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It boggles the mind to read Peter Heehs’ statement that he had no real interest in Sri Aurobindo’s “Avatarhood”

Robert E. Wilkinson said...
What can one say about the so-called biographical works coming out of Auroville these days?

One can only conclude that they are the result of the stultifying dogma which has leached the soul out of the most important spiritual work of the Age. In what must be the greatest irony of all time, Vishnu’s emissaries, which take birth only once every 6, 480 years, are being reduced to a caricature by the very devotees who claim to love and adore them. Instead of announcing to the world the arrival of these divine incarnations and the incomparable knowledge they bring to uplift the world, their own devotees are rushing to de-contectualize and humanize them under the guise of objective scholarship.

It fairly boggles the mind to read Peter Heehs’ statement to the effect that Sri Aurobindo’s “Avatarhood” was a distracting hagiographic idealization in which he had no real interest. This literary lunacy is now being carried over to Georges Van Vrekhem's biography of the Mother which, like Heehs, does not inquire into matters like "avatarhood" or "divine force". For persons of knowledge, the arrogance of these so-called biographers is simply breathtaking. Unfortunately it reflects a long standing attitude of many of the so-called wise-men who claim to ‘adore Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’. It is as if the Vedic tradition of the Avatar is meaningless, even though it is sanctified by the Gita in Sri Krishna's own words, and Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother’s as well.

In what can only be called a ‘Brahmanicide’, Auroville’s intellectual elite has systematically destroyed every trace that the Divine has taken birth in human form and corrupted every objective proof of their appearance on the earth and why it would take place at this time and no other. As a result, pretenders to their knowledge and usurpers of their authority rush to fill the void of a murdered Avatar.

Spiritual dilettantes like Andrew Cohen swarm like sharks smelling blood to patronize and diminish Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s stature so he can brand himself and his ‘EnlightenNext’ magazine as the leading authority on “Evolutionary Spirituality”. As Carter Phipps writes, ‘…the offices of EnlightenNext believe that the reason Sri Aurobindo’s work is not more celebrated is because his followers ‘view his work in such mythic and messianic terms’ regarding him as a flawless saint or Avatar.’ According to Phipps, students of Aurobindo and the Mother have a tendency to take this kind of hagiographic inflation to extreme heights.

By all means…lets humanize Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, gossip about their foibles, denigrate their divinity and maybe then we can reduce them to a level more comfortable to our own un-evolved condition. Then we can lament the fact that while they made a valiant effort, they failed in their mission which comforts us in dealing with our own failure.

And we can dismiss altogether any question of a continuation of their line, one which might hold us to account for our complicity in the distortion and destruction of the greatest spiritual work of the Age. And when we look at the chaos and destruction around us and the growing conflict between India and Pakistan that threatens to erupt in a nuclear conflict, we can tell ourselves that we are blameless. After all, who would believe that a Temple built correctly could actually alter the course of history. As the Mother confirms, '...But one is not going to say it. To begin, they would not believe me.' Robert E. Wilkinson 9:36 PM, August 08, 2009

Did Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Fail in their Work and Mission???? Robert E. Wilkinson

Peter Heehs’ book, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, has produced a revealing storm of controversy in the Integral yoga community. By choosing to avoid the usual hagiographic treatment of his extraordinary subject, Heehs has been accused of neglecting the spiritual context of Sri Aurobindo’s life and thereby denigrating his body of scholarly works. The forums and blogs of “those who adore Sri Aurobindo and the Mother” are filled today with a great roar of indignation because Sri Aurobindo, whom they worship and revere, has been “decontectualized” in the eyes of many students and devotees.

Heehs’ attempt to remain scholarly and objective has unknowingly set him on a collision course with the impenetrable wall of religious dogma surrounding Sri Aurobindo’s work and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude. For if Aurobindonianism can so easily be “decontectualized” by the pursuit of an objective knowledge, perhaps this epochal work can now be re-contectualized in the light of the Supramental Truth... In the Service of Truth, Robert E. Wilkinson Friday, 2 January, 2009
10:26 PM, August 08, 2009

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