Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kazlev favours Heehs and his book Update - February 2010
The controversy around Peter Heehs' book has recently taken a rather sinister turn, as the attack on Heehs has been broadened to an attack on the Sri Aurobindo ashram in general. It seems that Heehs and his book were just pawns in a larger and uglier game. Therefore, I totally reject my earlier more diplomatic position, and now come down squarely and unambigiously in favour of Heehs, and his book, and in total opposition of those who are attacking him.
While most religious Aurobindonians who attack Peter may still only mean well, and really only have the wish to disseminate the message of Sri Aurobindo at heart, they too have become pawns and puppets. And that what is happening is a not so subtle attack on the ashram Sri Aurobindo and the Mother established and maintained. Think about it. Links IY Fundamentalism - Religious Fundamentalism and Integral Yoga - keep up to date with the controversy. Particularly this site is useful for exposing lies, deception, and the wider broadening of the attack on Peter Heehs into an attack on the Sri Aurobindo ashram in general. previous critics of the book would do well to peruse some of the dirt uncovered here.

Monday, June 23rd, 2008 Posted by Columbia University Press
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An important new biography, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, has just been published in the U.S. Written by Peter Heehs of the Ashram Archives, it is the product ...  
Manasi Pahwa's correspondence: Letter #2 from Peter  21 September 2008 Dear Manasi Pahwa
Thank you for forwarding a copy of your letter to the Trustees to me. Since you clearly are qualified to write about the subject, and since you, for the most part, keep to the tone of civil discourse expected of a scholar, I am happy to write a brief reply.
During a conversation the other day, you asked me whether I would write a ...

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