Friday, April 23, 2010

Alok Pandey and Sraddhalu Ranade have taken the power in their own hands

From August Timmermans to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date           23 April 2010 08:12 subject           Auroman
Dear Mr. Tusar, this is a response to Auroman's statement on the writer of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo.

What we see here is Auroman telling us how another Ashramite should be and behave like him. He and the people he represents, such as Alok Pandey and Sraddhalu Ranade, take the power into their own hands to judge one Ashramite, thinking they know him, which is an insult in itself, and then decide, while turning their back on the Ashram Trustees who accept all Ashramites, to expel him from the Ashram, even worse, they also prosecute him in court as they cannot accept what he has written. In normal speak we call this dictatorial rule or dictatorship.

What can one do with Ashramites who have turned into public liars, speak faul language to everyone who disagrees with them, disobey the established Ashram authority, and then say they do it all in service of the Founders of the Ashram. The problem is that they see themselves as the good boys (who never observe their own behavior) and the others, who disagree, are the bad boys. It would be not more than just that Auroman and the people he speaks for should be expelled from the Ashram for their disturbing behavior and intention to establish dictatorship. Not that I wish this to happen, but it would be in the same line of thinking as they practice themselves.   August Timmermans

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