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Presenting these views is important to the collective yoga that we all are engaged in

from Lori Tompkins to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 5 September 2009 23:36 subject SEOF post
Tusar, In case you haven't been too offended by me to publish my excerpts in you open forum, I am submitting the following to SEOF.

I very much appreciate your forum as a place where I've been able to present views of the Supramental/Integral Yoga that are not popular. I obviously think presenting these views is important to the collective yoga that we all are engaged in. The responses I made to you in August were not personal ... I just strongly disagreed with your 8 August comments and some others you made. And I still do not understand what the point/mission of Savitri Era Party is. Best of Light in your yoga, Lori Tompkins
‘Thou shall know me in the rolling of the spheresAnd cross me in the atoms of the whirl.The wheeling forces of my universeShall cry to thee the summons of my name.’– Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Book XI, Canto I

[An exerpt from 'The Geometry and Superstructure of Time']

.... In Vedic India, sages fittingly described the year and cyclical time as a horse.

‘OM. Dawn is the head of the horse sacrificial. The sun is his eye … Time in its period is the self of the horse sacrificial … the seasons his members, the months and the half months are their joints, the days and nights are his standing place, the stars his bones and the sky is the flesh of his body.’Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Chapter 1, Section 1, translated by Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads

Sri Aurobindo commented: ‘… this Horse of the Worlds is not an image merely of matter or material force, but, as we have already supposed it to be, an image of power which pervades and constitutes the material universe. We get also from this image about Time the idea of it as an unknown power – for Time which is its self or body, is itself an unknown quantity. The reality expresses itself to us through Time – its body –, but remains itself ungrasped, must be still what men have always felt it to be, the unknown God.’‘For all [types of beings that seem to posses this universe] He bears them up on His infinite strength and speed and motion. He bears all of them without respect of differences, sambhāvena, with the divine impartiality and equality of soul – samaṁ hi brahma. To the type of each individual being this Universal Might adapts himself …. It is He who bears them on in the courses of Time that are marked out for Him by His hidden Self; He is free and exults in the swiftness of His galloping.’
It seems that the Upanishadic sages, and Sri Aurobindo as well, were quite aware that the body of the year (the body of time) was a substantial vehicle – a rapidly moving one at that. According to what Sri Aurobindo wrote in The Secret of the Veda, the Vedic Rishis described a real increase in Truth, in Consciousness and in Bliss (satchidananda) as the effortless result of learning to travel the year – learning to travel in circles, aware of the geometry of the circle, aware of its ‘figures’ which certainly include its four cardinal points, its 12 months and its trigunas of creation (rajas), preservation (sattva) and dissolution (tamas). ...

.... People currently dispute whether or not the ‘Supramental Descent’ is truly avataric in its nature … whether or not Sri Aurobindo is the rightful 9th Avatar of Vishnu. This should be a short debate in light of the fact that no world teacher in many thousands of years has been able to fathom and restore the vision and direct experience of the coordinated structure and consciousness of our material existence – i.e. the vision and direct experience of the divine as the architect and the dynamic substance of our individual and collective evolving Self. [Full article at]

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