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RYD's sly and insidious method of sowing doubts in people’s minds

date      17 March 2010 12:34
subject Drawing one’s own conclusions and imposing them on others: the case of one Mr. RYD.
Dear Mr. Tusar Mohapatra,

As someone who admires Sri Aurobindo’s thought and literary work, particularly his poetry and great epic the Savitri, I have recently chanced upon your Savitri Era Open Forum internet blog.

Over the years I have collected copies of several of Sri Aurobindo’s literary works and posses copies of the various editions of the Savitri which I have picked up during my occasional visits to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, now Puducherry, which I use for my personal study.

Having browsed through your blog, I am rather disturbed by one Mr. RY Deshpande’s message Drawing one’s own conclusions and imposing them on others by Hartz and Heehs that you partly reproduced in your post. I have subsequently followed the thread on what appears to be Mr. RY Deshpande’s (RYD) personal blog, “The Mirror of Tomorrow” and after some research on the internet ( pertaining to Mr. RYD’s credentials, I am even more disturbed to find that Mr. RYD appears to be a long-serving member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, an institution that was founded by none else than Sri Aurobindo and his collaborator “The Mother”, and which is a unique institution that I greatly respect and look up to.

Having recently perused through your SEOF blog as well as the "Mirror of Tomorrow" and a few other related websites, it appears that Mr. RYD takes great pleasure in the public parading of his unlimited wisdom, which he believes he possesses in such excess that he can afford to offer to the authorities of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram as well as to people such as Mr. Nirodhbaran and Mr. Amal Kiran, whose credentials and integrity can only be questioned by arrogant, pompous and self-styled scholars and “visionaries” such as Mr. RYD himself.

During my career, I have had the acquaintance of a few nuclear or rather “un”clear scientists, and I have never understood what it is about them that tends to make them behave as though they were all clones of the one and only Sir Albert Einstein. I have since then come to the conclusion that the Ego of some of the nuclear scientists (with the definite exception of Sir Albert Einstein, who at the end of his career admitted he knew nothing) is the most radioactively active of all the parts in one’s Self, and in those instances the Ego appears to resist all signs of organic decay and persists just as any toxic radioactive waste material would. This of course appears to be well exemplified in the case of Mr. RYD.

If some Mr. Hartz and some Mr. Heehs are accused of drawing their own conclusions and imposing them on others, Mr. RYD certainly beats them at their act. Because, Mr. RYD’s capabilities of churning out page after page of words that are grammatically correct but grossly misleading, fail to conceal the personal motives of his efforts: that of obsessively insisting the acceptance of his personal views and opinions at the cost of everything and everyone else, be they co-workers of the institution to which he belongs or the institution itself.

If Mr. RYD would not use his writing skills to try to monopolize and dominate the various blogs that exist on subjects related to Sri Aurobindo, forgetting that quantity does not necessarily translate into quality, his writings could be ignored. But his insistence to draw and impose his own conclusions, not only likens him to the very he people accuses and hates, but makes his presence on the blogospheres unbearably un-Aurobindonian.

Moreover, what is most despicable, is Mr. RYD's sly, and insidious method of sowing of doubts in people’s minds that the latest edition of the Savitri, as published and distributed by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, is inferior to the other editions and that it is published without the real involvement of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram’s authorities as well as that of Mr. Nirodhbaran and Mr. Amal Kiran. To quote Mr. RYD:
“Nirodbaran and Amal Kiran were aware of my views and arguments, but they had kind of lost all interest in this respect, of Savitri-editing. So, we can’t really say that they had their approval for the Revised Edition.”
Does Mr. RYD really expect that people with at least some common sense will believe that the authorities of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and especially dedicated disciples such as Mr. Nirodhbaran and Mr. Amal Kiran, were so irresponsible, disinterested and un-committed that they would publish a new edition of the Savitri without due diligence? Does Mr. RYD really expect us to believe that he is the one and only superior and enlightened soul whose “views and arguments” matter more than those of people whose credentials are quantums above his own self-esteem? 

The sowing of such insidious doubts, evidently serves only the purpose of those who create and propagate them. And Mr. RYD's persistence in the propagation of dubious information pertaining to any controversy that he appears to be able to lay his hands on, most certainly casts a dark shadow on none else but himself and his motives.  And he certainly appears to be the last person to be inclined to adopt civilized means for resolving the conflicts which he harbors with several others, and probably within himself. 

It is no wonder then that Mr. RYD depressingly laments the fact that nobody cares to consider his views and arguments, particularly about the Savitri. To quote his own words:
“Some of the aspects of editing were presented by me ten years ago in the introduction to Perspectives of Savitri. But who cares to read them and act upon them?”
Doesn’t Mr. RYD see that it may be time for him to realize that he shouldn’t continue behaving like an obtuse, self-declared scholar and visionary, who appears to be trapped within the orbits of his own little atomic nucleus and whose opinions matter only to those faithful electrons and neutrinos that resonate the same levels of energy and therefore happen to be around him?

Shouldn’t Mr. RYD have learnt his lesson a few decades ago when even respectable people like Mr. Nirodhbaran and Mr. Amal Kiran whose integrity he keeps on questioning, were not inclined to consider his endless ramblings, writings which he keeps churning out because he probably has nothing better to do? Maybe their kind politeness in the form of patient and respectful hearings was misconstrued by Mr. RYD as disinterestedness, something which Mr. RYD’s highly radioactive Ego appears to be struggling with, even decades later.

It is rather disheartening to see an elderly member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram behave in such an infantile, immature and even ridiculous manner, particularly publicly. If such a behaviour was restricted and exhibited in solitude and to one’s mirror in the private confines of one’s domicile, it would be understandable. But when a narcissist such as Mr. RYD uses a public “Mirror (of Tomorrow)” as well as other public fora for his self-adulation at the expense of others from his own community, then the shallowness of his intentions, attitudes and “vision” is laid out in its ugly and naked bareness for all to see.

Therefore, please spare Mr. RYD any further embarrassment and stop propagating his private and personal views, which he already does in abundance on his “Mirror of Tomorrow”, a microcosm where he can play to the tune of his gallery and to his Ego's content.

Best Regards,

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