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How can you say that "blasphemous material" against a great Yogi who never founded a religion, has been published?

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Hi advocate PPR, Do you still call yourself some sort of a Lawyer! Which rotten Law School did you ever attend? Maybe others could file a Writ of Mandamus for directing the Central Government to close down that bogus school which could not avoid the charge of having brought out a student like you. Or maybe such an application would be dismissed as infructuous as probably that school has already been recognized as a bogus institution.

To bring out just a few points:

In the same breath you speak about "blasphemous" and also cite (citations are somehow your passion as also your disease) Apex Court decision in SP Mittal vs Union of India (AIR 1983 SC 1) where you claim that it was held that the writings of Sri Aurobindo are beyond religion. I have not read the Mittal case but that is what you say. Then how can you say that "blasphemous material" against a great Yogi who never founded a religion, has been published? Of course in one para you add that nothing can be filed u/s 295-A IPC and at the same time you can also describe the material published as "blasphemous"?????

Is there a separate private code covering "blasphemy" which does not fall within the scope of IPC? May be there could be a section 295-A of RPC (Raghavachary Penal Code) under which the nasty offender could be charged! I know your grey matter is very limited and its use even as a dysfunction would have been very sporadic and also you are under no compulsion to be consistent but do not carry this cheap game too far as otherwise the cat (in your special case it should substituted by "rat") would be out of the bag and even your few surviving admirers would avoid seeking legal advice from you.

Similarly, even if the Book says something willfully against Sri Aurobindo (I am still open to the idea that it does - though I am as yet not 100% sure) how would that form "seditious material" as you claim, unless it be again by virtue of some special sections of RPC? When was Sri Aurobindo the Government of India? Probably only in some revised history Books throwing new lights on Indian History! I am not yet ready to buy this line in spite of some hard selling. How does discussion on procedures of Cr.PC sneak into Writ Applications???!!!

And please do not describe AG Noorani as your "friend". Mr. Noorani would surely not get too flattered to possess such bright friends! Anyway, as an advice from a practicing professional colleague - go and get a genuine Law degree before venturing to dabble in things beyond your very limited cerebral capacity?

A well-wishing professional colleague. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 10:51 AM, November 29, 2008

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  1. Dear Mr. Mohapatra,

    Please note that I am under no obligation to respond to any anonymous comments. You should not have published anything with out any mane and identity. Further, that person is a coward and it is a moral offence to write on or against anybody without disclosing their identity. It is a fundamental rule of a civilised society, that no personal attack should be allowed in any intellectual debate. In the past also the person seems to have indulged in such acts and for the same reasons I have ignored. PP Raghavachary