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Sri Aurobindo Ashram is not an ashram since 18.11.1973

A darkness occupied the fields of God
p. 627
I do not know, perhaps you do not write to me directly, only to escape the proof that you once wrote to bijan ghosh, like most of the coward souls in ashram.
Anyway, you insiders, as you claimed, must be knowing that Sri Aurobindo said long back in 1934 that this ashram would exist as long a guru exists – thus Sri Aurobindo Ashram is not an ashram since 18.11.73, but only an institution in essence and spirit though the nomenclature remains the same, as ‘ashram’ only.
And the Mother told on 19.05.1972 , recorded in Agenda, “The ashram no longer belongs to me” and “we ought to have started a new ashram with perhaps a nucleus of ten people” { I was told, you read Agenda 30 times, perhaps it was rumor , else you would have come across these lines and the pain of The Mother }
The trust deed was imperfect for any institution and only a law court can make it nearing-perfect. It was drafted over night by an attorney (Bireswar) of Calcutta in view of sudden de jury transfer of power which was expected to be followed shortly by de facto transfer of power, but it took about nine years , while the trust deed was not made appropriate – and further, it was reasonably expected that the sadhana of physical transformation would be completed by the Mother. But.
And thus since it was not rectified properly to administer such an institution from 18.11.73 – a Scheme Suit would must have been filed, and now I discover – a proper and effective Scheme Suit could never be filed to save this institution.
You insiders always thing that The Mother has been doing the yoga of physical transformation holding this ashram – no, the answer is no, since to carry out the yoga of physical transformation, a physical body is required – not the subtle body
On the Notice Board of Ashram, on the next date a notice was put by NKG qua suspension of the yoga of physical transformation owing to the fact of The Mother was forced to leave her physical body which was nearing-transformation ( read the dream dtd. 24.03.1972 She mentioned , available in “Notes on the Way” ).

It is not expected that you insiders would be having any understanding of the epic, Savitri – since even NKG, whom you address as bramarshri , could not discover the symbols of Savitri ( glairing proof of his failure to understand Savitri is his attempt to translate the whole of Savitri ) , but you must be knowing all the last lines dictated in Savitri on 10.11.50 ( you may consult my books where I have dealt with ) – which would make you clear that since not conquered …..
Alone she must conquer or alone must fall.
Apart from these ten lines, there are four lines and one line (total 15, 10+4+1) which were the all last dictation / revision by addition in Savitri. Do you know the last single line, the final and ultimate line added in Savitri ? Anyway.
By the way, what you were doing in 1986 – when all changes were suggested in the Journal of Achieves and Research. Do you fall within that class of inmates-insiders, who are majority, who do not read anything, neither books nor Journals.

A questionless mind was ranked as wise content ,
You behaved all along like a slipping partner, a slipping ashramites – or a sadhak having no level of consciousness or awareness of what happenings around, which affects the yogic property of posterity, the spiritual heritage of mankind.
Let us take brief excerpts from Mother’s Agenda, p. 244 / vol.13 :
The Mother : Yes , I demand a written statement. I want a detailed and accurate report from him. A complete and genuine statement of what they do.
Satprem : M (Madan Lal Himatsinka) and SABDA (Sri Aurobindo Book Distribution Agency). Both of them , isn’t it.
Andre : Actually SABDA is the most …..
The Mother : Yes, SABDA is ……….
Satprem : That’s where the falsehood lies.
Andre : SABDA is far more difficult .
Satprem : Yes, exactly.
The Mother : He’s become …..B’s mind is ………(twisted gesture)
One can presume well the words & expressions to be filled into the blanks, and ‘B’ stands for Balakrishnan. This is the reasons why ashram authority not to publish “ Mother’s Agenda” without any editing, a kind of “as is there is” , while ashram could have earned a few cores in last thirty five years from this valuable Testament – while there was no copyright-claim by Satprem, pg. 242 ibid, and further, The Mother made it clear which is printed on every copy of Agenda that “ This Agenda of the Supramental Action upon earth is my gift to those who love me” . { Legally speaking, – the assignment required under Copyright Act, has been made universal and in favour of all the human beings who love The Mother.}
Ultimately, the whole endeavour of The Mother to stop mutilation of original writings of Sri Aurobindo, came to a nullity. We got it at pg. 246 ibid
As was it expected , all the conversation and the instruction signed by Mother came to naught : the businessmen went on with their business as before. The only result was to spark angry reactions, which fell on Mother , and on Satprem … in time.
As all Her signed orders were set to Not by the people of SABDA and AIP (All India Press) who were changing the writings of Sri Aurobindo in the name of corrections { pg. 230 to 252 of vol. 13 Agenda, particularly, p. 244, 246, 247 } – She made the following proclamation, by all probability on or after 27.07.72 –
In the name of The Mother
For the sake of The Mother
By the Power of The Mother
With the Strength of The Mother
To all adverse harmful being or force
I order to quit this place at once and for ever.
The Mother
But they never left the fields of God, the brindavan of New Creation , while in this ashram as on 17.07.37 ,{ p. 992-993 of Correspondence } there were more than “half a dozen people” who were living in Brahman Consciousness which is a necessary condition for receiving Supramental descent.
So here are the proofs of falsity of your claim of Mother’s ashram, and idle tamasik expectations that She would make the things right or set the house in order, while She categorically asserted that (p.242-3, ibid) some human instruments have to do the work who are combative and courageous.
Satprem : …, but you need human instruments to do things, don’t you ?
The Mother : Yes , yes …. … ….
The only important thing is to mix as little personal ego as possible with the divine vision. That’s all.
By the way, in 1993, when critically revised edition was published – what were your reactions and contributions till date, qua changes brought in Savitri, the mantra of transformation. What you were doing in 1999, when critically revised edition was challenged in the court of law to maintain the originality of Savitri, and all other writing of Sri Aurobindo. Even by 2007 you did not heard the name of bijan ghosh and other Savitri soldiers who fought and bleed, clubbing hands together – the insiders and outsiders. (according to your definitions )
It is now discovered that you are a chance knower, for some of your personal reasons you came to a lawyer available to you free of professional charges , named PPR, some time in 2008, who told you about the things – and then only you expressed your concern but having no power & will of sustainability, like all other insiders. In one occasion Sri Aurobindo said : “ You may stay here 20 years, still you may not have anything ” . Don’t mind , do you belong to that class ?
In fact the insiders have no basic information and elementary knowledge also.
This year a letter was circulated by Aaspreeha Banarjee to all so called important insiders, particularly in archives and Society where all were politely requested, on record, that when ( on which dates ) and where Sri Aurobindo first used these terms : Supermind, Overmind , Superconscient , Inconscient, Ignorance, physical Transformation, Integral Yoga and transcendental Consciousness. But none could answer at all. This is the knowledge-bank of you insiders. This is the collective spiritual caliber of insiders. { And most surprisingly, they were asking about her identity, stay and other connections with asram and probable outsiders.} These ignorance and attitude – speak about the whole affairs of asramites/ insiders.
They claim and boost that they have been practising Supramental yoga and they are in ashram for that purpose only, but none of them know these terms which are most fundamental and elementary to the Supramental yoga of transformation
This is asram today. Alas ! What is an wonderful world of insiders !
But you do not know that after 17.11.73, it is the world-asram, the spiritual- fencing had been made liquidated – the ‘cradle’ for practicing Supramental yoga which was kept protected while They were in physical body, and practically the delimitation of Pondicherry ashram had been withdrawn gradually after the first Supramental Descent on 29.02.1956 since it is the Collective Yoga and for the humanity as a whole – the participation is now global. One can find these things in the words of the Mother. But always, without fail, the inmates have all the fundamental duties and more basic responsibilities attached to an institution – for material and physical maintenance of the institution as a disciplined, transparent, integrated, consummate novelty for the humanity – even if they are not capable of contributing any thing spiritually for new creation = Supramental manifestation. Inmates are there only, at the cost of ashram exchequer.
For the posterity, for the history of mankind , it is recorded here that like Cripps’s Mission, the mission of Scheme Suit has also failed for lack of faith and carriage, total absence of conviction and commitment of the insiders who are fondly called ashramites, but the consequences must follow, without escape, to the peril of the institution called ashram, the world and the Supramental yoga.
“ Truth of abyss, the choice is imperative ” – The Mother .
Thanks to Dr. Rajender Singh and all his co-insiders of Sri Aurobindo Asram.
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