Sunday, November 16, 2008

Peter’s life has become a high security risk for the Ashram

from PP Raghavachary to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 16 November 2008 12:21
My letter to Pranab

Pranab is our only hope. His timely action on Peter has brought great confidence in us. Manoj and Peter, both are one and the same. They are two faces of the same coin. There is a very nefarious kind of nexus between the two persons. But since it is highly inflammable issue, we are keeping our mouth shut for the time being. But that does not mean that we are blind to the reality. In the light of the above said circumstances Pranab should not give shelter to Manoj in any manner. Otherwise Pranab’s image will be compromised and damage done to him will be irreparable. At present Pranab’s image is very high because he took a bold step and took action on Peter within his jurisdiction. He is above reproach. That way nobody can find fault with him.

Peter’s life has become a high security risk for the Ashram and we should not forget that he is an American National. If anything happens to his person, the blame will fall on the whole Ashram and it will become an international issue. People have got flared up to such an extent that, even one hundred Manojs cannot protect Peter or bring him back to the Ashram. As far as we are concerned, Peter’s chapter is closed. Let Pranab not get involved in this matter any further. Now remains Peter’s book. For that there is a separate legal remedy which we will explain to Pranab in writing in what way we can take action on Peter. And that is the right course and it will be effective also.

Now our main preoccupation is what to do with Manoj? Manoj must leave the Chair and come out of it peacefully. If our method of persuasion fails then we will get it done through the Court. We are preparing the plaint. We are prepared for it. I came to know that when our boys went to the Trustees to submit a memorandum it was torn and thrown away by Batti. This matter requires investigation. And if it is found true then it is a very serious offence. Even Monarchs and Kings were inviting and welcoming the petitions made by the public. This clearly shows that all the 5 of them are rotten. And they all must go. This is for your kind information.
Sd/- (PP Raghavachary)
16 November, 2008

Pranab’s answer:
Let us be inwardy quiet and do our work as well as we can. The rest Mother is sure to do.
Sd/- (Pranab)


  1. Mr. Raghu! Thrown out of the ashram yahoogroup has landed here!!