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Yoga can be practised in spite of sex, but not through sex

One must patiently trace the source of every impulse which arises before it is acted upon.  (i.e. “Am I doing this for glory, out of fear, out of habit, etc”). 
One must examine one’s thoughts and ask, “what is the underlying motive on which my choice is based?”  Is the choice driven by money, comfort, desire for social status, religious law, despair, anger, cruelty or  the inability to admit mistakes?  … Looking back later in life, it is quite possible that one realizes that the choice one made then was pre-destined!
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Sri Aurobindo Studies August 30, 2009
Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga has enormous implications for the time we find ourselves in.  As we systematically destroy the basis of life on the planet, and wall off one another through ultimate fragmentation, we are left with the stark contrast of choosing between survival and destruction, life and death, growth or decline.  Sri Aurobindo recognizes the necessity of the individual within the context of the collectivity, universality and the transcendent consciousness of Oneness.  The individual is the nexus or hub of the evolutionary urge, but not separate from nor at the expense of the life of the cosmic whole.  
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Embargo or endorsement, albeit backhanded; we take it as a compliment. [TNM] Saturday, November 01, 2008 9:37 AM,  1:30 PM
A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs ... 7 Feb 2010 by General Editor
It is amusing to learn that Manoj Das Gupta and the Ashram Trust can be pushed into a corner over a seemingly trivial issue, which is essentially the creation of "Sraddhalu's friend", his friend's wife and her mother and their dog! ... Why don't M/s Rich Carlson, DebashishBanerjee and David Huchison pow wow with PENGUIN BOOKS INDIA and request them to simply undo this "minor legal manoeuvre"? All it takes is a flight to
New Delhi and some Coffee, huh! ...
A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs ... 19 May 2009 by S Ranade
The recent circular titled "Integral Yoga Fundamentalism" (IYF) dated 16th April 2009 signed by David Hutchinson, Debashish Banerji and Rich Carlson has come to my notice. It is unfortunate that these three have resorted to a .... Their blind trust in the author has misled them. It is not their fault, as it is normal for readers to trust an authoritative writer especially when he claims to be "founder" of the Ashram Archives and "editor" of Sri Aurobindo's writings. ...
It is dangerous to commit mistakes of this kind in spirituality because by the time you realise that you have gone astray, you would have ruined your life for good. Traditional wisdom (apart from plain common sense) has been repeating it from hoary times not to mix sex with spirituality and Sri Aurobindo has been uncompromisingly clear on this issue. His Yoga can be practised in spite of sex, but not through sex, and he forbade his disciples from any immixture of it. The sexual energy, however, has to be sublimated and transformed into the “pure divine Ananda in the physical”, of which sexual pleasure is “a coarse and excited degradation”. [2] […]
As for being above sex, no, none of us have made such tall claims. All that we insist upon is that Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga be not misinterpreted under the guise of academic research. Neither are we forcing our interpretation on the others because Sri Aurobindo has amply expounded his Yoga. As for being a prude, it is not a question of moral restraint as much as accepting a yogic discipline once you are serious about it. Nobody compels you to take it up; it is your own choice. And if you fall on the way, you simply pick yourself up, change your life style or carry on quietly instead of reading your own limitations into the Master’s works in order to justify your failures!
Mirror of Tomorrow :: For a biography of Sri Aurobindo to be valid ... 7 Jan 2010 by RY Deshpande
According to the author's own assessment of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, it reveals a “much more lifelike” and “complex” figure of a man, who is open to unforeseen currents of life than is found in previous biographies (Peter Heehs, ..... The first part and the last are all right-but the link is fragile. How do you know I won't take a fancy to die in between as a joke?" (Question:) Some people say that yourself and the Mother would have been supramentalised long ago if ..
Mirror of Tomorrow :: Sanatana Dharma XXI—Avatar and Grace 17 Oct 2009 by RY Deshpande
He will work to this end with Jeffrey Kripal, an American professor of religious studies who is the author of a recently published scholarly study of Esalen Institute, and with two American researchers who live and work at the Ashram, ...
“CG, you are headed in the right direction. The idiots who edited the Centenary Publications of Aurobindo's writings (in all probability non-Indians) make the disclaimer that Aurobindo himself distanced himself from his earlier writings ...
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