Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stop pretending to be saviours of the Ashram, and get down to your respective sadhanas

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There is no "burning question". The followers of the IY wish for no peoples' court. There is no drama. There is no stage. What in the world are you talking about? I don't know whom you are referring to, but I must say at the outset I am no great devotee of Shraddhalu, or Ananda Reddy, or Kittu Reddy, so what follows is not written in support of them.

But having said that, nobody is fooled by your high-sounding crap. Your agenda is clear since long, and it would be in your own interests to recognize that it is not any great quest for Truth which is inspiring you, but your own petty though rather gigantic ego. Unfortunately - or fortunately - your ambition is out of step with the little grey matter you possess. And so you continue to believe that systems can effect the change the Mother and Sri Aurobindo wanted instead of effecting it in ourselves.

Bijan, Srikant, Bailochan, and you are known to be following your own personal power-grabbing agendas. So stop pretending to be saviours of the Ashram, and get down to your respective sadhanas.

I came to know recently from someone in the Ashram that you live in an Ashram house, eat Ashram food, and do no work, just because of some court injunction preventing the Ashram from throwing you out? How can you possibly be so shameless? If you were less of a coward, you would come out of the system and then attack it. Trust you to swindle the resources of the Ashram and continue criticising it. Go get a life PPR. You claim to be educated and are supposedly a lawyer. Go out of the Ashram, earn your bread, live under your own roof, and then shout from the rooftops if you will. We may not listen to you, but we might just respect you a little more.

Finally, TNM, please stop making your blog a platform for such cheap michief-makers. If you really want to be an example for the IY community and a leader of sorts, you would exercise what we call 'discernment'. Since you seem to have none, I must tell you what it is: the ability to see and judge and assess and assign a balanced relative value to things. Practice a little discernment. I don't think you will have the rectitude and courage to post this letter on your site; if you do, though...hats of to you. Posted by S to Savitri Era Open Forum at 9:14 PM, November 17, 2008

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