Monday, November 17, 2008

They steal other people's ideas and thoughts and thrive on them in their borrowed life

from PP Raghavachary <> to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" <> date 16 November 2008 01:42 subject Fwd: Message from Rajendra

Dear Bijan,

The role you played is very very important. I so much appreciate you. And we consider you as the legal guardian of the Ashram. And you deserve this honour very much. We are with you and we are waiting to work as per your guidance. And this way we build up a united front and which will ultimately bring the victory. Since you are thinking how to pull out the Ashram from the impending disaster, surely the divine grace will be there with you and your intentions will be fulfilled.

We are not against anybody at the same time. We are not attached to any person. Our central loyalty goes to the institution. All other things are secondary. All foreigners who come to India seeking spiritual life and asylum, they are most welcome, they are our guests of honour. And we love them like our brothers. The gate is always open for them without any pride and prejudice. But those who come to play mischief have no place here. We totally reject them and we will never compromise on this issue. We will never bow down our heads to them.

Their material culture devoid of any spiritual support is a death-trap. It is already killing them. They are drowning and suffocating. What America is doing? They are supplying their rejected war materials and making enormous profit out of them. By all tricks they make the people fight and kill each other. They are the great buffoons. Still they think themselves very great. The way the Biritish empire has gone into gutter the same way this American supremacy will also be destroyed. Rajendra.

from PP Raghavachary <> to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" <> date 16 November 2008 01:13 subject So called intellectuals 2

A few shall see what none yet understands;
God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep;
For man shall not know the coming till its hour
And belief shall be not till the work is done.
- Savitri (SABCL:28: 55)

The so called intellectuals of the Ashram are the spineless fellows. What are they doing at this critical moment? It is a burning question in everybody's mind. They have to stand and answer before the people's court. Either they are sleeping or completely demoralised or 'I damn care' that type happy-go-lucky people. They think survival is their first necessity of life or they think that their only duty is just to write a few letters to the Trustees advising them do this, don't do that. They are honorary advisers. And then they will keep quiet and watch from their windows who is taking the lead. There is another method also they very happily adopt. That is to meet secretly like conspirators and do some hush-hush talk. Their weakness is that they are arm-chair philosophers. Any kind of courageous action does not suit to their nature and temperament. They always like to play safe. They never like to take any risk.

Their life is a paradox. On one side they are so head-weight that they themselves make unfit or misfit to be a follower. On the other hand they are so chicken-hearted or like rabbits. So they don't want to play the role of a leader also. In short, neither a leader nor a follower. That is the motto of their life. If that is so, actually what they are? They are actually pirates. They steal other people's ideas and thoughts and thrive on them in their borrowed life. They look brilliant in their expansive persuasion of ideas but they are completely hollow. We call them, they will not turn up to any extent—invoke them, provoke them or scold them. All this has no effect on them. Because they are so thick-skinned.

With due apology, we must admit that here and there, there are exceptions who do not come under the above mentioned category. We still have not lost their hope about them and we expect that they will come forward at our call—get united and make themselves a living force. The stage is set. The drama is about to begin but the actors are missing. We are therefore hauling and calling them to come forward and play their role in a befitting manner. The audience is waiting for them. And if their acting is good they are going to get thunderous applause. And if their acting is bad they will be hooted and shunted out. It is high time that they take quick decision and don't go on dosing like opium eaters. They say Nero was fiddling when Rome was burning. What is the nature and character of these intellectuals?

They are actually buffoons. But they pose as if they are prophets. When they are needed they will go and hide themselves comfortably. And when they are not needed they will blabber a lot and they will not keep quiet. Because they want to steal the show. They are all the time busy blowing their own trumpets and most of the time they blow so badly that they become totally deaf and nobody on this earth can mend them. That's why an indictment was made that the wise man only talks and sleeps. It is high time that they should come out of their lethargy and recover their lost reputation.

From: PP Raghavachary Advocate First Floor, No. 15, Sri Aurobindo Street Pondicherry-605001 Ph: 0413-2228215 Mob: +91 9443602818

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  1. PPR,

    There is no "burning question". The followers of the IY wish for no peoples' court. There is no drama. There is no stage. What in the world are you talking about?

    I don't know whom you are referring to, but I must say at the outset I am no great devotee of Shraddhalu, or Ananda Reddy, or Kittu Reddy, so what follows is not written in support of them.

    But having said that, nobody is fooled by your high-sounding crap. Your agenda is clear since long, and it would be in your own interests to recognize that it is not any great quest for Truth which is inspiring you, but your own petty though rather gigantic ego. Unfortunately - or fortunately - your ambition is out of step with the little grey matter you possess. And so you continue to believe that systems can effect the change the Mother and Sri Aurobindo wanted instead of effecting it in ourselves.

    Bijan , Srikant, Bailochan, and you are known to be following your own personal power-grabbing agendas. So stop pretending to be saviours of the Ashram, and get down to your respective sadhanas.

    I came to know recently from someone in the Ashram that you live in an Ashram house, eat Ashram food, and do no work, just because of some court injunction preventing the Ashram from throwing you out? How can you possibly be so shameless? If you were less of a coward, you would come out of the system and then attack it. Trust you to swindle the resources of the Ashram and continue criticising it. Go get a life PPR. You claim to be educated and are supposedly a lawyer. Go out of the Ashram, earn your bread, live under your own roof, and then shout from the rooftops if you will. We may not listen to you, but we might just respect you a little more.

    Finally, TNM, please stop making your blog a platform for such cheap michief-makers. If you really want to be an example for the IY community and a leader of sorts, you would exercise what we call 'discernment'. Since you seem to have none, I must tell you what it is: the ability to see and judge and assess and assign a balanced relative value to things. Practice a little discernment.

    I don't think you will have the rectitude and courage to post this letter on your site; if you do, though...hats of to you.