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Does this make Sri Aurobindo the property of the Ashram and India, or does he belong to the world?

Re: Competing Visions of History in Internal Islamic Discourse and Islamic-Western Dialogue - ABDULLAHI A. AN-NA'IM Rich Thu 13 Nov 2008 03:57 PM PST "history will leave its cynical gesture on the enthusiastic and vulgar destruction of the work of the most clear-thinking and socially conscious spiritual teacher of all times by those claiming to be his saviors." -- Debashish

excellent summary! My next question is upon whose death were these "saviors" anointed as spokespersons for Sri Aurobindo? Who exactly gave Alok, Ananda, Kittu, Sachidananda, Sraddhalu or Geetanjali Bhattacharya - the person who filed the court case against the book - the authority to self-promote themselves as guardians of Sri Aurobindo's legacy or as gurus in an imagined sampradaya?

Re: Competing Visions of History in Internal Islamic Discourse and Islamic-Western Dialogue - ABDULLAHI A. AN-NA'IM Angiras Wed 12 Nov 2008 11:26 PM PST

A crucial point in An-Na'im's fascinating and insightful article is the hegemony of the "center" over the "peripheries" as defined in terms of the historical origins of Islam. Pondicherry is the Mecca of the Integral Yoga community. The question is: does this make Sri Aurobindo the property of the Ashram and India, or does he belong to the world? The attempt by defenders of the faith in Pondicherry to seize control of the representation of Sri Aurobindo on the other side of the globe resembles the hijacking of Islam by the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia...

Taking one or two statements she made in particular situations more than half a century ago and using them as ammunition in a campaign of character assassination and book banning is part of a move by a Pondicherry-based group with a Wahhabi-like mentality to assert its hegemony over the worldwide Integral Yoga community.

Re: Competing Visions of History in Internal Islamic Discourse and Islamic-Western Dialogue - ABDULLAHI A. AN-NA'IM Debashish Thu 13 Nov 2008 07:30 PM PST

You have forgotten at least one - sciy's own (until too recently) R.Y. Deshpande, who is now on an "America tour" to spread the good word; but then, you can reduce one to compensate - Geetanjali Bhattacharya, who is just a proxy, a faithful tabula rasa for one of those you have mentioned.

Who anointed these spokespersons? Let's ask their disciples. Where to find these disciples, you ask? That shouldn't be difficult. Put all the Aurobindonians in one room, take a head count, then ask those who are not their disciples to raise their hands. It shouldn't take a minute to do the math.

How could they be wrong? It's a movement of jah people, as Bob Marley would say. They say sit and we sit. They say get up and we get up. They say eat and we eat. They say sign and we sign. And now, how exciting, they say flex your muscles, and that too, in the name of the Lord!

They teach us Savitri, Life Divine, even Science and Spirituality, Technology of Consciousness. They assure us that we are "children of the Mother," and the "hero warriors" that she wants us to be. They live in the psychic being and receive intuitions from the supermind (though out of modesty they only claim overmind). And on top of this, they have shown us all the unmistakable quotes. They are the instruments, nay the embodiments. How could X-da and Y-da and Z-da be wrong? They are the representatives of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Re: Competing Visions of History in Internal Islamic Discourse and Islamic-Western Dialogue - ABDULLAHI A. AN-NA'IM koantum Thu 13 Nov 2008 10:05 PM PST Our "innocent bystander" TNM drew my attention to this:

SACAR is NOT an institution of religious education. It is important to emphasize that the philosophy and thought of Sri Aurobindo in which SACAR specialises is NOT a religion. This integral thought addresses the global and perennial questions of the nature and significance of existence and human life in a scholarly manner.

Need I mention that one of the aforesaid rabble rousers is the director of SACAR? Very scholarly indeed!

Re: Competing Visions of History in Internal Islamic Discourse and Islamic-Western Dialogue - ABDULLAHI A. AN-NA'IM Dave Fri 14 Nov 2008 10:35 AM PST That is funny!

I have always wondered why these so called luminaries of the Ashram visit us here. One would think that they would find fullness in their "self-effulgence" there. If not then atleast remain in the atmoshpere of SA and the samadhi of which they "talk" incessantly. Yes they "talk" about overmind/supermind so glibly, it is quite astonishing. I wonder if they have risen to the heights beyond what the 747 boeing has taken them and for which they do not even care to pay!

If the Indians are naive to "fall" at their feet, we are no less gullible in inviting them and bequeathing upon them our spiritual garden of Eden, and worse, serving and feeding their spiritual ego. We have seen one too many of them and their holiness is no better than their holy-mess. They should be tried for spiritual crimes!

Even though IMO, the manner of SA's depiction in the book by someone who has lived there for decades is intriguing and puzzling to say the least and while I differ with your defense, these so called "spiritual illuminates" have been belligerent. Their stance seems to be presumptious as though they were the custodians of the truth that SA has brought down. When SA wrote that his life was not on the surface for men to see, he surely did not exclude them.

The fact is neither you nor them can lay claim to an inerrant knowledge of the Truth as it relates to SA simply because he was too complex an individual and even more as a spiritual personage. The constant harangue on both sides only fuels the frenzy in India which seems to have taken an ugly violent turn. These savants in India ought to tone it down a bit and realize that they are unconsciously feeding the mob mentality there. Dave.D

Re: reconciliation, expectation, outcome Debashish Wed 03 Dec 2008 12:22 AM PST

Q: How'd we all end up in this mess?

A: We ended up in this mess because over the years "the religion" gradually got hold of us, till we began to believe that "the religion" was "the force field." We ended up in this mess because a few among us understood the properties of "the religion" and found out how easy it was to show everyone who are "the bosses." Problem is, they thought everyone was under "the force field" but it turned out, this was not the case. Then it got messy.

Q: What part do we play in resolving it?

A: Dissolve the black magic of "the force field," shake off the disease of "the religion," let everyone see the imposture of those who tried to foist themselves as "the bosses," create discursive conditions under which "the religion" can't sneak up on us again.

Re: Larger Issues of "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" Controversy by Debashish on Fri 20 Feb 2009 12:37 PM PST Profile Permanent Link

"Religious fundamentalism" has objective behaviors associated with it. Dividing the world into categories of "good" and "evil" based on certain mental conventions and beliefs is one such behavior. Such people are at large in the world and represent a danger to human security. The author of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo has already been impacted by the violence associated with such behaviors. I agree that there may be subjective shadowiness in the use of such terms, but that could be said about anything. "Asura," on the other hand, has no objective behavior for its definition - it is a purely subjective judgement. "Healthy debate" has already been pre-empted by such subjective judgements made by people exhibiting the said objective behaviors. DB Reply

Re: Larger Issues of "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" Controversy by Debashish on Mon 23 Feb 2009 11:39 AM PST Profile Permanent Link

I would like to add to what I wrote in the previous post re. "religious fundamentalism" - Not only are such people at large, but in spite of whatever efforts to bring this critique to the attention of the IY community, such critiques have made hardly a dent in their popularity. They continue to give metaphysical "lecture series" at the Sri Aurobindo Society, Savitri Bhavan, SACAR, Centers abroad and AUM conferences. What this speaks of equally if not more, is the bankruptcy of discrimination and consciousness at large in this community. Reply

Re: Larger Issues of "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" Controversy by Tony Clifton on Mon 23 Feb 2009 07:23 PM PST Profile Permanent Link

Being very familiar with the way things work in Las Vegas, I can tell you that there is no casino entirely free from the "mob's action". The institutions themselves in fact are implicitly corrupt. Now what was orchestrated against PH was a form of mob thuggery, an attempt to run him out of town, using strong arm tactics and the fact that the people associated with the institutions and events you mention, continue to kowtow to the ring leaders who instigated the denunciations and violence does suggest their complicity in these "mob actions" and not only speaks to the bankruptcy of discrimination and consciousness at large in this community, but also speaks to the moral bankruptcy of these institutions as well Reply

AUM 2009 (and/or a tribute to the yoga of censorship) by Tony Clifton on Sat 28 Feb 2009 07:24 PM PST Profile Permanent Link

Regards recent comments on the intellectual/moral bankruptcy of IY Institutions this years 2009 AUM conference features its main speakers as Alok Pandey and Sraddhalu Ranade http://www.aum2009.com/speakers.html

What their glowing bios in the above link fail to tell is that these are two of the main ringleaders of the ex-communication movement against the author of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, and certainly were as responsible as anyone for the escalation of the unfortunate events that followed on their inappropriate actions. I would hope those thinking to attend this conference, who are at all sympathetic to the plight of the author of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo would do their due diligence before reserving a slot at this event. Reply

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The problem of objectivity vs. interpretation is an inescapable conundrum of historical writing

The Strange Case of Dr. M and Mr. S Science, Culture and Integral Yoga
Angiras on Sat 14 Feb 2009 11:10 PM PST Permanent Link

Heehs has written several books as an independent scholar, side by side with his Ashram work, as other Ashramites such as K. D. Sethna have done. All his books carry disclaimers absolving the Ashram from responsibility for their contents. [...] Heehs’s historical research is regularly cited in the Ashram’s reports on its research activities, which are submitted annually to the Government of India. [...]

It is generally agreed that every historian or biographer necessarily “interprets events quite constantly.” At the same time, all strive for as much objectivity as possible – e.g., by not “suppressing details or concealing unwelcome evidence that contradicts one’s thesis,” as Mohanty himself put it elsewhere (Contemporary Reader, p. 5). The problem of objectivity vs. interpretation is an inescapable conundrum of historical writing [...] It is not an accurate overall assessment of Heehs’s writing to say that he writes “against the grain.” On the contrary, he reads Sri Aurobindo “with the grain” on the whole, as in most of his discussion of the major works in The Lives.

Mohanty himself appreciated Heehs’s balanced approach until he recently and unaccountably turned against him.[...] There is no hint of any such reservations in his recent book, Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader, which is consistently favorable toward Heehs. [...] Dr. Mohanty proposed “to offer an objective account from a sympathetic standpoint.” (pp. 3-4) As a precedent for this approach, he cited Peter Heehs’s Sri Aurobindo: A Brief Biography (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1989). In Mohanty’s view, Heehs’s book represented “a balanced approach – sympathetic and objective at the same time.” (p. 35, note 4) Science, Culture and Integral Yoga Posted to: Main Page HEEHS BIOGRAPHY CONTROVERSY


A Cultural Misunderstanding Science, Culture and Integral Yoga by Angiras on Mon 26 Jan 2009 02:21 AM PST Permanent Link

Heehs has spent much of his life studying Indian culture and has a good reputation as a scholar among Indian academics. [...] Heehs has evidently proceeded on the assumption that Sri Aurobindo had nothing to hide. [...] By avoiding dogmatism, Heehs has opened himself to charges of heresy. [...]

Heehs is criticized for not emphasizing the devotional approach to Sri Aurobindo, but such an emphasis would have defeated the purpose of the book. [...] Heehs is skilful at communicating to well-educated Westerners.


The Genesis of a Controversy Science, Culture and Integral Yoga by Angiras on Thu 15 Jan 2009 05:29 AM PST Permanent Link

Upon inquiry, it is found that from the beginning of Heehs’s writing career – that is, for the past twenty years – he has voluntarily given all his earnings from books, magazine articles, speeches, etc. to the Ashram Trust, minus a small percentage to cover his expenses. In the case of books consisting primarily of extracts from Sri Aurobindo’s works, 100% of the royalties go directly to the Trust without passing through Heehs’s hands. He has always repaid the Archives for any xeroxes, printouts etc. that he has made using Archives equipment. He has sometimes asked his colleagues for help in the composition of books. The fees for this work went directly to the Ashram Trust without passing through Heehs’s hands. The persons concerned understood this very well. [...]

Peter Heehs [is] an essential member with unique and irreplaceable expertise gained through thirty-five years of experience going back to the founding of the department. Heehs wrote articles and books in his spare time, but never neglected his work at the Archives. He has spent less time attending conferences, etc., than the writers of most of the letters in this section. 9:33 AM

America was built on lies and exploitation; theft, genocide and slavery

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Machiavelli, Tocqueville, Mussolini":

If the said author would take an unflinching look in the mirror and see what he, and the AEI truly represents, he might find that the AEI is the leading vector of Fascism in the USA. And that it the focal point and leading vector of the forces that have caused the destruction and disintegration of USA culture (such as it was) altogether

And that it pervaded by, moral decay and "religious" delusions. The stench thus emitted is over-whelming. Posted by Anonymous to Marketime at 12:06 PM, February 16, 2009 - (Chariot Limited) Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Machiavelli, Tocqueville, Mussolini":

America was built on religious, political and economic lies and exploitation. Grand theft, genocide and slavery. Slavery being both grand theft too, and systematized murder. These lies have yet to be taken into account by "freedom" merchants such as the said author.

One of the best descriptions of what really happened (and is still continuing) is Columbus and Other Cannibals by Jack Forbes. Plus if we continue on our current trajectory of never-ending global warfare we WILL destroy ourselves and all of life on this planet. The pycho-paths rule OK. Posted by Anonymous to Marketime at 12:17 PM, February 16, 2009

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If there is even at least not a single protest, the dark forces will feel themselves stronger

Comment by Barindranath Chaki on February 8, 2009 at 12:18pm

Thank you, Mrs Dash, for your comments. I agree with you that we all, i.e., the followers of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo know what They are and what They have taught and what They stand for. But the world at large may misled, especially because at present, there are misleading attempts, including that of Heehs!

And again, there is one Joel Pastakia, who is writing directly against Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and is trying belittle Them. I know They would be affected in any way by those attempts, but I feel that if there is even at least not a single protest, the dark forces will feel themselves stronger. I know that the dark forces will ultimately fade away. But I don't feel satisfied, if I do not express my strong protest. Thank you for the participation! And I request for more and more of your participation and visit to ASPIRATION!

Comment by Debabrata Ghosh on February 6, 2009 at 8:34pm

For the present I may tell this much that it's still humanly (with normal human mind) impossible to ascertain the roles and works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It's because from the perspective of mental consciousness -if one goes on explaining their work -it would be extremely complicated. I am referring those pedantic persons who love to discuss on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

We should have only one effort-and that is not to understand them mentally. What we can do is to surrender everything of our life to the Mother. And if we can open to her -we will be able to receive her light, power and knowledge. And we will begin to realise the Truth as we will then be guided by that Truth.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have done everything for us. We should only try to erase our personal ego and disappear into the Mother's consciousness. We must make it a point that it's not we -but the Mother only who exists. There is no other way.

Yes there is no harm in discussing over Sri Aurobindo and his spiritualism. But at the same time we must know our limitations. They were not saints, yogis and even Avatars (as we know or understand the term for earlier Avatars) only-they are more than that to us as we human beings have mind by which we are always inclined to understand. An animal never made an effort to understand an Avatar!

So as man we have some problems to know the spiritualism of the bi-polar Avatarhood of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. I hope to speak my mind more elaborately the next time. However -I would always request all to show me if I err in making my points.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My parents believe in Sri Aurobindo and his philosophy, however to me he is not a God

Bollywood News Bollywood Dev D is a commercial film as it is a love story, and everyone can relate to it. Besides, it is musically inclined and has an amazing sound track... So in a way this is really a very radical film.
I came back from London as I missed dal, chawal roti - Kalki Koechlin

She recently made her debut with the film Dev D, and hardly anything is known about her, this lass of French descent calls herself a Tamilian in white skin, she is in a live-in relationship with her director Anurag Kashyap and she has no qualms in speaking about it. She is none other than Kalki Koechlin. With her film Dev D just fresh from release Bollywood Hungama decided to get up-to-date with details about this soon to be rising star who is about to break into the film world. So folks here’s, Kalki in a conversation about her film, background and how she made it into the bad world of cinema sans a godfather.

Coming from a family that has a French lineage and are devotees of Sri Aurobindo what is your take on life, religion and current affairs?

My parents believe in Sri Aurobindo and his philosophy, however for me, even though I have grown up listening to the same, haven’t really been much of a follower though I like his point of view. To me he is not a God. While for religion I am still searching for one that will ground me firmly, as I have seen, heard and know a lot of things about various religions.

You call your self a Tamilian in white skin… why? I was born in a small village in Pondicherry and Tamil was the first language that I learnt, and later came in English, as for French I obviously know that language as my parents are French. However, when I go to France I feel out of place, and people ask me where I come from as I speak perfect French. I was born in a small village in Pondicherry and Tamil was the first language

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If the basis of your prescription is such a dristi attained to by yourself, I am willing to take it more seriously

Re: Hail to Angiras—by Raman Reddy Mirror of Tomorrow
by auroman on Mon 09 Feb 2009 06:38 AM IST Profile Permanent Link

In case of Yoga, the spiritual principle to apply is "aspiration, rejection and surrender". All expression must occur out of realization, reticence, self-abnegation and awakening of wisdom. One actively aspires to become part of the Guru's consciousness and the end-result is what is known as Gurumaya Avastha (become like the Guru) Reply

by RY Deshpande on Mon 09 Feb 2009 06:04 PM IST Profile Permanent Link

I think, freedom of speech is meant for the perceptive and the responsible. On the East Coast of the US we have the Statue of Liberty, which is great and there is no doubt about it. There should be also the Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast, preferably west of not Los Angeles but San Francisco.

In any case, the ancient scripture speaks of purification of speech, vak-shuddhi. It also speaks of vak-yajna or vak-tapas, the luminous austerity of speech. In these days of mass-media and mass-communication all that is getting lost. The pity is, the ancient tradition rich in India is fast getting degraded. Another yajna-tapas is required. This can happen only when one is established in the higher wisdom, when one is prajna-pratishthita as the Gita stipulates. ~ RYD Reply

Re: Religious Nationalism and Transnationalism in a Global World by Mark Juergensmeyer Debashish
Sun 25 Jan 2009 04:17 PM PST
Mr. Sane, Thank you for your comment...

All we can see is "a play of forces" and our part in it, a part we must play by discerning the trajectories of these forces. Of course, I will admit that at any stage we are constrained by our Ignorance and our primary endeavor is to push unceasingly towards the psychological sources of clear sight (dristi).

If the basis of your prescription is such a dristi attained to by yourself, I am willing to take it more seriously, or at least give it greater weight of consideration. But if it is based on an unverified belief, then it can apply only to you as a heuristic during the process of coming to true knowledge. It can have no utility outside of that process. DB Science, Culture and Integral Yoga

It is a sheer case of indiscipline by Heehs

Re: Hail to Angiras—by Raman Reddy Mirror of Tomorrow
by Raman Reddy on Sun 08 Feb 2009 10:09 PM IST Profile Permanent Link
Dear Ned, Sorry for the delayed reply.

I meant "strong action has been eschewed" by the authorities of the Ashram. The cases have been filed by devotees outside of the Ashram and in Orissa. In any case, I can understand your confusion because the matter is being obfuscated by SCIY forum into issues of "freedom of speech", "religious fundamentalism", etc when it is a sheer case of indiscipline by Heehs. It is more a practical problem than a theoritical one. Raman Reply

by auroman on Mon 09 Feb 2009 06:38 AM IST Profile Permanent Link

I have been trying to understand how "freedom of speech" got mixed up into all this. Freedom of speech is basically indulgence in the outer untamed nature. It is a right granted by modern nation-states to mostly unrefined people who desire to live, eat and talk as much as they want. In case of Yoga, the spiritual principle to apply is "aspiration, rejection and surrender". All expression must occur out of realization, reticence, self-abnegation and awakening of wisdom. One actively aspires to become part of the Guru's consciousness and the end-result is what is known as Gurumaya Avastha (become like the Guru)

Some of these intellectual theorists are like fence-sitters. They enjoy philosophical discussion about planes of consciousness but they will not surrender their ego & intellect to the Divine and they will not bow their head before the Guru. The result is that they cause mayhem by accusing others of fundamentalism. Their over-educated intellect, much like Don Quixote tilting at the wind-mills, creates an elaborate theory (defined using lots of BIG words!) which downgrades the Guru-disciple system as an example of a dangerous authoritarian "Hierarchical system". Reply

Re: Larger Issues of "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" Controversy Kepler Sun 08 Feb 2009 03:39 PM PST

Enforcing first amendment political rights of free speech etc., as defined in the US constitution, is not the categorical imperative of an Ashram; growth of spiritual consciousness and experience is.

In Indian yoga, isn't it common to recognize the immanence of the Divine (personally or impersonally) in all beings? The realized Guru is hoped to have achieved conscious union with the Divine in some manner, so that the disciple can approach and contact the Divine through the Guru. The Avatar is an even fuller manifestation of divinity in human form. One might consider such things delusional rubbish, but I'm not aware that Integral Yoga contradicts them. There need be no equation between darshans, external adoration of the Guru, and religion. Part three of The Synthesis of Yoga - “The Yoga of Divine Love” might provide some additional context. Science, Culture and Integral Yoga

Mark Tully has failed in his journalistic duty to bring the probelms associated with Auroville to light

host86-137-105-49.range86-137.btcentralplus.com (Bt-central-plus) England, London, United Kingdom, 8th February 2009 11:47:27 PM www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=%22rachel wright%22 bbc&start=20&sa=N Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BBC broadcast a lie on Auroville to millions of pe...":

The whole world knows that the Auroville project is based on a spurious and dangerous ideology and the more journalists who uncover its corrupt and corrupting core the better. It is simply a magnet for rich, frustrated westerners to live out their simple-minded utopian fantasies in a poor region of India well away from the clutches of a properly organised criminal justice system.

The project brings no discernible benefit to the local population and indeed it rigorously enforces its own apartheid code - it is a statement of fact that there are beaches in the vicinity set aside for the sole use of aurovillains which is in effect an old-fashioned colour bar. The only reason previous child abuse problems have failed to make headlines is because the organisation is so rich, powerful and well-connected that it has been able to keep such problems well away from the media and public consumption.

There is also a vicious irony in this attack on this BBC journalist's professionalism and integrity given that I believe that Mark Tully is a key member of the Auroville board yet has failed in his journalistic duty to bring the many, manifest and often criminal probelms associated with this awful place to light. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 12:05 AM, February 09, 2009

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The concept of devotion to the Guru seems to be ignored by these so-called "yoga people"

lib-pub369.Princeton.EDU (Princeton University) New Jersey, Princeton, United States, Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Tony Clifton speaks the same language as Richard C...":

The concept of devotion to the Guru seems to be ignored by these so-called "yoga people".

Tony Clifton was a fictional character of the 1970s!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Clifton http://www.tonyclifton.net/

Clifton was a staggeringly untalented lounge singer with a nasal, deliberately annoying singing voice. Clifton epitomized the washed-up showbiz casualty, a "star" too lazy to even bother to remember the lyrics to his songs. Clifton would often attempt to improvise comical lyrics that were intentionally unfunny before giving up entirely without seeming to care. Clifton also tended to randomly insult patrons, passing off the abuse as the "comedy" portion of his act. Adding to Clifton's annoying and unappealing presence was his tendency to rhyme various words at random in the middle of conversations. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era at 9:00 PM, February 07, 2009 [Texas vs. Texas]

Sri Aurobindo verbalised his Yoga experiences in eloquent language

joel pastakia Bombay, India #14128 7 hrs ago
Don't follow Aurobindo blindly....he and the mother made several mistakes in translating their experiences and were FOREVER LEARNERS but they very ignorantly and arrogantly claimed to their foolish disciples (including Kennedy's daughter) that they were the Avataar (Prophet) and the Gayatri (Primal Consciousness-Force) of their times. My, they were simply mere Yogis (no matter how above averagely advanced) claiming to be the Divine ! What chutzpah !!! Their claims were hogwash and for which they'll certainly pay a price !!!

During the time of the Rishi Aurobindo, the world saw the advent of two mighty Prophets in quick succession - Sri Sri Ram Krishna Paramhans and Sri Sri Anukul Chandra Thakurji. In fact it was Thakurji who sent his disciple - the noted lawyer C R Das - to rescue Aurobindo from the clutches of the British when he was imprisoned on serious charges of sedition and faced the death sentence.

joel pastakia Bombay, India #14125 16 hrs ago
yankel wrote: Cmprehending the Ananda is the secret of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion.------ What, Aurobindo and you take Bhakti Yoga in isolation? How silly ! Now, here's something for Aurobindo, Dayanand, Prabhupad and you.

joel pastakia Australia #14123 18 hrs ago
Aurobindo very foolishly set himself up as God/Prophet and made his spiritual collaborator (The Mother) the Supreme Shakti (Consciousness-Force) when he was just a great Seer and she merely an experienced occultist who had mastery over the phenomena of the lower cosmic planes.

joel pastakia Bombay, India #14117 Yesterday
yankel wrote: The Crucifixion was a symbol of defeat and NOT the grand victory that ignorant Christians assume it to be.--Joel Pustaki"Jesus humanized humanity from his cross."--Sri Aurobindo----So who you gonna believe? The Sainted Sri Aurobindo or the ASS-CLOWN Joel Pustaki?

By setting himself up as a Prophet, Sri Aurobindo seriously erred....From a Yogic perspective, Prophet or Avataar means the direct descent of the Supreme Manifestation of the Absolute Consciousness (Brahman) upon the earth plane.Aurobindo was not an Avataar but was simply a great Rishi (Seer) who was sent to earth to work out his own evolution (of consciousness) and to help others who flocked around him. But Sri Aurobindo was no Prophet. The Prophets of the Age (that is when Aurobindo was around) were the mighty Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans (Swami Vivekananda's guru) and after His passing away and as predicted by Paramhans was born the succeeding Prophet Sri Sri Anukul Chandra Thakurji who was even mightier than Paramhans.

Now, while the teachings of Sri Aurobindo are wonderful they're limited and not unique in any way. The only difference is that Sri Aurobindo verbalised his Yoga experiences in eloquent language while other Yogis of the past who were his equal or who surpassed Aurobindo in terms of Yogic achievements chose not to vocalize their experiences and preferred working in silence for their own individual evolution as well as for the evolution of the earth consciousness.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This guy already accomplished the Aurobindonization of Christianity

Evolution and the Divinization of Man from One Cosmos by Gagdad Bob

Balthasar goes on to say that "There is no system that fails to furnish him with substantial building material, once he has stripped and emptied it of the poison of its negative aspects" -- including Darwin and evolutionism. Which naturally made me think of Aurobindo, who was floating in just as Soloviev was floating out (Soloviev died in 1900; Aurobindo began his outpouring in about 1912 or so).

So then I'm thinking to mysoph, "maybe this guy already accomplished the Aurobindonization of Christianity (so to speak), so my work here is finished, except that no one knows about him." Hmm.

Balthasar goes on to claim that Soloviev's is "the most universal intellectual construction of modern times," and is "beyond question the most profound vindication and the most comprehensive philosophical statement of Christian totality in modern times." He brings the "whole ethical and theoretical scheme to perfection in a universal theological aesthetic."

Furthermore, "Soloviev's thinking has an urgency attained by no one since Hegel, and it operates on the same level as Hegel's," that is, in the highest reaches of Absolute Spirit. (Of course, many people have compared Hegel and Aurobindo in that regard, at least in broad outline.) So, who wouldn't be curious? I read a little further, and discovered that Soloviev honed in on the ideas of process (anticipating Whitehead) and evolution (anticipating Teilhard), which provide a master key -- both macro- and microcosmically -- in the sense outlined in my book, i.e, Cosmotheosis:

"By this means, the total meaning of the world's evolution is clearly established for the future: the development of humanity and the totality of the world into the cosmic body of Christ, the realization of the eschatological relation of mutuality between the incarnate Word and Sophia" (Balthasar), in a profound marriage of cosmic coonvenience.

Or, put it this way (and this has an obvious Aurobindean flavor, in terms of the divine descent and the divinization of Man): "The theme and content of Soloviev's aesthetic is nothing less than this: the progressive eschatological embodiment of the Divine Idea in worldly reality."

On the one hand, "the Divine Spirit is indeed in and for itself the highest reality, while the material being of the world is in itself no more than indeterminacy, an eternal pressure toward and yearning after the form" (↑).

In turn, "the impress of the limitless fulness and determinacy of God [acts] upon the abyss of cosmic potentiality" (↓). The human state is the conscious meeting place of this metacosmic (↑) and (↓), but only because O took on human form and now dwells in human nature.

So we live in a kind of spiritual whirlpool or dynamic process-structure created by the vertical energies of (↑↓), which in turn have a "purifying" effect, somewhat like the rinse cycle in your washing machine, which baptizes the garments in clean water and spins out the entropic impurities.


from "Seth17279@aol.com" Seth17279@aol.com to tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 7 Jul 2008 08:40 subject Sri Aurobindo, Stephen Phillips book , Heehs biography
Seth Farber, Ph.D. New York www.sethHfarber.com

I have been reading Sri Aurobindo off and on since 1980 and have been strongly influenced and inspired and en-couraged by his perspective. I did read carefully one chapter by Phillips–his argument against Aurobindo’s theodicy and eschatology.

SP argued that the independence of perspective of the Divine compared to the human implied by Aurobindo’s claim–based on the Vedas-- that the Divine was free to not manifest the universe was inconsistent with Aurobindo’s argument for the inevitability of the divine life on earth. While SP’s argument is persuasive, I think the problem is easily solved-- merely by positing that Brahman–the Absolute-- is NOT “free” not to manifest the universe.

I think pace Phillips that Aurobindo is inconsistent on this issue, but is probably too often (but not always!) inclined to follow the Vedic precedent of asserting divine “freedom” from manifestation, from humanity. What is freedom?

The Eastern Christian author Phillip Sherrard solved this problem nicely I think. God is not compelled to create by anything external to Him/Her self – nothing of course is external to God. Therefore He IS free. But God IS compelled by his inner nature as love to manifest the universe. In the act of creation necessity and freedom coincide. To argue otherwise is to misunderstand the nature of freedom as love.

By making this move, I believe Phillip’s critique of Aurobindo is refuted and Aurobindo’s argument for the inevitability of the divine life on earth is salvaged. Theodicy is salvaged: the Divine is not and cannot be indifferent to the human condition. [...]

This is not an academic question obviously as humanity has seemed to reached the crossroads where we face annihilation, doom, or salvation–eternal joy. And eschatology is the only answer to the problem of “the riddle of the world.” And therefore in it lies our hope–and the impetus for our spiritual endeavors. I am obviously not a professional philosopher but I have a keen interest in metaphysics and eschatology–in salvation. I am a renegade psychologist in the tradition of the radical psychiatrist R D Laing, as you can see from my website.

Have you reviewed Heehs book yet? I just read it with keen interest. What a excellent book. I have a few quibbles.

First he overlooks Savitri which has autobiographical as well as philosophical significance. Obviously judging from Savitri, Aurobindo was a man who had some experience of romantic love–as well as the tragedy of death. One must conclude that this tragedy impinged upon his own life. Can one also not conclude that Aurobindo had “fallen in love” with Mira Richard? How else can the kind of union Aurobindo asserted he had established with the Mother be attained?

And we know that relationship had a profundity greater than mere sexual love and affection about which Aurobindo was dismissive. Aurobindo’s response to Paul Richard which Heehs reports (for the first time, I think) that if the Mother wanted he would marry her (!!!) is indeed provocative. Strange that Heehs leaves it dangling–it is hardly consistent with the usual relationship between guru and disciple–although Heehs' no comment seems to imply (with Aurobindo) that it is. Quite remarkable. Don't you think?

In the light of these omissions it is not surprising, albeit disappointing, that Heehs also omits a discussion of the idea of physical immortality that is connected, I submit, into the idea of romantic love. In the kingdom of death love is doomed. Is this not the meaning of Savitri for modern man/woman? Have you read Vladimir Solovyov whose ideas seem to parallel Savitri?

Aurobindo was correct: an biography of him had to remain strangely incomplete because so much about this enigmatic figure remained below the surface–as even Heehs’ excavations have confirmed.

I look forward to any thoughts you may have on my musings above. Thanks for your website. I hope it is possible and not difficult for you to reestablish the link to SP’s book.
Namaste. Regards,
Seth www.sethHfarber.com


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov) Influence

It is widely held that Solovyov was Dostoevsky's inspiration for the characters Alyosha Karamazov and Ivan Karamazov from The Brothers Karamazov.[9] Solovyov's influence can also be seen in the writings of the Symbolist and Neo-Idealist of the later Russian Soviet era. His book The Meaning of Love can be seen as one of the philosophical sources of Leo Tolstoy's 1880s works, The Kreutzer Sonata (1889).

He influenced the religious philosophy of Nicolas Berdyaev, Sergey Bulgakov, Pavel Florensky, Nikolai Lossky, Semen L. Frank, the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and also on the poetry and theory of Russian symbolism, viz. Andrei Belyi, Alexander Blok Solovyov's nephew, and others. Hans Urs von Balthasar explores his work as one example of seven lay styles that reveal the glory of God's revelation, in volume III of the The Glory of the Lord (pp. 279-352).

Angiras should come out with full facts and figures relating to Heehs’s book

Hail to Angiras—by Raman Reddy
posted by RY Deshpande on Wed 04 Feb 2009 05:11 AM IST Permanent Link Cosmos

I would then answer, “We attacked Heehs because he was the author of a book which went into the public domain on highly sensitive issues. And may I know why do you hide behind a pseudonym, as if you do not have the courage to reveal your identity to your readers on the Net?”

I begin to wonder who this Angiras could be, hiding such irrepressible virulence under the beautiful name of a Vedic Rishi. It has to be first of all someone interested in the Veda to have chosen this name. Secondly, he has to be a close colleague and a diehard supporter of Heehs at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives. Thirdly, he has to have access to entries in Cold Storage registers (which he mentions later in his rebuttal) to be able to allege that Ranganath and me are liars. Now I cannot think of anybody else but Richard Hartz! [...]

First of all, this whole issue regarding the use of the Cold Storage documents is totally irrelevant to the main objections regarding Heehs’s biography. It is simply diversionary tactics to obfuscate the main issue. [...]

So many of us have collected data for him in the past under the impression that we were contributing to the Ashram Archives collection! Moreover, even the fruits of his own labour belong to the Ashram and not to him personally, as all work done by the sadhaks of the Ashram in its departments is supposed to be dedicated to the larger interests of the institution... What finally happened was that he treated the public collection of the Ashram Archives as his private one. [...]

Finally, if Ranganath’s allegation of “commercial use” is false, then it is obligatory that Angiras should come out with the full facts and figures relating to the publication of Heehs’s book—the copyright permission, the arrangements with the publishers, the royalties in one form or other offered to the author, the payments or donations made by him to the Ashram, etc. Instead of answering these important questions, why does he divert the reader’s attention to non-issues, such as my access to the Cold Storage?

Moreover, the constitution of a new committee to manage the affairs of the Ashram Archives is totally an internal matter of the Ashram and bringing it to the public forum by saying that “new rules restricting access to such materials… have been adopted” is a betrayal of the code of conduct its members are expected to follow. In any case, it seems to be the classic case of locking the stable after the horse has bolted!

But the real question is not about who had access to the original documents in the Cold Storage, but as to how they have been used. A biography which has created such an emotional and intellectual storm among the followers of Sri Aurobindo is proof enough of the utterly irresponsible way Heehs has used the above-mentioned material. 3 February 2009 Mirror of Tomorrow In Defence of the “Extracts from The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs”—Raman Reddy by RY Deshpande on Wed 31 Dec 2008 Comments (36) Permanent Link Cosmos

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sraddhalu Ranade has been expelled from the Archives

Re: A Cultural Misunderstanding
by Debashish on Sat 31 Jan 2009 03:40 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
Rick, Thanks for the well-expressed insight. I quite agree with you. Just for the record, one clarification, though. You write: Heehs has been expelled from the Archives and Ashram...

Heehs has not been expelled from the ashram. He is still very much an ashramite due to the courageous stand taken by the Managing Trustee, Manoj Dasgupta. Nor was he expelled from the archives. He stepped down voluntrarily to take the pressure off the Managing Trustee at a time when all manner of coercive means were being used by our "friendly intellectuals" to twist the arm of the ashram Trust.

Your part about the lawsuit is quite correct. There are two lawsuits: one, a writ petition staying the Indian publication of the book (indefinitely) and the other, a scurrilous criminal case against Heehs. One of our well known "intellectuals," the "educator and scientist" (who, in fact, has recently been expelled from the archives) is behind both these cases. Reply

Technology could help the civilization evolve if it wouldn't have to be profitable in monetary sense

from Jaakko Kangas to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 1 Feb 2009 16:13 subject
The Venus Project

Hello sir,
while watching a couple of documentaries some time ago I bumped into this Auroville-like project called The Venus Project. Not saying that I could sign all their ideas, but the general concept is rather interesting. Based on the idea that technology could help the civilization evolve if it wouldn't have to be profitable in monetary sense.

If you are interested, please take a look: http://www.thevenusproject.com/
http://thezeitgeistmovement.com/ (The documentary where they were talking about the project)
Hope you are doing good. My family sends their best wishes to all of you.
Jaakko Kangas