Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The disclaimer that Aurobindo distanced himself from his earlier writings

Election 2009: The BJP got what it deserved – III Abandoning Kurukshetra before the war is won Radha Rajan 20 May 2009

Very well written and inspiring. For Aurobindo's later political inaction, there must be an explanation linked to the arrest and trial that led to his exile and to his brother's execution. Is it true that Sri Aurobindo agreed to retire from politics in exchange for freedom? Mira Alfassa Richard, the Mother, when she later built up the Ashram around him seems to have directed all his activities and energies towards spiritual, universal pursuits, away from nationalist interests and militancy. CG 21 May 2009

CG, you are headed in the right direction. The idiots who edited the Centenary Publications of Aurobindo's writings (in all probability non-Indians) make the disclaimer that Aurobindo himself distanced himself from his earlier writings. Only Hindus outsource their heritage. Radha Rajan 21 May 2009 [ 7:46 AM ]

Election 2009: The BJP got what it deserved – IV RSS – unwilling parent Radha Rajan 22 May 2009

Dear Smt. Radha Rajan, I read all your articles about BJP's election debacle. I must say rarely have i seen such incisive and clear analysis. I am a SwayamSevak since childhood and couldn't agree with you more about the RSS and the direction it has taken. You have written what was in my mind. There is a sizable section of the Sangh that refuses to recognize the need for political power. And now they don't talk of Hindutva any more. Shri Sita Ram Goel saw this attitude of the Sangh early on and even wrote lucidly about it in "How i became a Hindu". You have done a great service for the Sangh and the larger Hindu society through these articles. Many thanks. Sincerely, GuruCharan Guru Charan 22 May 2009

While agreeing with Guru Charan that Smt. Rajan's "incisive and clear analysis" is a breath of fresh air, may I request her to be a bit careful with the details while depicting events in the life of Sri Aurobindo. [TNM] Tusar N. Mohapatra, President, Savitri Era Party, Ghaziabad. Tusar N. Mohapatra 27 May 2009 7:46 AM

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