Tuesday, December 2, 2008

These people at SCIY are making a mockery of dialog

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It is interesting that except for Debashish, all those who are supporting Heehs on SCIY are non-Indians. Some of them like the insufferable Koantum (and Debashish as well) have been insulting Indian disciples in veiled and sometimes not so-veiled language. These people at SCIY are making a mockery of dialog and are fast making this into an Indian vs non-indian affair which is most unfortunate. Carlson is the evil genius who has been at this for a long time and it remains to be seen if he will succeed. The SCIY geniuses insult and mock and disparage all those opposed to Heehs and then ask why it was that nobody wished to have a dialog with them. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era at 6:29 AM, December 02, 2008


  1. More to the truth of the matter is that many of the posters on SCIY have concluded that there is no real dialog possible with the fundamentalist ideologues of the Ashram who began the mockery, character assassination, ex-communication efforts in the Heehs affair.

    Moreover, while SCIY has participation of both Westerners and people from the subcontinent.
    The leadership of the Heehs ex-communication movement is 100% of Indian origins.

  2. The real truth of the matter is that the SCIY idealogues are a bunch of people who believe that nothing is sacred (isn't that also the American way of life and as exemplified by the crass remarks of RCarlson!) and that the white man knows best. And that Sri Aurobindo is reverential as long as he pleases the intellectual fantasies and political views of these cantakerous people. The SCIY might have participation of both westerners (mostly american) and the "subcontinent"/Indians but the question is how many of those of write approvingly and in a shamefully deferential way after every one of Carlson's venomous attacks are not American or European (Debashish is an exception but then he appears to have been infected by American academic discourses that have erased his common sense and any intuition that he might otherwise have had). Also, questions arise as to RCarlson's own attitudes towards Indians. Taken together, the SCIY site is clearly leery of Indians and wishes to be aggressive in a typical non-Indian way. i.e. Shame and bring to "justice" all opponents because we are intellectuals and HAVE to be right! What a joke!

  3. One more thing - SCIY's attitudes can also be guaged by the exchange (http://www.sciy.org/blog/_archives/2008/11/25/3995193.html#comments) between RCarlson and DBannerjee in a video post of a Madhubala song/dance sequence. At a time when the Mumbai attacks had just happened these "intellectuals" banter frivolously about jihadis and their heavens as though it was some laughing matter. I guess for these two people who did not lose anyone to the Jihadi bullets it was just as good a time as any to celebrate their political views! Just giving an example of SCIY's insensitivity and true nature.

  4. It seems there is nothing here except the anti-intellectual nature of this poster has anything to do with Texas.

    The comment about know it all white men, gives away the divisive character of the author's intention to further ferment discord between Indians and foreigners.

    It is apparent that the ax this poster has to grind is with the Heehs affair, and is consistent with the manner that leading Ashramites have utterly disregarded the equanimity teaching of the yoga to
    maliciously turn on a fellow Sadhak