by mutual respect, decency and dignity. Those people who cannot show respect, especially to honorable and respectful people such as Mr. Nirodbaran are the ones who are drawing and toeing the lines of their self-interests at the expense of people who are not there to defend themselves. And I am not party to that type of action or behavior.

Secondly, I prefer that my actions earn me credibility and not my mere words, name or postal address. Just because one writes a few books in praise of Sri Aurobindo or The Mother, and resides at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry, doesn’t give one a free ticket to credibility, especially when such people behave and act like morons by accusing other respectable people of being so. 
I may or may not be credible according to your criteria, but I am not writing on your forum to demonstrate or defend my own credibility. I am writing here to defend the credibility of people such as Mr. Nirodbaran that I, many and several other people respect, and who is not anymore here to answer to the cowardly accusations that are being targeted at him, particularly after his passing away.

In this regard, let me share the following with the readers of your blog so that they may decide whether The Mother thought that Mr. Nirodbaran was a moron as some allege and want to believe and promote or whether The Mother had better things to say about Mr.Nirodbaran. 
I quote from “Memorable Contacts With The Mother” written by Nirodbaran, chapter XVI, Sweetness And Light 1971-1973, pages 130-137. I shall quote the relevant passages to make the context and information clearly understood:
“The Mother’s unexpected sanction and encouragement for writing Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo, spurred me to action and I began working on the book…So far the Mother had been a silent admirer [of the writing of the book Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo], if I may use the word. But as I was approaching the chapter on the Mother, I could not but feel uneasy and even abashed, for it was the poorest chapter in quality and quantity, almost like a farce or an anti-climax. I could not find sufficient material to write about her during that specific period of contact with Sri Aurobindo except what I had narrated in the previous chapters. When I spoke frankly about my embarrassment to her, “Maharaj”, who was always seated in front of us listening or at times dozing, leaped up immediately and said, “Why don’t you ask Mother to give you inspiration?” I was hesitating. He pressed “Ask, ask!” Then I did and she simply smiled. But what happened was nothing short of a miracle. From the next day, ideas began to flow in a tremendous speed, as if a sluice-gate had been opened. The result was that it became one of the longest chapters of the book… Here was a very tangible instance of the effect of the force of inspiration… It was in the course of this chapter that I had spoken of her occult way of working with regard to our game of tennis with her. When she heard the part concerning myself, she observed, “I admire your understanding.” … She hardly made any verbal comment on the book at that time but, later on, accorded an unexpectedly magnificent tribute to it. When… it was almost ready to come out, I prayed to the Mother with hesitation, if she would write something. She at once asked Champaklal to give her a piece of paper… Then she wrote [in French] “Thanks to Nirod, we have the revelation of an altogether unknown side of Sri Aurobindo.”… Then she added in English: “It is extremely interesting and instructive.”  
Now, if indecent and slanderous people such as Mr. Jitendra Sharma still insist to guess, speculate, twist and misuse The Mother’s words to try to prove that Mr. Nirodbaran was considered to be a moron by Her, as they allege, then it clearly shows that the “beast” that is inside of them also occupies a large part of their cranial cavity. Best Regards, S.
From Auro Lumiere to date         15 April 2010 17:31 subject Regarding the misuse of Mother’s words
Dear Mr. Tousar Mohapatra,
Regarding the misuse of Mother’s words (for your Website): 
During the period when I lived in Pondicherry, I had the great pleasure to get introduced to Mr. Ambu, who very kindly offered me advice on the practice of Hatha Yoga. 
As I admired this unique soul, and I still have his foto on my desk, I would also visit him occasionally just to meet him and hear his wonderful experiences. On one such occasion he recounted to me how Mother used to call him «My Baby».

For me, as a Westerner, it was rather odd to hear that Mother would call an elderly person «My Baby». But, Mr. Ambu was not at all uncomfortable with it and he was even proud. And so I respected his sentiment. 
But, the point that I wish to make is that if Mother occasionally called Mr. Ambu «My Baby», does it mean that Ambu was really a little baby? Does it mean that Mr. Ambu was nothing else but just a baby? Yes, he was sweet and innocent like a baby, but does it mean that he was also not an elderly and respectable Hatha Yoga teacher?

Did Mr. Ambu need to dirty his underwear and suck his thumb in order to be true to Mother’s words? Well, it fortunately turns out that Mr. Ambu was a respectable and special man, but he was also intelligent and sensible and didn’t stretch Mother’s words to the ridiculous extent to which a few others enjoy stretching some of Mother’s least significant words.

Thus, if at all Mother ever referred to two unidentified individuals as «imbéciles» do we need to spend 40 years to remember and remind this incident and try to speculate and guess who these people were, as if Mother did not say or do anything better before, during and after that day? Aren’t those who are preoccupied by these trivial pursuits themselves stretching the limits of imbecility and proving that they themselves are the biggest «imbéciles» (and in this instance I mean the English translation «morons»)? 
At the Service of Light and Truth Françoise de Nielly 
from Jitendra Sharma to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 16 April 2010 15:34 subject Reply Reply to Françoise de Nielly 
Dear Françoise de Nielly,
The word “baby” has many meanings and connotations.  Can you explain why do most men use the word "baby" when referring to their girlfriend/wife? Does it mean that one’s girlfriend/wife is nothing else but just a baby? Jitendra Sharma

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