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Deshpande publicly insulted Nirodbaran

From Mukut Mukherjee date 7 April 2010 12:10
Dear Sriman Tushar Mohapatro,
Someone is showing me your website and important discussion on Savitri and Shri Nirodboron. So, I kindly request you to put my below message on your website so that my humble opinions could be shared with one and all. My english is not very good, but my point is very important.

Truely, I also do not like strong words by Shri Sateesh, particularly against old membors of Shri Aurobindo Asram. But then I also understand why Shri Sateesh is forced to defend Shri Nirodboron like that. At last, finally, one person is saying his sincere feeling opnely and diffending our respectable and honorable Shri Nirodboron.

Also, Shri Anurag Banerjee can surely like 1972 edition of Savitri. I also like it. That is his own choice, like mine. Like Shri Deshpande can also like 1950 edition and Srijukta Bijan Ghose can also like 1954 edition. Some other peoples are also like that. That is good. We should all like Savitri in one form or other, in english or bangalee as long as Shri Aurobindo Asram with help of Shri Nirodboron is making good and nesessary corections of manmade mistakes in Savitri.

But, why should some people, like Shri Sateesh is also saying, force there personal choice on other peoples and say other peoples are wrong and bad and missguided? Who gave anybody authority like that? Did Shri Anurag Banerjee make open, national survey before saying evryone uses 1972 edition? How can he only know? He cannot make such general statement! He is surely false. 

Why? Did Shri Nirodboron also only use 1972 edition only, saying that only 1972 is correct and best edition? If so, why Shri Nirodboron worked selflessly and like  pure devotee, for 20 years, to make latest and best 1993 edition of Savitri? Was Shri Nirodboron also not good scholar? Shri Nirodboron deos not have pure character?

Shri Anurag Banerjee is saying Shri Deshpande is great scholar. But, you tell me, is this good behaviour for any great scholar to say Shri Nirodboron is "moron"? Shri Anurag Banerjee himself has written wonderful things about Shri Nirodboron. But, why you tell me, he never once even complain when Shri Deshpande publicly insulted Shri Nirodboron, our Master Shri Aurobindo's parsonel scribe, assistant, doctor, devotee, etc. and say he is "moron"?

If Shri Anurag Banerjee really was writing all good things about Shri Nirodboron, why he is not difending Shri Nirodboron when Shri Deshpande is insulting him? That also after Shri Nirodboron is passed away? Is this sign of respect? Is Shri Anurag Banerjee only writing good things of Shri Nirodboron to win popular vote? But really Shri Anurag Banerjee he is happy and keeping quiet when people as Shri Deshpande insult Shri Nirodboron. How strange, no?

I think, now, Shri Anurag Banerjee's is showing true character and real colours. And suddenly, for his personal wish, he is forgetting Shri Nirodboron and only complaining that what Shri Soteesh is saying is not good. Why he is not complaining when Shri Deshpande is insulting our respected Shri Nirodoboron??? You tell me? Then what Shri Deshpande is saying and doing, against Shri Nirodboron, is surely not like a good follower of Shri Aurobindo? Instead, but Shri Anurag Banerjee is praising Shri Deshpande. What to say! Where is common sense?

Then also, after Shri Aurobindo pass away, Shri Nirodboron also made changes to Savitri during Shri Ma’s time with Her Blessings. Is it the meaning, that Shri Aurobindo made mistake in Savitri, the first time? What does Shri Anurag Banerjee or Shri Deshpande think of himself to talk like that?

Truely speaking, I tell you, Shri Deshpande is only getting good and bitter taste of his own, bad medicine. What he always calls others he gets it also like that and finally. That is only Divine Justice. So I think Shri Anurag Banerjee should also be careful what he is saying.

I will be very happy if every peoples can read all Savitri editions in english or bangalee, as he or she likes and no one can stop them. And nobody should insult other peoples and call other peoples “morons”, specially to pure, sincere devotees, when they like and read another Savitri. 
Nomoshkar Mukut Mukherjee
from    Anurag Banerjee to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 7 April 2010 14:22 subject Re: for Savitri Era
Dear Mr. Mohapatra,
   I would really like to know how and when, according to Shri Mukut Mukherjee, Shri R.Y. Deshpande insulted Nirod-da. To the best of my knowledge, he never did anything of that sort. Let me inform Shri Mukut Mukherjee that it was the Mother who called Nirodbaran and Amal Kiran "morons" in the Agenda. As far as me and my "true character and real colours" are concerned, supporting Deshpande-ji does not mean showing disrespect to Nirod-da. And I would also like to know how did I show my "disrespect" to Nirod-da.  It is evident that Shri Mukut Mukherjee does not know what an intimate relationship Deshpande-ji and Nirod-da shared and how close I am with the family of Nirodbaran.  And as the saying goes: where ignorance is bliss it is a folly to be wise.
With warm regards, Anurag 

from Mukut Mukherjee to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date           7 April 2010 20:17 subject Re:
Sriman Deshpade has said that Sriman Nirodboron is “moron” as Mother says. Kindly tell me surely  where Sri Ma says Sriman Nirodboron has become moron. I want to see.
In Sriman Norodboron's book or Correspondece with Shri Aurobondo, Shri Ma says with her handwriting because of Sriman Nirodboron we come to learn many things about Bhogoban Sri Aurobindo. Why now contradicton and confusions? 
Nomoshkar Mukut Mukherjee 
From Jitendra Sharma to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 7 April 2010 20:54 subject Re: 
Dear Mukut-da,
The Mother had identified two Sadhaks as “two morons”. (M.A./Vol.4/P.84-85). She had  also said: “.. and I realised that none of these people had understood one bit of it.” (M.A./Vol.4/P.82-83)
Kindly go through these very important discussions to comprehend things better.
                                                       Jitendra Sharma
From Jitendra Sharma to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 7 April 2010 22:57 subject Re:
Dear Mukut-da,
                    As the “Mother’s Agenda” (Vol. 4) is in my hand, I am copying the relevant portions carefully for your benefit: 
“Unfortunately, there were two morons here who fancied correcting him – while he was alive! (A. especially, he’s a poet.)” (Mother’s Agenda, Vol.4, 13 March, 1963, pp. 84-85) 
“But in Savitri’s case … (I didn’t look after it, you know), he had around him Purani, that Chinmayi, and … (what’s his name?) Nirod – they all swarmed around him. So I didn’t look after Savitri. I read Savitri two years ago, I had never read it before. And I am so glad! Because I read it at the time I could understand it – and I realized that none of those people had understood ONE BIT of it.” (Mother’s Agenda, Vol.4, 13 March, 1963, pp. 82-83) Jitendra Sharma
From Anurag Banerjee to Jitendra Sharma cc, date 8 April 2010 10:55 subject Re: the ongoing debate
Dear Jitendra-ji,
   Thank you for posting the entry of 13 March 1963 of the fourth volume of the Mother's Agenda at the savitri era. I hope this would convince Mukut Babu now that it was not Deshpande-ji but the Mother herself who called Nirod-da and Amal Kiran "morons."
With warm regards, Anurag

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  1. Mr. Tusar, Your articles link to pages with different contents, so it is difficult to understand how to add comments properly. This is in response to Mr. Timmermans comment which asks "The real issue is what the persons who initiate these false disputes really want", and Mr. Vrata who states "I doubt that we would get editors with better qualifications, credentials and integrity than Mr. Nirodbaran and Mr. Amal Kiran [so we shouldn't revise the 1993 edition]".

    Mother said, "don't change a comma", but we got successive editions up to the 1993 one even though the best authorities - viz. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother - had passed away. But now it is said that since the next set of authorities (AK/NB) are inactive, we should not make more changes, even though it appears that there are spurious elements in the 1993 edition. Can one have it both ways?

    I cannot read into people's hearts and minds to know what they really want or whether they are raising false disputes. What if one genuinely wants Savitri as Sri Aurobindo left it, and deeply feels there are issues with the available versions and the processes to get to them? What advice would Mr. T and Mr. V give them on how to raise the issue effectively?

    Thank you.