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This book will stand on its own for generations

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date 20 June 2009 07:13 subject comment by an early Aurovilian
Dear Sir, Can you post the following?

Jocelyn is an old Aurovilian and the author of a couple of books on Auroville’s early years. She was running a Thanjavor art school where village girls were trained, and is presently having a studio where she works with a master from Tanjavur. She had asked me to forward to Alok Pandey the following in reply to his clarifications, and has agreed to post the same in Savitri Era Open Forum. The feelings she expresses are shared by many more in Auroville. Paulette

Please give this to alok...

Peter did a great service to people who are interested in Sri Aurobindo and to future generations of people interested in Sri Aurobindo - without many years of diligent service and research such a book would not have been possible. Peter used that material to the best of his ability as a loving tribute - he did not feel the need to hide anything he understood as part of the truth about Sri Aurobindo knowing that the truth could not tarnish Sri Aurobindo in any way.

I feel a great debt of gratitude to peter for having somehow brought back to me the amazing atmosphere of spiritual adventure that I found and fell in love with when I first came to Pondicherry in 1969. It is a book that tries to tell something about Sri Aurobindo's lives, and perhaps inspire a reader to look in their own lives for the joy, radiance, and spiritual quest, that permeate this book.

I hope that these guys who have made this case meet with judges who have read the book and who will give them a huge fine for court costs. I don't think any group or individual needs to judge or plead for this book because this book will stand on its own for generations. Peter Heehs book is a living tribute to Sri Aurobindo - and anyone who finds anything else there - is projecting something on the book that is not there. Jocelyn

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  1. Would SCIY give so much of space on their site to the viewpoints of people who disagree with them and are so doggedly argumentative in the most superficial of ways? Bannerjee and Carlson just cut them off, ask them to go elsewhere and remove their posts. Glory to freedom of speech as they understand it!