Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have realized how difficult it is to be an Ashramite and live here

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I have been staying in Pondicherry for almost 18 years. I am here because I am a devotee. I am not an Ashramite and am independant. I do some voluntary work for a small department. When I arrived here, I saw how imperfect the Ashramites were and used to complain and whine about them. Through the years, I have realized how difficult it is to be an Ashramite and live here. I have started becoming more and more silent when it comes to judging them.

One elderly Sadhak told me that the real treasures in the Ashram are unseen, hidden and are hardly accessible. It is sheer divine Grace that I came in contact with one or two such persons in the Ashram. They are unknown. They are humble. Meeting them and being with them always energized me; made me deep and calm. They are not perfect in several ways. But I was filled with respect for the way they faced their difficulties and kept their faith in what Mother and Sri Aurobindo taught. I realized that I hardly know any one in the Ashram in a deeper sense. Their inner life is not for me to interpret. Living in the cave of silent respect towards the Ashram and the inmates, I have benefited tremendously and learnt a lot. Storms have come and gone (literally) - remember the Tsunami too and the cyclone of 2000.

The Ashram only becomes stronger as a spiritual institution and is a fountain of knowledge, energy and the enduring presence of Mother and Sri Aurobindo. I am filled with anguish about how people who haven't been within miles of Pondicherry speak with such audacity about the Institution which Mother built. I do hope this person Ned will one day come and listen to even the walls and floors of the Asram buildings speak about the wonderful story of Mother and Sri Aurobindo. One should not denigrate or speak ill of the Ashram. It is a paradise and a veritable civilizational heritage of humanity. Leave it alone. I plead as a person who is neither intellectual nor so spiritual - but a simple person trying to progress. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 9:21 PM, December 03, 2008

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The Ashram is a very wealthy institution, which has extensive businesses and land; has considerable reputation and authority in the area, and elsewhere. Some people are simply drawn to power, see themselves as worthy of it, and will engage in less than perfect behavior to achieve it. Wed 03 Dec 2008 07:09 AM PST Science, Culture and Integral Yoga


  1. Again you are dwelling on the superficial aspects of the Ashram. The Ashram has unfathomable depths and if one tries to scale even a bit of it, one would leave such persons alone. They are the losers are they not - those who try and seek Power or Money from the Ashram when they could get a lot more. As a westerner you respect freedom of the individual - so let people alone. And do not judge anything without having been there, without having been in the field braving it. The Ashram is full of different types of forces and it can be very challenging to survive there and emerge intact. Believe me, I have braved it for several years now. Only a direct and respectful relationship with the Ashram will allow the true spiritual potentials to emerge. Above all, one can find things to critize if one is not above the very thing that one seeks to criticize. If one realizes this one would look for the transcendent outside oneself in the Ashram and suddenly discover it within oneself too. It is this I wish for every single person who knows about the Ashram. Treat the Ashram and the Ashramites as things different in themselves and you will emerge wiser.

  2. A true follower of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother should always keep himself/herself away from commenting adversely in the matters of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. One should always keep it in mind that the Supramental consciousness is working create the new form with transformed matter.
    Do they think themselves greater powers -those who criticise-than the Supramental? Do not villify the Ashramites. What Sri Aurobindo did not do publicly-what the Mother did not do publicly-DO NO DO THAT. Satprem is not greater than the Mother and Sri Aurobindo by virtue of his being a devotee of them. The Agenda has helped us in a great way in the matter of getting a hint of what The Mother was doing for her sadhana. But this did not confer on him the right to criticise the Ashram.