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This biography reads like a novel and has a flowing language Sunayana Panda’s blog
Sir Stafford Cripps

As I was looking at the books on the shelves of our local library in London my eyes fell on a biography of Sir Stafford Cripps. Was this the same Cripps to whom Sri Aurobindo had sent that famous telegram? Was this the same man who had replied with such dignity to him? [...]

This biography, which is aptly called “the Cripps Version”, is written by a historian who is a professor of Modern History at Cambridge. If you think it is all academic jargon you are wrong because this biography reads like a novel and has a flowing language which can pull in a reader’s interest. The book is almost entirely built up with the material the author has culled out of Sir Stafford’s diaries.

Re: Intellectual Fundamentalism—by Raman Reddy
by alok on Sat 27 Dec 2008 12:34 PM IST Profile Permanent Link

So all this talk of academia and its appeal is, to my perception at least, a square lie, not even a half truth. The author has used this lie to simply propogate his own strong ideas and resistances in the form of a book. Most authors do that...but the problem here is that he does it in the garb of 'neutrality' and 'objectivity' and by demolishing other biographies which would contradict his hypothesis that Sri Aurobindo is not an Avatara etc.

No, he goes further, he uses Sri Aurobindo's words selectively and in such a way as to justify his propositions, again quietly omitting out all that would contradict his standpoint. That is what raises doubts about the intent.

If only he were honest enough to admit that the book is his own critique of Sri Aurobindo as he does not believe in all that he has said, it would have been a different thing. But to let his own ideas pass like this as if stamped and auithorised by Sri Aurobindo and proved by the facts of his life seen as if through a pin-hole...that is the problem....this lack of intellectual honesty and intellectual rectitude. Reply Previous: A Chapter from The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs > The Lives of Sri Aurobindo—a Controversial Biography by Peter Heehs

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