Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Mother’s great grandson Aurofilio

Hi Bappu, Whether someone reads (carefully or casually) or even glances through any piece of writing, it is for that particular person to choose. Such a person may even form an opinion and I have no quarrel with that.

But I would like to only add that if one simply flips through a book (that too one with more than 600 pages) and asserts and imposes an opinion after that flipping through, is it at least possible that the opinion may suffer from being a little too flippant? At least a possibility? …Is there maybe room for an iota of self-doubt?

I am sure that you would have at least for yourself, flipped through Peter’s book before forming an opinion. But I am afraid many may not even have done that before forming their considered opinion. They may have, as you have suggested, followed (alas blindly though!) the footsteps of the people they admire or respect, but in doing so I am afraid that they have clearly displayed their sense of discernment (or the lack of it!).

With regards to other strategies/methods used to analyze Peter’s book, I know of one “critic” who felt uneasy just by looking at the book from a distance…Well that’s some super-natural power that unfortunately I (and I suppose many) don’t posses.

And what about the good old, tried and tested method (adopted by the majority of the civilized world) of reading a book fully before forming and opinion and criticizing it or wanting to ban it? Too old fashioned in this new-age world, led by (pseudo?) scholars (including professors), scientists and gurus?

And what about the opinion of those who HAVE read Peter’s book, the WHOLE book, and who have found it a very good piece of writing? Their opinion means nothing?

And what about the polls (copy attached) that were displayed on the website “”, that showed that a majority found the book representative and useful? What about THAT opinion from THE website that has the unique distinction of hosting Peter’s fiercest critics, whose sole purpose in life seems to obsessively hound and pursue Peter till he quits?

Last, but not least, what about something called prejudice? Could that be playing a part (even if very small) in influencing opinion in a little community such as ours that is riddled and rife with rumours and gossip mongering?

Don’t forget that I have grown up here and have lived under the threat of the CIA’s and the Vatican’s (sorry Vetican) attempts to destroy the Ashram, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. I have looked right into the eyes of under-cover agents and have discovered that the pen can be more dangerous than a sword or gun. But in spite of all that, I have been reminded to listen to the Words of our Masters (instead of those of their self-proclaimed agents) and I hope and believe that I somehow got spared…

Good luck for a Happy New Year! Cheers, Filio

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  1. Does Mr. Filio really think that most people who have criticized it have not read the book or understood it? He seems to be quite thick-headed and prejudiced. If he cannot understand the criticisms of Heehs book, maybe it is HE that hasn't read or understood the book,or more likely, the criticisms are simply beyond his ability to comprehend. Or maybe even that it's just plain old-fashioned eurocentric superiority that just doesn't go away no matter where you have been raised or lived. His sarcasm about there having been people who saw the CIA in other people's actions is indicative of deep-seated contempt for his colleagues. Perhaps for a change he could try being as loyal to Mother and Sri Aurobindo as he seems to be to Heehs and to be a little more respectful of people around him

    But we can't expect better from Heehs supporters - they all have contempt for the devotees and one character (Ulrich Mohrhoff, the famous self-promoted physicist!) went to the extent of calling people Jihadis just because they had criticized and wanted action against Heehs!! Imagine, if people turned around and called him a Nazi! Is this the company Filio keeps?