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Nirodbaran and Amal Kiran do not have any authority whatsoever either inherent or delegated to correct even a comma

For the Prosecution of Peter
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On ‘The Letter of Approval’
Nirodbaran and Amal Kiran do not have any authority whatsoever either inherent or delegated to correct even a comma. By writing this letter dated 10-10-92 to Sri Manoj Das Gupta they exposed their ignorance about their authority and even lack of common sense. In the next write up in the booklet "The Mother on Corrections in Savitri," Amal Kiran in unequivocal terms admitted that The Mother retained the authority to approve suggestions for any revision. Therefore, how he and Nirodbaran assumed authorities, is not understood even by an ordinary man of common prudence, not to speak of a learned sadhak. [...]

Richard gives those examples which are only convenient to him to justify unauthorised corrections! All categories of corrections are highly questionable. How can anyone even if it is Sri Aurobindo’s scribe recalls after more than 40 years of Sri Aurobindo’s leaving the body, that he has not heard some words properly at that time and suggests or effects changes now! [...]

Portions of Savitri Translated into French by the Mother Presently Altered by SAAT: There are many alterations carried out of the selected portions from Savitri translated into French by the Mother. For many of these corrections there are absolutely no reasons assigned in the Supplement to the Revised Edition. Some illustrations of such unauthorised revisions are shown. For more details See Savitri Passages Traduits Par La Mère Published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. [...]

After the Mother left Her body, Peter Heehs and others started the unauthorised corrections of Sri Aurobindo’s writings. This booklet only covers Savitri, as that being a Mantra, has attracted a lot of controversy from the devotees, sadhaks from all parts of the world. But the fact is that these illegal alterations have not only been done to Savitri but even more to all the other works of Sri Aurobndo by the Archives. Cling To Truth one e-Books More Truths Revealed Slandering thy Mystery Feedback to Cling To Truth Sri Aurobindo Ashram About Saaba 12:17 PM

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