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AVCompats forum refused to post this

from A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs ...
By General Editor [This is what we have received in response to the propaganda campaign unleashed by SCIY / IYF / Peter Heehs. The AVCompats forum refused to post this response although it has always publicised any emails from SCIY / IYF. It looks like they too do not want the truth to be known!] […]

It's not funny that a bunch of self-serving, pompous and insensitive morons sitting in the USA are attempting to misguide and misinform people in India and elsewhere about the anguish of Sri Aurobindo Ashram's inmates, and about the legal status of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" (TLOSA). It certainly isn't funny that these guys are trying to profit from what is essentially a huge tragedy that is playing out for all-involved.
A "minor legal manoeuvre", we are told, has stopped PENGUIN BOOKS INDIA and COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS effective 4th Nov, 2008, from publishing and distributing TLOSA in India even after a major promotional build-up. Some "minor legal manoeuvre" this!

Why don't M/s Rich Carlson, Debashish Banerjee and David Huchison pow wow with PENGUIN BOOKS INDIA and request them to simply undo this "minor legal manoeuvre"? All it takes is a flight to New Delhi and some Coffee, huh! Why don't these gentlemen waltz into any police station in India with the appropriate Government / Court order copies along with a copy of TLOSA and engage in a debate on the subject? How about starting with the Pondicherry Grand Bazaar police station? Would Peter Heehs do the honours by paying a much overdue visit to this police station and reward them for all the visits they have made since May 2009 to the Ashram Main Building and to Matriprasad's office looking for him to serve the warrant of arrest? No, it's not funny that irresponsible statements are being made with potentially serious consequences. Or, is it merely SCIY / IYF propaganda to shore up falling morale among their primary financiers and clientele?

What Government or Court, having passed notifications and orders proscribing TLOSA, would sit idle and watch the same book and content being freely circulated and sold in the country? You've got to be kidding! Is the Plankton afflicted with craniocerebral trauma?
It's not funny that Manoj Das Gupta and the other four are a poor apology for what the Ashram Trust was and should be! There is a frightening disconnect between the Ashram Trust and the Ashram inmates, and the sorrow, frustration and anger regarding TLOSA is no laughing matter.
The Ashram Trust has had hundreds of cases filed against it since Manoj Das Gupta has taken over control as Managing Trustee, a significant number of which were filed by inmates of the Ashram in various courts all the way to the Supreme Court! So Mr Carlson, please spare us the Holy Cow crap! And while on the subject of "intemperate language against Trustees", Sraddhalu Ranade has much to learn from the crude and insulting letters Peter Heehs wrote to Manoj Das Gupta when the Ashram Trust asked him to leave the Ashram community and quit staying in Pondicherry.
The publication of the “diary” is a further action by the group trying to have The Lives of Sri Aurobindo censored, and now are trying to have Heehs ... The following “court diary” was received from RY Deshpande, who sent it to Paulette in Auroville. She posted it on the Auroville Compats email list on Wednesday, Jan 20. Since it shows no author, and in the absence of further ...
... let someone who has an authentic version post it on the forum... Subject: Re: [Avcompats] Case Regarding Cancellation of Peter Heehs¹ Visa and ...
This reply, which she shared with the AV Compat forum, simply deflects and avoids the issue. Your refusal to respond to our legitimate inquiries is ...

30 January 10: Questioning Deshpande
23 January 10: Disinformation Alert 

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  1. The 'IQ of Plankton' phrase originates in Steve Moffat's children's British TV series 'Press Gang'. Use of word 'blokes' which is British slang. Names have been mispronounced. Hutchison should be Hutchinson, Banerjee should be Banerji and Carlson should be Snarlson. Also the family dog has been roped in to the story. Hmm...the author in all probability may be British or educated over there.