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Ashram inmates felt unheeded and unheard

Alok Pandey’s Reply to "The Larger Issues behind the The Lives of Sri Aurobindo Controversy"
from A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs by Raman Reddy

For all Ashram related matters, it is obviously the Ashram Trust that enjoys the full authority. For PED (Physical Education Dept of the Ashram) matters, it is the PED that decides, and so also for most departments. There is no doubt about this. That is why the Ashram inmates welcomed the PED decision whereas they remained silent (though somewhat sorrowfully) at the decision of the Trust. Nobody went against the Trust; they only repeatedly kept apprising them, not because they wanted to ‘arm-twist’ the Trustees but because they felt unheeded and unheard (due to their silence). If a clear decision had been taken either way and communicated to everybody, there would have been no confusion. As I have said earlier, there is a time and place for silence and a time and place for speech and communication. To delay certain decisions for long can prove to be costly. [...]

If anything, it is his followers in America who are trying to remote control and police and pass comments and judgments on what does not really concern them! One can understand that concern for what is written or said about Sri Aurobindo when it is not confined to the Ashram. The devotees all over the world have surely the right to express what they feel. But it is not within the prerogative of everyone, including devotees outside, to comment, interfere, influence and control the decisions regarding PH’s continuation at the Archives or the Ashram. To do that would rather be moral and religious policing.

A distinction must be made between the Ashram as a source of spiritual Light for all and the Ashram as an institution. Nobody here is interfering in PH’s yoga or his personal approach to the Divine, which in any case is a matter of attitude rather than outer circumstances. Nobody is ex-communicating him. All that was asked was his removal from the Archives and that too not out of any ‘righteous wrath’ but because of the gross misuse of his privileges, such as making use of unpublished things for public consumption without taking permission. Such a change of department and even taking someone out of the Ashram has been done earlier and is an acceptable norm in other institutions. [...]

B. and R.H. continue to occupy their places, while Sraddhalu has been asked not to go to the Archives. The feeling of racism has not been created by people who are against PH’s book but by those who are supporting him. Somehow they are unable to see beyond the colour of their skin and country of origin. It is sad, but who is responsible for it? That is the question.

Copernicus has left a new comment on your post "Hindu has provided highly slanted coverage of the ...":

Heeh's most prominent acolyte says "The complaints were vague and gave no evidence that either complainant had any knowledge of the contents of Heehs’s book. It thus seems possible that the complainants were acting as pawns for the leaders ".

You cant have it both ways. So, the complaint was vague and due to the complainants not being well versed with the actual issues and yet they were acting on behalf of the "leaders" who knew the issues. Great analysis, SCIY!

Just based on this, what the "leaders" have claimed of not being responsible for the lawsuit clearly seems to be the truth. And the SCIY are again witch-hunting - but the whole world knows that that is how Americans operate the world over. No surprise there!

And anyway, the court can only decide on the legal issues not on the actual points against the book. Even the Indian courts that the SCIY tried to discredit not so long ago and is now congratulating. Posted by Copernicus to Savitri Era Open Forum at 12:32 AM, December 14, 2009

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