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In the field of Psychology, Heehs is a layman. You allowed such an ill-motivated layman to make psycho-analysis of Sri Aurobindo

01 Nov 2008
Respected Manoj Das Gupta, and Trustees of the Board of Trustees
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry 605 002
Sub : book by PH, your assurance and next developments

Dear Trustees,

MDG, by his letter dtd. 05.10.08, that is in response to the mass petition dtd. 02.10.08, assured Pranab, {who was the first signatory in the mass petition} inter alia , among the following:

Legal aspects are being looked into as to whether the Indian publication may be at least modified if not stalled, PH, on his own has assured me that he shall try, within the limits and constraints as they exist, to modify where possible some of the passages. According to him, he didn’t imagine that the response to his work among a certain group of people would be so violent and expressed his regrets for being the “cause”.

But, such assurances are turning un-true, day by day, in letter and spirit.

One Dr. Manasi Pahwa, a Ph.D. Scholar of the of Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, ND, wrote you a letter with detailed analysis on the falsity of claim qua objectivity of PH; his childish-depth knowledge in the subject, named Psychology, as PH made an alleged psycho-analysis of Sri Aurobindo; obscurity of so called scientific approach and vindictive attitude towards Sri Aurobindo and Indian Spiritualism. Instead of replying to her of that letter , the same was forwarded to PH by trustees , and thereupon PH put a reply to that letter to her.

In the contents of the reply of PH, his intensions have become more apparent and obvious. And intentions of Trustees are also become crystal clear – as gathered from the fact of forwarding the letter to PH while you did not reply to her, who wrote to you a letter apprising her feeling based on authentic and most scientific analysis, and also for remedies thereof, for Sri Aurobindo, for Ashram, for all devotees throughout the world.

Respected Trustees, Dr. Manasi Pahwa is a Doctorate Scholar of Psychology from a recognised University of the world – not like PH, who has no formal education, and that too in a subject like Psychology, which is a specialised critical subject, not a common or casual subject . There can not be any iota of doubt that in the field of Psychology, PH is a layman, scientifically and objectively speaking – while you allowed such an ill-motivated layman to make psycho-analysis of Sri Aurobindo, and did not bother to reply to an established authenticate person who made such psycho-analysis done by PH, a nullity.

From your conduct on record it is established that you do not want to accept the analysis of Dr. Manasi Pahwa but that of Peter Heehs.

And the irony is this, you have no answer either to write to Dr. Manasi Pahwa. In legal parlance, it is called – admission by non-traverse.

It is further the clinching, unavoidable , unrepeatable fact - established through this fact in particular, that the Trustees were all along having full knowledge of all intentions of PH and for that reason , not only they did not expel PH but protect him all along – in every manner, since 1985. In legal parlance , there is a maxim : animus ad omne jus ducit: It is the intention that all law applies, Law always regards the intention.

In rejoinder to the letter of Dr. Manasi Pahwa , PH wrote on 21.09.08:

Another way for you to give expression to your scholarly views about my book would be to review it in a Delhi periodical, say The Book Review or The Indian Historical Review. I am in contact with the editors of both these journals, and would be happy to send a copy of the Indian edition to one of them with a recommendation that you review the book in his or her journal.

Now PH has completed all steps to make review of his book, through different agencies which are the steady steps to gradually inter into the Indian market, while MDG wanted to palliate the situation assuring Pranab that PH himself had assured that there would be no Indian publication of this book, so that everybody in ashram maintains a ‘dignified silence’ to perpetuate the journey of PH, alongwith Jeffrey Kripal, Michel Murphy, Richard Hartz, Sudhir Kakar – who are the inheritors of Macaulay , Max Muller, Wlliam Archer.

Let me quote Macaulay’s address to the British Parliament on 02.02.1835:

I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief, such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would over backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, thereof, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.

And, Max Mullar, as quoted at pg. 17 in the famous book - “The Invasion That Never Was” by Michel Danino/ Sujata Nahar:
Even the celebrated Max Muller (whose research work, interestingly, was commissioned and generously paid for by the East Indian Company after he had been engaged by Macaulay), wrote to his wife:

“This edition of mine and the translation of the Veda, will hereafter tell to a great extent on the fate of India and on the growth of millions of souls in that country. It is the root of their religion and to show them what the root is, I feel sure, is the only way of uprooting all that has sprung from it during the last three thousand years.”

Five years back, I offered a rare book in ashram main Library, namely, MAX MULLER - A LIFELONG MASQUERADE by Brahm Datt Bharti, if none has yet motivatedly removed it, the book should be there. Interested persons may read.

Pranab has imposed the most prayed for ban on PH on 30.10.08 - the Director of Physical Education Department (PED in short) issued the Notice, apprised all the concerned authorities that “Peter Heehs is no longer a member of PED of the Ashram”, and put it in the Notice Board of Ashram and PED as well. No doubt this is a rarest of the rare actions. And I need not to quote, as everybody of you knows much better than us that The Mother said repeatedly :

Who is not a member of PED , he has no place in Ashram.

Pranab is Mother’s action.

Not only the inmates who signed the mass protest petition dtd. 02.10.08 - others too ( who did not gather courage to sign for the dictatorial fear doctrine ) – all reportedly celebrated the Day, in silence and incense. We too join now.

Thus it is established beyond any iota of doubt that Peter has no place in Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a persona non grata.

With regards
{bijan ghosh }



By writing the book “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” , Peter Heehs has brought Sri Aurobindo down to a very low level. This has hurt the feelings and sentiments of disciples, devotees, admirers and well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo all over the world and calls for the following corrective measures :

1. The distribution and sale of this book must be stopped. Attempts must be made to procure and destroy all existing copies of this book, and to stop all future editions and re-prints.
2. The Ashram should ensure that with immediate effect, Peter Heehs returns all the materials belonging to the Ashram Archives that are in his possession.
3. The Ashram must then sever all contact with Peter Heehs.


editorial notes: Please do note the chronology of the three dates:
# On 02.10.08, the mass protest petition, Pranab being the first signatory was submitted to Ashram authority
# On 05.10.08, in reply to that mass protest petition, Manjo DG gave a missive (informal communiqué) to Pranab
# On 10.10.08 , Pranab gave the reply to that missive of Manoj DG which he named , “Pranab’s Proposal” and put that PROPOSAL in notice board

But till date there is in no compliance of that proposal, though Manoj wrote in his letter dtd. 05.10.08 to Pranab that:

“It is on the strength of this relationship that I would have expected that if ever you found me failing in my duty or going astray, you would have called me in person and as an elder brother to a younger brother asked me for an explanation of my conduct.”

The path-breaking-prayed-for ban has been imposed upon Peter Heehs by the PED , vide an order was passed , which was accordingly apprised to all concerned that :

Peter Heehs is no more a member of PED of the Ashram.

Pranab Kumar Bhattacherje
Physical Education Department

Ed. Note: Prof. Anand Reddy (he is a doctorate on Aurobindian philosophy) is the Chairman of Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advance Research (SACAR in short), at Pondicherry. This Institution is in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for reciprocation and co-ordination of studies on Sri Aurobindo. Prof. Reddy is an acclaimed authority on Aurobindian philosophy. He is the first person among the ashram community who raised the voice of protest against the offending book authored by Peter Heehs.

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