Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sri Aurobindo verbalised his Yoga experiences in eloquent language

joel pastakia Bombay, India #14128 7 hrs ago
Don't follow Aurobindo blindly....he and the mother made several mistakes in translating their experiences and were FOREVER LEARNERS but they very ignorantly and arrogantly claimed to their foolish disciples (including Kennedy's daughter) that they were the Avataar (Prophet) and the Gayatri (Primal Consciousness-Force) of their times. My, they were simply mere Yogis (no matter how above averagely advanced) claiming to be the Divine ! What chutzpah !!! Their claims were hogwash and for which they'll certainly pay a price !!!

During the time of the Rishi Aurobindo, the world saw the advent of two mighty Prophets in quick succession - Sri Sri Ram Krishna Paramhans and Sri Sri Anukul Chandra Thakurji. In fact it was Thakurji who sent his disciple - the noted lawyer C R Das - to rescue Aurobindo from the clutches of the British when he was imprisoned on serious charges of sedition and faced the death sentence.

joel pastakia Bombay, India #14125 16 hrs ago
yankel wrote: Cmprehending the Ananda is the secret of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion.------ What, Aurobindo and you take Bhakti Yoga in isolation? How silly ! Now, here's something for Aurobindo, Dayanand, Prabhupad and you.

joel pastakia Australia #14123 18 hrs ago
Aurobindo very foolishly set himself up as God/Prophet and made his spiritual collaborator (The Mother) the Supreme Shakti (Consciousness-Force) when he was just a great Seer and she merely an experienced occultist who had mastery over the phenomena of the lower cosmic planes.

joel pastakia Bombay, India #14117 Yesterday
yankel wrote: The Crucifixion was a symbol of defeat and NOT the grand victory that ignorant Christians assume it to be.--Joel Pustaki"Jesus humanized humanity from his cross."--Sri Aurobindo----So who you gonna believe? The Sainted Sri Aurobindo or the ASS-CLOWN Joel Pustaki?

By setting himself up as a Prophet, Sri Aurobindo seriously erred....From a Yogic perspective, Prophet or Avataar means the direct descent of the Supreme Manifestation of the Absolute Consciousness (Brahman) upon the earth plane.Aurobindo was not an Avataar but was simply a great Rishi (Seer) who was sent to earth to work out his own evolution (of consciousness) and to help others who flocked around him. But Sri Aurobindo was no Prophet. The Prophets of the Age (that is when Aurobindo was around) were the mighty Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans (Swami Vivekananda's guru) and after His passing away and as predicted by Paramhans was born the succeeding Prophet Sri Sri Anukul Chandra Thakurji who was even mightier than Paramhans.

Now, while the teachings of Sri Aurobindo are wonderful they're limited and not unique in any way. The only difference is that Sri Aurobindo verbalised his Yoga experiences in eloquent language while other Yogis of the past who were his equal or who surpassed Aurobindo in terms of Yogic achievements chose not to vocalize their experiences and preferred working in silence for their own individual evolution as well as for the evolution of the earth consciousness.


  1. Come on! Even fools portray his foolishness in a more better way, but you and your bizare thoughts around everything in your life is just out of realm of my understanding. Stop writing these weired things about Sri Aurobindo or you will soon face legal hassles.

  2. this is not fair and bogus issue