Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sraddhalu Ranade has been expelled from the Archives

Re: A Cultural Misunderstanding
by Debashish on Sat 31 Jan 2009 03:40 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
Rick, Thanks for the well-expressed insight. I quite agree with you. Just for the record, one clarification, though. You write: Heehs has been expelled from the Archives and Ashram...

Heehs has not been expelled from the ashram. He is still very much an ashramite due to the courageous stand taken by the Managing Trustee, Manoj Dasgupta. Nor was he expelled from the archives. He stepped down voluntrarily to take the pressure off the Managing Trustee at a time when all manner of coercive means were being used by our "friendly intellectuals" to twist the arm of the ashram Trust.

Your part about the lawsuit is quite correct. There are two lawsuits: one, a writ petition staying the Indian publication of the book (indefinitely) and the other, a scurrilous criminal case against Heehs. One of our well known "intellectuals," the "educator and scientist" (who, in fact, has recently been expelled from the archives) is behind both these cases. Reply


  1. Think before you write. Is this a fact or fiction from your own mind?


    It is unfortunate that certain rumours are being circulated that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is in some way endorsing, supporting or promoting the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs. We would like to re-iterate what has been our consistent stand since October 2008 namely:

    “Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust does not approve and has nothing to do with the book entitled "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" written by Peter Heehs and Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is not in any way responsible for the contents or the interpretations of the material contained therein....”

    This is to re-affirm that the stand of the Ashram Trust has been consistent and has remained unchanged. The book is not sold from any department of the Ashram.

    The Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is fully aware of its responsibilities and its actions are determined keeping in view the vision and values it is meant to uphold.

    For The Board of Trustees
    [Signed: Manoj Das Gupta]
    Managing Trustee
    Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust

  3. Thanks and Regards for accepting genuine comments.

  4. Look. You people have sat on Shri Aurobindo's mission like frog's in a well with no capacity to bring it forward. It was irrelevant to the progress of society. Now that a personage has emerged with the real capacity (S.R.)to materialise the mission you have gone into hysterics over trivia. History will not be kind to you. Who are you? Nobody knows or cares about you. The only constructive action within your gift at this point is to get out of the way. You are acting for the degrading forces.

  5. Look. No malice intended but you people have sat on Shri Aurobindo's mission like frogs in a well with no capacity to materialise it shepherding it into cranky irrelevance. Now that a personage (S.R.) has emerged who has the capacity to do just that you have flung yourselves onto the floor in risible hysterics over trivia. Who are you? Nobody cares about you. The only service within your gift is to get out of the way. At this point you are serving the regressive forces.