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I am surprised by your audacity to design a 'test' for the scholarship of RYD

Savitri: the Light of the Supreme A comment has been posted in reference to an article titled: A strange comparison
Comment posted by: Robert E. Wilkinson
date 4 October 2009 22:20 Comment permalink: Deshpande writes:
…There cannot be anything more preposterous, laughable than such an unsubstantiated observation when it comes from one who claims himself to be a researcher. Can there be anything more ridiculous than that?
I wouldn’t be too quick to ridicule Peter Heehs. When one observes your writings from a particular height it is clear that you are just as clueless as he is. You obviously have no understanding of the occult process that Savitri represents and failing that most of your considerable analysis of Sri Aurobindo’s deeper meaning falls into the category of mental speculation. To be fair I have not read all of your postings but my reading of some of the more important subjects like the mechanism of an India’s renaissance leave a great deal to be desired. But let us stick to the subject at hand, Savitri. Indeed, as you say, there is something goldenly housed in the myth expressing things which are extremely recondite but these sublime Vedic realities may only be understood through a process of yoga as Sri Aurobindo explains:

“The perfect truth of the Veda, where it is now hidden, can only be recovered by the same means by which it was originally possessed. Revelation and experience are the doors of the Spirit. It cannot be attained either by logical reasoning or by scholastic investigation… [Sanskrit text]…‘Not by explanation of texts nor by much learning’, ‘not by logic is this realisation attainable.’ Logical reasoning and scholastic research can only be aids useful for confirming to the intellect what has already been acquired by revelation and spiritual experience. This limitation, this necessity are the inexorable results of the very nature of Veda.” Sri Aurobindo – The Life Divine

Given your pretentions of authority I think it only fair to ask if you have acquired a direct experience of the Truth-consciousness? And if so, what can you tell us about the Vedic sacrificial year as Sri Aurobindo describes below in his “Secret of the Veda”?

“…In other words, it is when the nine-months’ sacrifice is prolonged through the tenth, it is when the Navagwas become the ten Dashagwas by the seven-headed thought of Ayasya, the tenth Rishi, that the Sun is found… but what is meant by the figure of the months? For it now becomes clear that it is a figure, a parable; the year is symbolic, the months are symbolic. It is in the revolution of the year that the recovery of the lost Sun and the lost cows is effected, for we have the explicit statement in X.62-2… “by the truth, in the revolution of the year, they broke Vala”…’

‘The expression in the hymns, daso maso ataran, indicates that there was some difficulty in getting through the full period of ten months. It is during this period apparently that the sons of darkness had the power to assail the sacrifice; for it is indicated that it is only by the confirming of the thought which conquers Swar, the solar world, that the Rishis are able to get through the ten months…’

‘I hold for you in the waters the thought that wins possession of heaven by which the Navagwas [nine] passed through the ten months…’ (V.45-11)

‘This victory is won in twelve periods of the upward journey, represented by the revolution of the twelve months of the sacrificial year, the periods corresponding to the successive dawns of a wider and wider truth, until the tenth month secures the victory…What may be the precise significance of the nine rays and the ten is a more difficult question which we are not yet in a position to solve.” Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda
  • I am compelled to ask if you have ever considered the twelve chapters of Savitri as describing these twelve periods of the ‘upward journey’?
  • Do you appreciate, for example, that the Rig Vedic Myth which Sri Aurobindo is describing is the same story of the evolution of human consciousness as that contained in the Zodiac?
  • When you read Book Eight of Savitri, the Book of Death, does it ever occur to you that its deeper symbolism might parallel the 8th sign of the zodiac - Scorpio, known from antiquity as the sign of Death?
  • Do you have the slightest understanding of the 10th Month/Sign Capricorn, in which Sri Aurobindo tells us, ‘the Victory is secured’?
  • Do you know for instance that Capricorn is India’s ruling sign, that its ancient hieroglyph known as ‘the name of God’ overlies exactly the body of Akhand Bharat?
  • Are you even aware that the entrance into the sign Capricorn known as the Makar Sankranti was prescribed by the Rishi as the most auspicious time in the year when the collective energies of the entire Hindu Samaj could find access to that ‘Victory’?

If you cannot answer these questions, I would suggest that you might exercise a little humility before holding someone else up to ridicule. Robert Wilkinson

A comment has been posted in reference to an article titled: A strange comparison Comment posted by: narendra
date 5 October 2009 00:35 Comment permalink:

As a matter of fact it is you who is too quick to ridicule RYD. And that too unwarranted.

RYD's conclusions have been derived through a comprehensive analysis and intellectual honesty of highest standards.

His logic is that the proposition of PH of Savitri being a “fictional creation” is false as PH has fraudently misrepresented Sri Aurobindo by quoting him out of context and also there is a direct mass of evidence in the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother that Savitri is NOT a fictional creation. So either you are advised to please go through the material to satisfy yourself of the basis of the conclusion or avoid attacking a person who has gained respect through his works and intellectual honesty and not through his claims to that effect.

Regarding PH I myself am greatly pained by the anguish of the devotee. And I am sure RYD to be similarly anguished but it is the measure of his restraint and intellectual honesty that it has only expressed itself in rigorous intellectual dissertation.

I am surprised by your audacity to design a 'test' for the scholarship of RYD on Savitri inspite of all his fruitful and helpful production of original material. Nevertheless I am tempted to comment on it. You are making certain assumptions which are inbuilt in your question which may not be necessarily true. It appears that you are looking at evolution to be set and fated in a more or less mechanical way and as if Savitri is obliged to follow its lead. The Lordship of the Divine and the Divine's consent seems to be compromised. The Supreme Being seems to be bound by Time and his astronomical framework. There may be hints of thematic similarity between structure of Savitri and the astrological framework owing to common spiritual basis but there is no rigid tie. The astrological configurations are only indicative of ripeness of circumstances for realization of certain possibilities but are not determinative of them.

It is Divine Will which is determinative. Savitri is the story of the yogic effort and the consequent Boon and the Supreme Consummation. There is nothing automatic about this: because Scorpio is past and Sagittarius is obliged to follow would mean that Death is obliged to die? On the contrary there is a decisive conclusion of an extreme effort towards realization of this result and Savitri is the actual biographical account of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother towards realization of that possibility.

Please show some respect to this Temple of Savitri and its respectable Priest.

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  1. "The Lordship of the Divine and the Divine's consent seems to be compromised. The Supreme Being seems to be bound by Time and his astronomical framework."

    The Lordship of the Divine is in no way compromised by astronomical frameworks. What Krishna says with regard to varnas and the universe "I am the Creator of it...but not bound by it" applies to this as well.The Lord has laid out the path through Time for us to follow,but He is not in anyway constrained by it.In fact even we are not constrained by it,in the sense we can choose to ignore it and pay the price for it.The Zodiac outlines the cosmic harmonies by following which we can order our lives according to divine purpose.Or we could contribute to the disharmony which we see around us by refusing to read the Cosmic Harmonies.The Zodiac as explained by Thea in her numerous works take us closer to the experience of Supramental Time which is of simultaneous nature. Her Zodiacal Works are the mechanism of achieving what Aurobindo theorized.

    Because of your mentalized nature you are understanding Order and Perfectness as fated and mechanical.