Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Mother and sri Aurobindo have always remained very much open regarding technology

Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... While I am thrilled at the prospect of expositions on Sri Aurobindo flowing from your keyboard, thinking of him vis-à-vis Vivekananda or linking him to Neo-Vedanta alone would be an injustice to his... Continue >>
kelamuni wrote... hi tusar,it's not that i'm unimpressed with aurobindo, or than i am consciously ignoring him. the fact is, i was hoping to deal with aurobindo's more philosophical version of neo-vedanta... Continue >>
VAMANAN wrote... every way
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... date 13 January 2010 07:55 subject Comment notification for Mirror of Tomorrow A comment has been posted in reference to an article titled: For a biography of Sri Aurobindo to be valid... — by... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... The hyperlinked title when clicked goes to another site which has something else and not the matter of Aurofilio. Please correct. Thanks.
VAMANAN wrote... To each his religion...and when one man's 'religion' steps on the toes of another man's, the courts are there to settle it...And of course there are those who would like to hijack... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... The state of “religion in India” is perhaps much more complicated as Chinnappa Reddy, J. held in his Dissenting note in S.P. Mittal Etc. Etc. vs. Union Of India And Others on 8 November, 1982. [TNM]
VAMANAN wrote... Dear Tusar...Much of religion in India has been spiritual while the western experience is of a dogmatic church and its unchangeable doctrines. Many westerners have a strong antipathy to religion... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Alok said: "[Sri Aurobindo] keeps pushing us to [do his work.]"Hmmm....Alok, I am no rooter for Heeh's book, but man, looks like you have some issues too... "[Sri Aurobindo] keeps... Continue >>
bijan ghosh advocate supreme court wrote... This man, Peter is the same person, who is the master mind in mutilating Savitri, the mantra of Supramental Transformation, then also this Manoj and company sailed together in the same boat. Devotees... Continue >>
Jim wrote... The 'IQ of Plankton' phrase originates in Steve Moffat's children's British TV series 'Press Gang'. Use of word 'blokes' which is British slang. Names have been... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Does Mr. Filio really think that most people who have criticized it have not read the book or understood it? He seems to be quite thick-headed and prejudiced. If he cannot understand the criticisms... Continue >>
Saturn wrote... this respite will prove short-lived. his fate will be decided next year. remember the hindi movie dialogue 'mere paas maa hai' (mother is with me) ?humpty dumpty sat on a wallhumpty dumpty... Continue >>
Copernicus wrote... Heeh's most prominent acolyte says "The complaints were vague and gave no evidence that either complainant had any knowledge of the contents of Heehs’s book. It thus seems possible that the... Continue >>
Prithwin wrote... I always admired Noren-da's tall and cheerful presence which took almost a look of amusement. The only occasion when I saw his face without a smile was early in the morning, 5th December 1950 :... Continue >>
prakash wrote... After seeing all these drama " Why Ashram Trustees are not taking any action??? This is quite difficult to undestand ..... Wake up please???
Robert E. Wilkinson wrote... Stop Scapegoating Peter Heehs Alok Pandey’s thoughtful article about the Heehs imbroglio brought up a number of important points but his burning questions about HOW and WHY this dispute occurred in... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... [In memoriam Ron Jon Anastasia d. October 20th 2009 by Rich on Thu 22 Oct 2009 05:04 PM PDT |   Ron was the Founding Editor of SCIY... Continue >>
Harish Kumar wrote... " The Lordship of the Divine and the Divine's consent seems to be compromised. The Supreme Being seems to be bound by Time and his astronomical framework." The Lordship of the Divine is... Continue >>
panopteric wrote... thanks a lot for this connexion !!
bhattathiri wrote... Excellent article. The despondency of Arjuna in the first chapter of the Gita is typically human. Sri Krishna, by sheer power of his inspiring words, changes Arjuna's mind from a state of inertia... Continue >>
Ehsan wrote... Dr S. Hossein Nasr has written a lot on Sadra (and I wonder why the author did not mention his name!!!!). It is also worth to mention that Sadra was persian (Iranian) and he was born in Shiraz,... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... from Paulette ( date 17 November 2009 07:42 Please post my reply: Tusar, this is exactly what I mean, where is disagreement? I know very well what dogma is, having been... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... Personally, I have disagreements with the last line. Dogma or not, it is for the individual to choose; why should it be denigrated and who do we turn to for a certificate? [TNM]
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... from Paulette ( date 16 November 2009 14:08 Please post this comment: In “The Synthesis of Yoga” Sri Aurobindo takes the trouble to analyze major yogic paths such as... Continue >>
Srikant wrote... Dear Rakesh-ji, Mother and sri Aurobindo have always remained very much open regarding technology.while one student was migrating to U.S. in '60, she said, 'yes learn about plastic technology,... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... [Oct 16, 2009(title unknown) from For The Turnstiles by DGAI got an email from Ken Wilber. His email address, by the way, is "" Grates me, the sum:"This is Ken... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... [Moving Beyond The Mind of Reason from Sri Aurobindo Studies by sriaurobindostudies “We have to go beyond the mind and the reason.” Mental understanding is a reflection of the intellect, but is not,... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... [One of the issues that tends to give me headaches within the object-oriented ontologies of Harman, Latour, and Whitehead are the questions of time and space. It seems to me that all of the... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... You may mail the links for consideration. [TNM]
Anonymous wrote... Do you accept, Sir, submissions, from people like myself?Thank you;Ayad Izzet
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... Y2K spurred me to survey the 20th Century thought and 5 years later when I stumbled upon SCIY, it was no alien territory. Banerji’s dense compositions used to surprise, Carlson’s forthright... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... I much prefer the Trickster vision communicated in the work of Timothy Leary, Zippy the Pinhead, and the always weird and wonderful R Crumb.
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... [Science, Culture and Integral Yoga Re: John D. Caputo: A Postmodern, Prophetic, Liberal American in Paris by Michael E. Zimmerman by Debashish on Mon 19 Oct 2009 04:35 PM PDT Haeckel in fact is a... Continue >>
Canadian Pragmatist wrote... I don't really think you believe that when you think about a dilemma and finally arrive at a decision, you really think that you're made the objectively right decision; do you?I think people... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... In Truth & Reality, all of the problems of all of the usual philosophical points of view should have, and in fact were, resolved when the original edition of this book was published in 1972. They... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... What a joke the "mavericks" blog is full of righteous dogmatism. And completely devoid of any real skepticism re his own dogmatic "certainties".Blame it all on the lefties is his... Continue >>
Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... Reading Hegel: The Introductions by G.W.F. Hegel (edited and introduced by Aakash Singh and Rimina Mohapatra) 2008Download book as PDF (Open Access)... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... I'm not so sure that it can accurately be called a "game", if that is meant in the sense of differing spiritual traditions and their efforts to protect their own teachings and expose... Continue >>
ernie yacub wrote... The website is about 10 years old, having been written for the 2001 Japan open money project. More current developments can be found... Continue >>
Srikant wrote... The communistic principle of society is intrinsically as superior to the individualistic as is brotherhood to jealousy and mutual slaughter; but all the practical schemes of Socialism invented in... Continue >>
JKUMAR wrote... It is idotic, written without knowing ground reality.
Anonymous wrote... When Bengalis were dying in their hundreds of thousands for the land of Bengal -- Bangladesh - I cannot clearly remember if the people of West Bengal said "Brothers, sisters: we are with you -- we... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Which is quite ironic really---even tragically so.Because ALL of Smiths admirers, including Gavin Kennedy and the various Adam Smith inspired think-tanks, and blogs etc, are very much "men of the... Continue >>
umbral de las voces wrote... Estoy de acuerdo, con este magnífico ensayo de Frank Brenner sobre todo en lo que se refiere a que ahora más que nunca es necesario distinguir con absoluta claridad el liberalismo burgués del... Continue >> [I agree with this magnificent essay by Frank Brenner especially in regard to that now more than ever is necessary to distinguish with absolute clarity of the bourgeois liberalism ...]
Anonymous wrote... These two paragraphs sum up what the AEI, and ALL the other right-wing think-tanks, really represent in the world altogether, and what they thus loudly champion."The entire pattern and trend of... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... America was built on religious, political and economic lies and explitation. Grand theft, genocide and slavery. Slavery being both grand theft too, and systematized murder.These lies have yet to be... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... If the said author would take an unflinching look in the mirror and see what he, and the AEI truly represents, he might find that the AEI is the leading vector of Fascism in the USA. And that it the... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... In Truth and Reality capitalism, which is really an "advanced" form of social Darwinism (winner takes all) has inevitably brought the entire world to the brink of both cultural &... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Perhaps it isn't so much that she's glorifying sloppy people as she is demoralizing them. I believe she takes the neat people's side though it seems otherwise.
Anonymous wrote... So let me guess "Suzanne Brit", you're an obese, sloppy person living in a pig sty and so embarrassed that you have to put down all these "neat" people? Lame, get a life and a... Continue >>
Sarah Hackert wrote... I am a neat person, however, I am not like the way the essay is describing a neat person. Personally, I do not find the writing of this essay that great, and the writer comes off to be a little... Continue >>

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