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I dont think that we should get agitated and upset at the remarks of Peter Heehs

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Whether people call him an Avatar, a Guru, a Prophet, a revolutionary, a philosopher or an enlightened human being, people look at Sri Aurobindo from the level of their own consciousness. To know what he really is, we have to be on the same level as Sri Aurobindo. But only The Mother is on his level and no one else.
But I dont think that we should get agitated and upset at the remarks of Peter Heehs. He has his own opinion. Imagine how Sri Aurobindo or the Mother would have reacted to such a comment. They would just have smiled at what Mr Peter Heehs has said.
What makes the Integral yoga unique is that, its followers are not fanatics like the followers of separatist religions. As fanaticism itself is a dark force, a falsehood, which has to be conquered, both within us and in the outside world.
As Mother has said that, it's the human law which says that people have to be punished for their wrong doings, but the divine law is of compassion and mercy. So I think we should let go of these scepticisms, which are bound to be there until the hour when the Supramental sun fully rises over our Earth consciousness. Until then there may be many dark lanes in our cities and even within us, where these sort of thoughts and beings try to hide themselves, but this will remain only for a short period, as we are already in a stage of transition. Posted by Anonymous to Aurora Mirabilis at 1:36 PM, September 20, 2009
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Mute Magazine is giving away a free copy of Born Again Ideology with a sub (about £20 if you're in the UK)- it's actually 2 books in one binding - the other half is Left Behind: Religion, Technology and the Flight from the Flesh Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Learning Forum at 8:33 PM, September 17, 2009
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Karim -
Creating Power
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Saintly persons live a life of simplicity and shower so much words of wisdom to us. Hope the important messages of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is accepted by the world to free the world from strife, falsehood, fanaticism, war and misery. OM
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With due respect, simply to remind something that The Mother once told about Sri Aurobindo and his action in the world (not verbatim): that wherever there is cruelty, it's not of him, it has nothing to do with him. Cruelty is asuric - and so is mensonge (lying) and falsity (remember the name of the last Asoura: "L'Asoura du Mensonge"?)... You can see all comments on this post here:

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