Monday, February 9, 2009

Mark Tully has failed in his journalistic duty to bring the probelms associated with Auroville to light (Bt-central-plus) England, London, United Kingdom, 8th February 2009 11:47:27 PM wright%22 bbc&start=20&sa=N Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BBC broadcast a lie on Auroville to millions of pe...":

The whole world knows that the Auroville project is based on a spurious and dangerous ideology and the more journalists who uncover its corrupt and corrupting core the better. It is simply a magnet for rich, frustrated westerners to live out their simple-minded utopian fantasies in a poor region of India well away from the clutches of a properly organised criminal justice system.

The project brings no discernible benefit to the local population and indeed it rigorously enforces its own apartheid code - it is a statement of fact that there are beaches in the vicinity set aside for the sole use of aurovillains which is in effect an old-fashioned colour bar. The only reason previous child abuse problems have failed to make headlines is because the organisation is so rich, powerful and well-connected that it has been able to keep such problems well away from the media and public consumption.

There is also a vicious irony in this attack on this BBC journalist's professionalism and integrity given that I believe that Mark Tully is a key member of the Auroville board yet has failed in his journalistic duty to bring the many, manifest and often criminal probelms associated with this awful place to light. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 12:05 AM, February 09, 2009

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