Thursday, February 25, 2010

It is high time that the Ashram authorities take the Ashramites into confidence

The message is fine but I have some hesitations with regard to the following points:

Use of such a beautiful occasion to score a point in the present controversy over PH. I do not know how they choose the message nowadays. If it is inspiration or concentrating and opening a book as the Mother suggested, then it is fine. But if it is only a mental process, is it not better to give something more appropriate for the occasion? For example, a quotation from the book The Mother -- I am just sharing my thoughts. In fact quite a few persons felt the same way about this message. […]

What is more important is that people still believe that those who have responded / reacted to PH are simply religious fundamentalists!! As if PH is spiritual simply because he exercises his freedom to hurt others and gets away with it because he has supporters and sympathisers in the Ashram, who seem to be practising Gandhian morality than the spirituality of the Master of the Gita. In that case, why these double standards? Why react aggressively when something is said about any responsible person in the institution and remain silent when Sri Aurobindo himself is the subject of criticism? […]

In fact turning the whole thing into two camps was the first act of division. But what can one do but wait and endure till better things emerge or are thrust upon us through crashing circumstances. That was what we heard in the Playground meditation and I suppose that is the message, literally, at the end of the day. But haven’t we already seen enough of these crashing circumstances! Alok Pandey

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Apropos of The IQ of Plankton and other Stories dated 29 January 2010 I’d sent on 31 January 2010 an e-mail at Manoj Das Gupta  It is as follows:

Dear Manoj-da
What is this we are getting? It is high time that the Ashram authorities take the Ashramites into confidence and explain openly by means of a notice on the Ashram board the whole thing to their proper satisfaction. It is not that I want a personal answer, and you don’t have to care for that, but it should be coming directly from you for all of us. There is a certain official obligation towards this and it cannot be simplistically dismissed. Will it happen? My request is that it should be done on a priority basis. Thanks 
RY Deshpande 

I’ve not heard anything in answer to the request, nor is there any public statement in the Ashram, though two weeks have gone by. I don’t think the matter can be viewed only with “dignified silence”. Will something be told to us? A response is awaited. RY Deshpande
February 13, 2010 4:17 PM

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