Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There's been some "reverse name-calling" on SCIY

Re: reconciliation, expectation, outcome by ned on Mon 01 Dec 2008 06:45 AM PST Profile Permanent Link
"In my view there’s been over time some disrespect and inflammatory rhetoric from the SCIY side in this as well. It’s a matter of tone."

I'll have to agree with Thomas here. There's been some "reverse name-calling" on SCIY (I know some of you guys here have a savage wit -- I actually found myself vowing never to get on people's bad side here or I'd just be crucified with it ;-) ). Before letting the situation escalate, I repeat, let's try to draft a proposal for a talk or a dialogue and restore the discourse to civility as soon as possible.

The Mumbai terror attacks should give us all perspective and pause. If those who are called to the integral yoga can behave the way our community has been lately, then what hope is there for the rest of the world? Reply

by ned on Mon 01 Dec 2008 06:58 AM PST Profile Permanent Link

What I have understood of the Ashram position is that there would not have been this reaction if Peter was not himself an Ashramite. Science, Culture and Integral Yoga


  1. Ashram Position? What does "Ned" mean by the term "Ashram Position". Well, she hasnt been to the Ashram has she? The Ashram is huge and has a wide range of personalities and views. There is no homogenous view. Neither does the Ashram indulge in making some statements to the public as far as we who have been in Pondicherry for number of years know. She should desist from using the term Ashram position for the free opinions expressed by persons who might at some time or the other have been associated with the Ashram as an inmate or as a student or whatever. Precocious - people who dont know much but pose as though they know!! Sad!

  2. I am glad to see Ned take this stand. It reveals the push of her soul. The little I read that she had written on the auroconf clearly revealed an admiration and a whole hearted acceptance of Sri Aurobindo. Later I felt that she sold out both her soul and loyalty to SA to the point of even being embrassed to acknowledge her turning - even love - for SA. She became a pseudo intellectual just like the others on that site. She has paid a "price" to gain recognition from these people who I am not even sure have anything more than a luke-warm intellectual admiration for SA. This is how influence can be so pernicious.

  3. although these comments are taken out of context from SCIY and dont represent the entirety of what has been said as usual here, it is ironic that on an article entitled reverse name calling that the commentor should in fact start calling people names aka.(psuedo-intellectual) that is really sharp. Especially, since he is only trying to pressure the person he references here to agree with him.