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Heehs is overwhelmed by his own limitations with regard to brahmacharya

Mirror of Tomorrow Sri Aurobindo’s Marriage—a discussion by Raman Reddy pertaining to a few aspects in context of the latest biography published by the Columbia University Press
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It is evidently because Heehs is overwhelmed by his own limitations with regard to brahmacharya that he is unable to accept it in the case of Sri Aurobindo’s married life. Now, had the author frankly expressed his personal hesitations with regard to the matter, people would have been more sympathetic with him. This is a standard difficulty of our present state of mind which cannot look beyond its own parameters, especially so with Westerners who have had no spiritual background. Not that Indians have to be patted on their back, but, because of long standing spiritual traditions, they have no fundamental difficulty in admitting the extraordinary and supernormal without being mentally bound by their own limitations. Spiritual experience and Yogic attainment precisely belong to this realm which is reached by the few who are great and chosen by destiny to guide humanity to the next stage of evolution.

by Raman Reddy, V. on Tue 09 Mar 2010 02:55 PM IST |  Profile |  Permanent Link Dear Auroman,
To be honest, I did not spend decades doing research on Sri Aurobindo's life, especially his early political life which never interested me as much as the later Sri Aurobindo who soared to unimaginable heights. It is only of late when he has been mercilessly humanised by Heehs that a few of us sprang into action. Moreover, too much intellectual research in the spiritual field seems to be now more a liability than an asset, considering what has happened to Heehs and Hartz -- the latter especially was a good scholar and on the right track until he lost himself in the Gobi desert of the mind. It is like the apple which after some time starts rotting from within. At the same time, I admit that most of us Indian disciples of Sri Aurobindo need to awaken our intellects to take on the challenge that is coming from the West.

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Hartz getting lost in the Gobi desert of the mind… But that was always so when I saw him week after week during the period of editing Savitri more than two decades ago. It is this which makes the Revised Edition suspect. Jugal Mukherjee was highly critical of it. Let it not become fait accompli. ~ RYD Reply

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