Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tusar has put himself in a position of leadership in matters of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Update - August 2009

To get an example of the modus operandi of Thea's followers, look at how they all leap to attack Tusar N. Mohapatr on his Savitri Era blog, dated Saturday, August 08, 2009. external link The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have already accomplished the metaphysical victory. Two and a half weeks after the original blog post, and and a half weeks after Tusar's last comment, messages were still appearing, as PNB devotees thunder accusations at Tusar, which seem to be incraesingly unrelated to anything he actually wrote. What seems particularily strange is that Tusar is one of the few if perhaps the only person to give the PNBers blogspace. He has a number of times published articles or emails by Robert Wilkinsion and Lori Tompkins. e.g. external link Carter Phipps' warm embrace of Peter Heehs' book by Robert Wilkinson - (3 May 2009) - about Peter Heehs Lives of Sri Aurobindo, submitted to Tusar after Wilkinson wasn't allowed to post it on Carter Phipps' (editor - EnlightenNext) external link May 2nd blog article, or more recently external link The Deportation Case Against Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet - by Lori Tompkins, dated just four days earlier (4 August, 2009). Why are these people attacking someone who helps them; god knows they have so few frinds with their antagonistic attitude!

It may be that this sort of self-destructive biting the hand that feeds you behavior is common in this group; certainly they have always adopted a very hostile attitude to Auroconf. In any case, the degree of shadow projection and alienation of possible friends and allies indicates that the PNBers are caught in a self-destructive spiral of which can surely only harm them. It would be interesting to compare this with other similar antagonistic guru groups.

Reply, email from Lori Tompkins:

Alan, I have read your latest impressions/spin on the Tusar discussion as published on Kepler. Tusar has put himself in a position of leadership in matters of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Does that mean he is above critique? Of course not. Does the fact that Tusar has posted articles by me in the past mean I should not critique his stance if I find it deeply flawed? Of course not. What is the use of an Open Forum if people cannot present and discuss their differences? If you read the three articles/responses I wrote, inspired by Tusar's August 8th post and to his August 15th post 'Lori Deplored', you will see that there is real content, real information to be read and considered ... i.e. a real critique with real substance. Tusar brought up a topic worthy of discussion, critique and flushing out and so it went. It wasn't really about him, though he is the one who attracted the critique. My responses address what he announced himself oblivious to. Due to lack of space, these articles were published only in part on Savitri Era Open Forum. I hope you will post this letter and the following links by your 'Update August 2009' so your readers can perhaps consider the actual content of what I have written before joining you in judging, psychologizing, belittling and dramatizing my critique of Tusar's line of thought. Lori Tompkins

To reply and clarify my position: my concern was not with the content of the material, with what Tusar thinks or says or what the PNB people say or think. It is that in this case four people would gang up on one, especially on someone who had previously posted their material when no one else would. contact me
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